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Do RS personal information rules apply to clans as well?

Jagex Cup Round 4

The PvP bug, possible bannings and the effects on clans

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Ask the Leaders

By: Dbzruler72

The newest section of the Clan Chronicle allows the clan community to see through the eyes of the leaders. Although they rule the top of the ladder and are the driving force behind virtually everything in the clan world, the leaders' perspectives are take into the least amount of consideration. Now everyone has the chance to see what they see and get a hint of what they feel.

Currently in its fourth round, the Jagex Cup has been a hot topic for weeks. Already, the hottest wars have been fought, such as The Titans taking the win over Corruption.

Question: Now that we have seen Jagex's first serious attempt at clan tournaments--the Jagex Cup--will your clan be bothered to join future events?

  • Darkpyro1632, leader of Downfall wrote:
    Well, the Jagex Cup featured a load of top notch clans in it, the battles were fierce and the clans were even fiercer. It's a really serious competition, when Jagex creates it. I think that Tip.It clans would have an amazing experiences going to Jagex's clan events, facing off against those incredible clans. Though Tip.It clans would probably not emerge victorious, they would learn amazing clan war tactics and skills to have from those more skillfull clans. Downfall will probably go to these events, we want to become as strong as possible, and to do that we must learn from those whose strength is already great.
  • Tarahiro, leader of The Eleventh Hour wrote:
    Well, we joined this one and I will admit there were some dissapointments with the way things are arranged and such, but nothing too major. This is the first time Jagex have tried to run something like this afterall. However, I will enter my clan into these Jagex-run competitions whenever I can because its a great experience and gets our name out into the clan world. When I was reading the match-up list for the first time I saw some clan names I recognised straight away, but there were also some I hadn't heard of before. It's a great chance to face off with some of the best - and fight clans that you otherwise might not have known about. The Eleventh Hour will definitely be back ;)
  • Killerred005, co-leader of *-P.K.Masters-* wrote:
    Looking at the Jagex Cup, you'll see that it's just like any regular tournament. However, the difference is the publicity this gets because it's the first real attempt at clan events that are arranged by Jagex. I have to admit, there were a few things that went wrong with the arranging of this tournament, but you'd expect that from their first attempt, right? It's hard to say what will happen so early on, but I sure hope that it goes smoothly so that Jagex will want to continue this. My clan may not join in future events until our memberbase becomes more active. You see, going to a Jagex arranged event, with all that publicity, can have a negative effect on your clan's reputation.
  • Rainmyst90, leader of Akeldama wrote:
    I have kept a close eye on this tournament and without a doubt in future ones I would enter Akel. This like this help give the clan experience and can make them stronger and bring your clans new experiences.
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Syndicate Closing

By: Laikrob

In just 4 days, Syndicate's Leader, Co-Leader and two Warlords left the clan after more than 100 members left... According to some members, they had started crashing fights in an attempt to become the new VR, which the members didn't want.

  • Official statement on the Syndicate forum:
    Well after d2master, lukas1400, hios all decided to quit and the mass leavings. The rest of the officials decided to close Syndicate as a whole. You guys are my brothers and my friends, i can only hope the best of you in the future. We put so much work and effort into this clan only to see it thrown away by three selfish persons. Whatever you do, do NOT join exodus... your giving up all your pride and self esteem by doing it. Cant believe this truly happened guys... Love ya and bros 4 life, Stephen

From 185 to 70 members in less than a week, and officials who left the sinking ship. It shows how fast it can go downhill for even a big clan, and how important it is for the clan leaders to be in touch with the rest of the clan. It also shows that numbers and combat levels alone aren't enough, if the loyalty isn't built on a strong foundation.

R.I.P. Syndicate 2009-2009

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The Jagex Cup

By: LegendaryStu

This article is going to be about the Jagex Cup. If any of you aren't familiar with the Jagex Cup, then here is a brief introduction:

What exactly is the Jagex Cup? It is, really, three different cups to try and capture all of the different aspects of the warring community within clans. The three different areas are Combat, Skilling and a combination of both. Here is a quick summary of each.


Combat Cup
The Combat Cup is a Cup held in the Free-to-Play Clan Wars minigame. There is no cap, no returning and is all action. Set on a level playing field where everyone with a good combat level can participate, it is going to be closely followed as a spectacle.

Skilling Cup
The Skilling Cup is a Cup to find out the best bunch of skillers within Gielinor! Set on an average based points system, not only will it find out who can skill the most but also who can skill with finesse. Set over 2 weeks, with a different skill each week, you will have to set aside 5 hours of the most hardcore skilling you have ever seen!

Combined Cup
The Combined Cup is set within the Stealing Creation minigame where both skillers and PK'ers clash to the sound of... thick clay! A game that won't just test how well you can either slay an opponent or chop the trees the fastest, it will also see how well your communication and team working skills are too. So grab 20 of your finest skillers and PK'ers and let the best 'Player-Skiller-Killers' win!

