Holiday Updates » 

We've been having some problems with our news system so apologies for the lack of news, we hope to have it fixed soon. However, there are lots of things to tell you about!

  • The quest guide for the new Devious Minds quest is online.
  • We have a new general guide - the Key Guide. Lots of useful information there.
  • The Champions' guild page has been updated, and with it, we bring you a new Champions' Challenge guide. Have a read and see if you can help us with this Mini Game guide.
  • The weekly Tip.It Times will now be released on Fridays and might not always be mentioned in news posts, so be sure to have a quick look. You can't miss it right here on the home page!
  • We've updated several guides and maps including the Prayer guide, Runecrafting guide, Ice Caves map, Keldagrim map and Arzinian Mines map; all of which are accessible via the links along the left.

Lastly, we'd like to welcome the new crew member oddfaery2 and a new moderator JakeTheCat to the Tip.It staff. Happy Runescaping and Happy Holidays to every one.

Tip.It Times » 

Hello everyone. Our weekly edition of the Tip.It Times is now available for your reading pleasure. This week, in "December Excitement", our Editor explores behind the scenes and offers his insight into everything that's happening in and around RuneScape this month. As usual, once you've read the article, you may discuss it or post your comments here. We've also finally found and corrected the problem that was causing the 31-Dec-1969 date to be displayed.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that our Barrows Guide has been completely overhauled and brought up to date. A job well done!

More updates, tis the season! » 

In celebration of the holiday season, we've temporarily changed the layout slightly to get everyone in the mood! We hope you enjoy it. Try out the different themes using the buttons on the top right for variety. You might have to refresh (hit F5) a few times to see the full effect. Feedback and discussion about this is welcome!

We also have the Spirits of the Elid quest guide completed for your reading pleasure. Feel free to contact us with any constructive feedback you might have.

Lastly, we've released two new skill planners. These are the Farming and Slayer Planners. Due to the nature of these skills, a skill calculator can not be used but we have provided these planners to help you out. And as usual, we've also made several little fixes and updates in other content. Happy Holidays everyone!

Congratulations to the New Forum Moderators! » 

Hello everyone. The Admin team would like to congratulate and welcome our newest moderators. They will work to keep our forums clean and friendly for everyone. Please give a warm welcome to:

  • Albosky
  • Alduron
  • Duke_Freedom
  • Jaklumen
  • Krunkthemonk
  • McGuff1
  • Misterxman
  • Sk8erfreak

Way to go you guys!

Tip.It Times & New Calcs! » 

Greeting fellow Runescapers! Three items to tell you about today. First, our weekly edition of the Tip.It Times is now available for your reading pleasure. This week, our Editor explores skill building in his piece entitled "All in a Day's Work". Once you've read the article, you may discuss it or post your comments here. We apologize for the 31-Dec-1969 date on the article, it's due to a scripting error which we're working on correcting.

Secondly, our Max Hit Calculator has been updated, and two brand new calculators are now available for your use. The new Fighting Calculator will help you figure out how many monsters you need to kill to reach the next level for a particular combat skill. The Ranged Calculator works the same way, but with the various types of Ranged skills. Both new calculators are accessible via our Special Calcs page. Thanks to Michael_West for these wonderful additions! Comments, corrections and feedback on the new calcs are welcome, so feel free to visit our Website Updates & Corrections Board to post your comments.

Lastly, we've updated a good many of our skill and other guides, including a major Farming Guide update. We invite you to check out all our guides by clicking on the links on the left-hand side of the page.

Don't worry, it's not gone! » 

When we updated the site a few days ago with our max hit calculator, and therefore we took the combat calculator link out of the navigation. Since this change was made, we've had some users contacting us asking where it went, and why we took it away...

As we explained in our News Announcement of November 19th, you can find the Combat Calculator under the special calcs page.

Two New Quest Guides! » 

The quest guides for the new Making History and Rat Catchers quests are now available to help you in your questing endeavours. As usual, feedback is always welcome. Please submit any corrections or comments on the Making History quest guide here. Feedback on the Rat Catchers quest guide can be submitted here. Enjoy!

In other news, I'd like to welcome Leesters to the Crew. On behalf of all the Tip.It staff, congratulations! We hope you enjoy your time here with us!

Tip.It Times » 

Hello everyone. As you all know, we've experienced some problems with our server over the past few days, and so far, it looks like everything's back on track. However, due to some intermittent problems we're still experiencing with some of our databases, we will not be able to bring you your Tip.It Times article this week. We know that a great many of you look forward to our weekly article, and we apologize for not getting one out this week. But rest assured -- the Times will be back next week, and we hope you will all take a moment to read and enjoy it.

Hard Disk crash ... » 

2 days ago our main disk on server crashed and that was reason of 12 hours site downtime and many hours of hard work and headaches to us to get all reinstalled and restored from backups. Further to our knowledge there was not any real data lost, but still there is possible some scripts can give you some strange results. If you see any problem please Contact us and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks you for your patience and special thanks go to Neminon who worked hardest to get you Tip.It back.

New Max Hit Calculator! » 

Woot woot, here's a biggie! It's finally here! Take a moment to visit the newest addition to our Special Calculators page. Yes, it's a brand-spanking new Max Hit Calculator! Just select your weapon type, the amulet you're wearing, the shield you're wielding, and so on. The Max Hit Calculator can estimate the maximum amount of damage you can deal to an enemy, based on the equipment and combat style you specify.

Congrats to the Tip.It Crew for all their hard work on this wonderful new tool. As usual, feedback and comments are always welcome -- please submit any corrections or comments here.

In related News, our Combat Calculator has a new home, also on the Special Calculators page. We felt the Special Calculators page was a better place for the Combat Calc, so that's where you'll find it.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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