Race: Human Level: 71 Hitpoints: 66 Ratio: 0.93
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Found in little tower near ArdougneIn city Ardougne
Gold:   Min2 - Max48
Loot: bones, herbs (uncommon), steel short sword (rare), large steel helmet, Steel Long Sword, 20 water runes, 1 blood rune,, (1 steel, 1 iron and 1 mithril bar together), 1 mithril bar, half key(rare), any uncut gem, herbs,
Notes: Members Only...
Credits: zargonen, Josh, Tank1der, Tg Orlandu, Poof14, Lilbisch, Spilk188, Cocomoe, Baron Root, Ajay, bluefaery, Trigger00, Lance Storm,

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