Whow it is already moving around globe and New Runescape 2 year is coming upon us. We wish you all our best wishes and ton of good time and happiness not limited to this but to many years that will come. For new Year we have many, many plans to offer you more and better info then ever before, to develop new better online tools and follow Runescape, Runescape 2 and Arenascape in step and if possible give you insight to things that will come and of course to help you have best time in game, on site and in forums/boards!

TIP.IT Staff

Trade scam warning » 

30th December 2003 - Trade scam warning

There seems to be an increase in trade scams recently, so we'd like to warn you to be extra careful.
Some dishonest players in RuneScape are tricking other players in the game by changing quantities at the very last minute causing the other player to receive much less than they expected.

So for example they offer 4 million coins, and then at the last second just as you are pressing accept they change it to 400K coins, and hope you won't notice.

Therefore you need to read the trade confirmation screen very carefully!. Double check that you getting the number you expect. Some players are failing to notice the number has lost a zero off the end, and are getting scammed.

Make sure that you read the trade confirmation thoroughly before clicking the accept button, never be persuaded to click through the windows quickly.

To help you out, we have just made some changes to the confirm screen to make the amounts more obvious. Amounts are now coloured coded, seperated with commas, and written in both words and numbers! This will hopefully make the above scam much less effective, but you should still be careful.

Taken from Runescape.com

New poll » 

We've updated the poll, which can be seen on the right of the page.

What are you waitin for?! Go and place ya vote, hehe.
The results of the last poll can be found below the current poll.

Map rain ! » 

Following the addition of the RS2 World & Wilderness maps work is being done to improve the general Maps & Info section of the website and complete it with missing maps. 14 New maps added include the Desert Mining camp, the Taverley Members Dungeon, Shilo Village, Ardougne Sewers, Coal Trucks, Grand Tree Mine, Port Khazard, Agility Dungeon, Temple of Ikov and the Waterfall dungeon.
Check them out in the

  • Maps & Info section!

  • And thank Eeeeediot for his hard work to get it all up for you!

    RS2 wild map! » 

    Whow this morning as i wake up after last night hard work checking crew board i found that Eeeeediot and GreatsilverWyrm was hard on work and get ready a really nice map for us!

    So as Swifty_mcvae wished ...

    by 007007008plp

    and under the tree !!

    Runescape 2 WILDERNESS MAP
    maping done by Eeeeediot

    Runescape updates and Xmas drop info. » 

    23rd December 2003 - New RS1 game worlds online

    Last night saw 22,000 simultaneous players, and things were getting a bit crowded! Therefore I've added some more RS1 worlds for you to play on.
    All the worlds are in 'San Jose'. There are 3 free worlds, and 1 members world.

    Hope you enjoy them!

    22nd December 2003 - Christmas Drop

    This is just a quick note to say that there aren't going to be any RuneScape items dropped at christmas. I really don't like having to say this, but I can't see any sensible alternative.
    This is because the last few drops actually caused a lot of upset, and resulted in a *huge* number of complaints from players who didn't manage to get an item (or didn't get as many as their mates). Many players seemed to get really upset about the drop which is of course the exact opposite of the intended effect.

    These drops used to be fun, when we started them - because they were a suprise, and nobody took them too seriously. They were just a little bit of extra fun for people who were around at the time. However nowadays many players seem to expect the 'suprise' drop to happen, and so it just doesn't work the same.

    Please don't go complaining to customer-support or moaning on the forums about the christmas drop. It won't change anything. Of course I'm expecting we'll get lots of complaints whatever we do :-( Which just goes to prove how horribly wrong the whole holiday-drop thing has become. The more complaints we get the more it proves to me that we really need to just stop the whole holiday-drop thing before the situation gets even worse.

    On a more positive note, we are instead going to focus our time & efforts on improving the game in other exciting ways, and working on getting RS2 ready for launch early next year.

    taken from Runescape.com
    Sorry 'bout not adding news earlier, but as Silverion has said, the Server was done, so since the server is down.. so is news.

    Anyways, remember to check back regulary, because Tip.it will try to have news AS IT HAPPENS. Also, come back in a few hours. Ive got a RS2 Xmas tree decoration to put onto Silverion's post, or somewhere else...
    The crew has many things to finish during next year. This year, not much was done because Silverion was away and nobody else has server access. Next year, I will be launching a weekly or fortnightly newsletter, which will be posted here on the site. It will include Scapeboard Community news, site updates, interviews, Runescape news, and more! We Have organsised the crew into sections. We now have Eeeeediot doing mapping and Mage_Burner working on the Monster Database. These are two important jobs, which were left undone for a long time. This is gonna change now that staff are doing it as their main job. We're also working on new guides and more!

    Staff List

    Take it easy,
    and we look forward to being the best Runescape Tips site in the new year!

    Happy Holidays !! » 

    So as new server is starting to work as we hoped it will there is some holiday makeup going on as you can see our logo get a little red hat and some lights thanks to GreatsilverWyrm also as little gift Eeeeediot labeled new RS2 map and we can finally post it !!

    So from all Tip.it crew


    Runescape 2 WORLD MAP
    maping lead by Conqie

    p.s. poll is working again too so you can check them or vote if you wish --> on right menu.

    Finally news!! » 

    Whow we are finally settled on NEW SERVER! We are sorry about all these problems but even as this move was long planed it become necessary before we was ready to do it painless for you. After cracker attack had compromised security of old server we decided to move on to a new server and spend our time building things here and we lost 1 or 2 days more but now with new server we hope that we will be able to offer you more and better information.

    This move included new IP address for server that asked for DNS change so many was unable to reach until its Internet service provider doesn't update its cache. Also if someone use programs to speed connection many times they write IP address directly to file called HOSTS on your computer so if they can access Arenascape.net or tip.it probably this is problem.

    Thanks you very much for your patience and support in hard times like this if you see something that is not working please fell free to report on any @tip email. As Always remember that site like our can live only with your support and that if nothing else you can always help by checking if any of sponsors have something interesting to offer.

    Your tip.it Staff

    Rs2 Bugfix - part 4 » 

    From Runescape.com

    9th December 2003 - RS2 bugfixes - part 4

    Hi - today we uploaded some more bug fixes

  • Fixed: If your bow wasn't good enough to fire an arrow it still deleted the arrow.
  • Fixed: Moss giants dropped large piles of mithril spears which appeared as 1 spear on the ground
  • Fixed: Lesser demons dropped larger piles of wine which appeared as 1 wine on the ground
  • Fixed: Superheat item used up runes whether you cast it on a valid target or not
  • Fixed: Players who were not let on Entrana could then not get on even when they disarmed
  • Fixed: Once you had started the dragonslayer quest Ned wouldn't sell rope or wigs
  • Fixed: You couldn't kill the tree spirit with magic
  • Fixed: The phoenix crossbow didn't fire bolts
  • Fixed: You could walk inside the wall next to the members gate near Taverley
  • Fixed: The range above the sword shop didn't work
  • Fixed: Swamp paste wasn't stackable
  • Fixed: Sometimes animations showed you holding the wrong object

    The protection from magic spell prayer didn't affect bind, snare and entangle before, now it reduces the time these spells stay in effect for.
    We have added the dragonstone chest to Taverley
  • Finally FULL runescape world map! » 

    Finally we have once again a FULL Runescape world map online thanks to Eeeeediot for making it and ReanonD who is hosting it for us!!

    BIG map 660 kb

    Small map

    Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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