Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior
Race: Elemental Level: 51 Hitpoints: 49 Ratio: 0.96
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: In the wilderness dungeon slightly to the north of the deadly red spiders there is a ropeswing lvl 6-9 wild.
Gold:   Min12 - Max12
Loot: bones, common Herbs, earth staff, earth runes very common(8) rare(40), law runes(1), natures(2), chaos runes(2), death(1) common, blood rune (1), herbs, gems, half keys, iron battle axe, Steel Spear
Notes: There are 6 of them guarding steel arrow head spawn (1 per spawn)
Credits: fellupahill, Starlight2, Akulekhan

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