White Knight

White Knight
Race: Human Level: 56 Hitpoints: 50 Ratio: 0.89
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: White Knights castle on isle in middle of Falador and all around in city.
Gold:   Min2 - Max195
Loot: Bones, Steel medium helmet, Steel short sword, Iron large helmet, Iron Medium Helmet, Iron Long Sword, Iron short sword, Longbow, blood runes (1), nature runes (3), water runes (20), chaos runes (2), Law rune(1 or 2) (rare), Body runes (8), Mind runes(3),, iron bars (1 or 2 or 3), steel bars ( 1 or 2 or 3 )( very rare), gold bars(1), half of an apple pie(uncommon), uncut gems, herbs, half key, flour in a pot, iron ore(1)
Notes: This info sent by Joey S. For the more advansed rangers White Knights can be a golden opertunity to level up quickly. You just wait out side of the doors to their castle and then go on other side of moat. White Knights commonly exit the castle if there are few people training on them. When they travel on opisite side of moat, shoot. Or I also bring a friend with me and preform a great trick every archer should know and appreciate. I have my friend stand between me and the Knight, when I fire on him he can't go through my friend. Some people I bring do it double, after i shoot and it is stuck on them they shoot as well as the knight is trying to get at me not him/her.
Credits: omarelmais, Noseglid, Monkeydude, Capone1930, the sith, Zanark, kpac, coderx, WEITURAN, MajorKwimby, voyager7465, Aziz, BenKenobi, ss2 cire,

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