Chaos Druid

Chaos Druid
Race: Human Level: 19 Hitpoints: 0 Ratio: 0
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Zamorak Dungeon (member huge dungeon)North of west ardogue (lvl 46 thiving needed to enter)in levle 1-3 wildy in the edgeville wildy dungeon
Gold:   Min15 - Max50
Loot: Special: Unholy Symbol Mould, Always:, Weapons: Bronze Long Sword,, Runes: mind runes (8), law runes(1), earth runes(6), air runes (24), body runes (6), nature runes(2), chaos rune(1-2) very rare, Items: Herbs common, water filled vials, snape grass, All gems, Half Keys
Notes: They are part of druid quest too.
Credits: Magiq Death, Snipepkmojoe123r72, mew51788 (Pic), Laphroaig, Salamanderr, Squirrellio, ks jeppe, auron000

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