Chaos Druid Warrior

Chaos Druid Warrior
Race: Human Level: 44 Hitpoints: 40 Ratio: 0.91
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: found in agility dungeon immediately after the first obstacle, 40 agility required to get past it
Gold:   Min3 - Max29
Loot: Always: Bones,, Runes: 8 fire, 6 earth, 1 law, 2 nature, snape grass, herb and water vial, ground unicorn horn, 1 dose super defense potion and an herb, black dagger, white berries, herb and white berries, 1 or 3 limpwurt roots, gems (all), Half key, dragon half shield
Notes: It is good to bring a cure poison potion or a poison antitote when you fight them because sometimes a trap door will open and you fall in. You fall in a room with poison spiders lvl 63. Just keep running north in that room until you find a staircase. Usually the trap door opens near the altar thats there so try not to go there.
Credits: Da Waste, 0 zeke 0, Jask14, Savege1979, Zephirot, Zeritel, Decimalx, gork123, wussyman 300,

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