Lord Darkquarius

Lord Darkquarius
Race: Human Level: 76 Hitpoints: 0 Ratio: 0
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: huge members dungeonhe is right at the top of the room at the Black Knight Jail in Zamorak's dungeon near the fake "throne" seat
Gold:   Min41 - Max578
Loot: Bones always, Black two-handed sword (rare), shortbows, Large Iron Helmet, Iron short sword,, Chaos runes (4), Earth runes(7), Cosmic Runes (1), Death Runes (1), Body Runes (6), Law Runes (2), Water runes (3-8), Mind rune(1-4), Steel Bars(1), Flour, Tin Ore, herbs, Uncut Gems, Bread, Half Key, UNCONFIRMED: iron, mithril bars, nature runes (3), black square shield, iron plate body, iron battle axe, mithril medium helm, steel hatchet, iron long sword, rarely a steel mace
Notes: Members Only...
Credits: L6vi, Gs Warrior, Vincent ff7, big banan, lorddef, Silva Blade, JFR, jakkeri, Jaatelo, Jammer101 2, Furshilla, AlienNoki, Mikko69

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