Zombie (24)

Zombie (24)
Race: Undead Level: 24 Hitpoints: 22 Ratio: 0.92
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: Varrock Sewers & Invirgar the necromancer's place South West from city of Ardouge, under edgeville bank in the tunnels
Gold:   Min8 - Max35
Loot: bones, tinderbox, Iron mace(very often), iron smitair , Iron Dagger, bronze kite sheild, herbs, Tin ore, Cosmic Rune(1)(rare)., Body Rune(2), fire runes(5), air runes(2), Crossbow, & Bronze Arrows, half of key EXTREMLY RARE (i killed about 500 before i got one), uncut gems (rare), eye of a newt, Crossbow, fishing bait (1)
Credits: valdimar, SteelJoe99, Legolaswrath, serapiel, Mecorx, dkbestbuds, sheffnaster, spy king 007, killertoad

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