Fire Giant

Fire Giant
Race: Giant Level: 109 Hitpoints: 0 Ratio: 0
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Behind the pirate house in level 54 wildernes,you will see a set of stairs.Go down and go to end of dungeon.u can also find the fire giants in the underground waterfall entrance, 5 in a room guarded by shadow spiders and 2 in another room.
Gold:   Min60 - Max150
Loot: BIG Bones,, dragon medium helm , rune 2 handed sword, mithril chain, mithril square shield, rune medium helm, law runes(4), blood runes(3), nature runes(45), chaos runes (3-6), mithril chain, fire runes(25 or 50 or 100), herbs, fire battlestaff, rune schimitar, 1-2 cooked Lobster, 20 coal certificates, 20 silver nugget certs, Rune Bar, stregth potion (2 dose), gems, half key, steel bar(1), Unconfirmed: rune battle axe, rune dagger, steel axe, rune square shield
Credits: kevin8, snake2010, Zxy811, LUIGI8181, Giga (Pic), sycz2k, 91329532, Joker926, tony man1001, Destructokil

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