Yes, the Jagex Cup looks like jolly good fun, but arguably the only cup which really “means” anything is the Combat Cup. In this cup there has been a huge divide. The less known clans from RSB going toe-to-toe from the might of the “off-site” clans sites such as RSC, Sals and For many people this was looked forward too eagerly due to the rival and egos of many of the clanners who use these sites.

To just focus on two, RSC Clans see RSB (Official RS Forums) as a joke. They see any clan which uses them to be inferior in warring. Is there any truth in this? Let’s see.

The first match-up for the Cup was:

Match-up Round 1

2mighty2you vs Team Aussie
Oblivion vs Legends of Solace
Shining Paladins vs Holy Smiters
THE vs Runescape Dinasty
WG vs Dark Knights United
Kill Orgy vs Clan Jaguar
Knights of Order vs Damage Inc
Dark Slayers vs Crimson Raiders
Lithuanian Forces vs Domination
Triforce vs Heart of Warrior
Runescape Elites vs The Dark Savages
Kirstunalus vs Call of Legends
3xtermination vs Syndicate
Titans vs Corruption
Capone Family vs RsHun Knights
Darkness Awaits vs Red Dragon Knights
Chivalry Legions vs Solar Angels
Source of Pirates vs Barbarian Assault Addicts
Dynasty of Virtue vs The White Legions
Virtue vs Phoenix Elites
Source of Wildy vs Legends and Legacies
The Blacknights vs Immortal Retaliation
Dragon Kin vs InterQueo
Tempted Killers vs Wicked Fury
Forgotten Templars vs Golden Sun
Red Blade Hunters vs Lithuanian Pking Team
Risen Phoenix vs New Age Assassins
Slayer of Dangerous Beasts vs Nova
Hunt4stars vs White Flames
The Runescape Warhunger Federation vs Malkavian Scourge
Sorrow of Knights vs Unknown Bounty Hunters
Eternal Brethren vs Legacy Kingdom
Masters of Dragons vs The Moriquendi
Shadow Elves vs The British Elites
The Eleventh Hour vs Australian Army
P K Masters vs Reinvented Truth
Flames of Fury vs The Shadow Dragons
Genesis Knights vs The Gladiatorz
Natural Born Killers vs Wilderland
Divine Forces vs Final Interception
The Exiled Alliance vs The Rising
RuneScape Police Constabulary vs Tainted Souls
El Imperio Latino vs Naruto Shippuuden
Family Unity Network vs Nelitiznot+Jatizso POC
The British Warriors vs Titans Revolution
D E M O N L A S E R vs Higher Force
Violent Resolution vs Lethality
The 3 Gods Empire vs Dutch RS Forces
The RuneBlazers vs Exodus
Royal Descent vs Echo of Silence
Slayers of Dangerous Beasts free bye to Round 2 (mistake, as they were actually fighting Nova under Slayer of the Dangerous Beasts)

Ok so here there are many many different kinds of clans. Most of these wars seemed to look extremely one sided however, while the best matchup was Corruption (Members: 102 | Avg: Cmb: (F2P:123.78)) v The Titans (Members: 105 | Avg: Cmb: (F2P:124.21)). Both are top ten clans on RSC capable of pulling 90+ members consistently. Titans won.

Match-up Round 2

2mighty4u vs Violent Resolution
The Wilderness Guardians vs Divine Forces
Source of Pirates vs PK Masters/Reinvented Truth
Exodus vs Higher Force
The RuneScape Warhunger Federation vs Tainted Souls
Nova vs Shadow Elves
Wicked Fury vs Red Dragon Knights
Australian Army vs RuneScape Elites
Chivalry Legions vs The Gladiatorz
Damage Incorporated vs New Age Assassins
Eternal Honour vs Kill Orgy
Syndicate vs The Blacknights
Dutch Rs Forces vs Flames of Fury
Phoenix Elites vs Naruto Shippuuden
Echo of Silence vs Oblivion
Rune Chilean Hunters vs Natural Born Killers/Wilderland
Lithuanian Forces vs Family Unity Network
Runescape Dinasty vs The Capone Family/RsHun Knights
The Call of Legends vs Eternal Brethren
Unknown Bounty Hunters vs Dragon Kin
Forgotten Templars vs Lithuanian PKing Team
The Moriquendi vs The Rising
Hunt4stars/White Flames vs Titans Revolution
Shining Paladins vs The Dynasty of Virtue
Triforce vs The Titans
Crimson Raiders bye to Round 3.

In round two the theory seems to be working; many of the clans left are RSC based, while the RSB clans are dropping. RSB’s “ownage clan”, Virtue (a clan which only allowed 126 f2p’s in it), got knocked out easily by a medium-sized clan from RSC. The match-ups here, again, are fairly one-sided in many rounds. Onto round three!

