Black Knight

Black Knight
Race: Human Level: 46 Hitpoints: 42 Ratio: 0.91
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Black Knight FortressTaverly dungeonpatrolling near the cert exchange area at dranor villageRight Wilderness around level 10 to 20Wilderness lvl 46-49 in lava maze, there is like 8 of them spawning, very good training spot
Gold:   Min1 - Max80
Loot: NOTE: it look like they have differnt drop in base of location where they are some drop more runes (near wizard tower), some less (wilderness). Any help to clear this is wellcome!, Always: Bones, Weapons: Steel long Sword, Iron Long Sword, Iron short, Iron mace, Longbow, Shortbow, Special: Steel mace AND Large Iron Helmet + bones, Runes:Mind rune(1-4), earth runes (7), Cosmic Runes (1), Death Rune (1-2), Body Rune (6), Chaos Runes (4), Law Runes (2), Earth Rune(7), water runes (3-8), Items: Steel Bar(1-2-3), iron bars(2-4), Flour, Tin Ore, Bread, herbs, , All gems, Half key
Notes: For long time it was strongest monster in Runescape. Many Boasted I can kill Black Knight even now it is one of most "popular" monsters for training.They are aggressive in the wilderness and inside their fortress on the first floor. I've seen them in the wilderness along the east coast, in the Jolly Boar Inn, in and around the black knight fortress and along the entrance of the wilderness north of varrock. They aren't aggressive there.
Credits: Bone Grinder, Attony, Nymes7409, Pang0, stopkilingme, patman362, skyleung, SlipknotGuy, SmartBoy210, killajhatnee, Intercooler,

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