Dark Wizard apprentice

Dark Wizard apprentice
Race: Human Level: 13 Hitpoints: 12 Ratio: 0.92
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: Stonehenge - Stone circle south-east of Varrock gate. One also lurks near the road to wizard tower.
Gold:   Min1 - Max4
Loot: Black robe, Black wizards hat, bones, 1 nature rune, 1 chaos, 1 law, 3-8 mind, 3-8 body, 3-8 earth, 3-8 fire, 3-8 air, blood (1)
Notes: clean cut - Good source for runes.
Credits: Rodrigo, chriz2001, Leggolas, sholt 2, Ronnie Ma, Soul of Fire, Boraxx

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