Match-up Round 3

Runescape Dinasty vs Echo of Silence
Forgotten Templars vs Reinvented Truth
The Runescape Warhunger Federation vs Eternal Brethren
Wilderland vs Lithuanian Forces/Family Unity Network
Violent Resoultion vs Flames of Fury
Chivalry Legion vs Divine Forces
Crimson Raiders vs Unknown Bounty Hunters
Eternal Honour vs Damage Incorporated
The Rising vs Shadow Elves
Red Dragon Knights vs Exodus
Titans Revolution vs RuneScape Elites
The Titans vs Shining Paladins
The Blacknights vs Phoenix Elites

Now the trend has seemed to continue. This round seems to be the most exciting yet. Only 3 non-RSC clans remain in the cup now (Eternal Brethren, Red Dragon Knights and Shining Paladins). The "favourites" are still in contention (VR, DF, DI, RSD) and it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

What does this mean for the clan world? Well, one could argue that if a clan wants to be good, they need to use RSC, but that is not the case. The problem here is just how the clans work differently. A lot of RSB clans do not have audio’s/IRC/forums, and this just holds them back. With the clan world as a whole getting smaller, could RSB be the answer to get more numbers back? There is obviously great numbers which use it, and the untapped potential could really change the shift in power of clans. The clan world has changed over recent years and not many clans have changed with it; instead, they rely on the same things to survive. In my opinion, the clan which finds a way to channel people from RSB into their outside fansite-styled clan is the clan which will be well on its way to number 1.

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Short update on Jagex cup round 3, and drawings for round 4

By: Laikrob

Following the article on the Jagex Cup, here are some last minute results from round 3, and the drawings for round 4.

Round 3 Results

Runescape Dinasty vs Echo of Silence
Forgotten Templars vs Reinvented Truth
The Runescape Warhunger Federation vs Eternal Brethren
Wilderland vs Lithuanian Forces/Family Unity Network
Violent Resoultion vs Flames of Fury
Chivalry Legion vs Divine Forces
Crimson Raiders vs Unknown Bounty Hunters
Eternal Honour vs Damage Incorporated
The Rising vs Shadow Elves
Red Dragon Knights vs Exodus
Titans Revolution vs RuneScape Elites
The Titans vs Shining Paladins
The Blacknights vs Phoenix Elites
(Bye bye, RSB clans.)


(From The Rising vs Shadow Elves)

Match-up Round 4

The RuneScape Warhunger Federation vs Crimson Raiders
The Titans vs Violent Resolution
RuneScape Dinasty vs Divine Forces
Wilderland vs Shadow Elves
Forgotton Templars vs The Blacknights
RuneScape Elites vs Damage Incorporated
Exodus get a free bye to the Quarter Finals!

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Will it no longer be about the levels?

By: Dbzruler72

We have already seen it. Wars like it have already been fought. What is "it"? 120s. Since Pest Control, Brawling gloves, Experiments, Bandits, and, I daresay, RuneScape 2, gaining experience has required a constantly decreasing amount of time and effort. Even though the elder, higher-leveled generations have moved past RuneScape, the growing amount of 120s is alarming.


Yet the process is gradual. How can an exponential increase seem linear? The answer to that lies in quantity. So many no-named clans exist that the higher-leveled players are dispersed among the masses. No longer are they concentrated in the highest, or the oldest, or the most reputable.

But then again, we must reconsider. We have watched combat averages and requirements rise over the years. Take, for example, Damage Incorporated: last year they were the first clan to reach an average of 99 Hitpoints. Not 98.99 - 99. RuneScape Dinasty and Divine Forces are only four and ten members away. If this pattern continues, the rest of the top ten clans will be in the 98.90 Hit-points range soon.

Today, we have seen glimpses of pure 120 fights, such as those between top clans. From there, they can only get more common. No longer will victories take levels into account. Organization, solely, will be the determining factor.

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The PvP BoB bug and the (lack of) consequences

By: Laikrob

This Easter there was a bug allowing members using Beasts of Burdens to carry quite large amounts of value in money or items in F2P to gather drop potential while PvPing (also known as 26king), which unintentionally carried over into P2P.


How it worked (doesn't anymore):

  1. Summon a Beast of Burden.
  2. Fill its inventory with items or maximum GP it can hold; 300k for Spirit Kalphite 450k for Bull Ant, 600k for Spirit Terrorbird, 900k for War Tortoise and 1.5m for Pack Yak.
  3. Log on to a Free-to-Play PvP world. Your risk value will show what your familiar is holding; however, you won't lose anything because it is stuck in Pay-to-Play.
  4. Die 10+ times. Each time you gain 900k or 1.5m+ of potential (for War Tortoise/Pack Yak). It saved potential based on how much you died with, as opposed to the normal way of time spent in a hot spot.
  5. You now are "hot" for 40+ kills. Go kill a friend 40+times with 26k in items on him.

While the bug has existed for a while, it was only publically known for a short time. The bug was posted on several clan forums as soon as it became known, and many members and officials chose to abuse this bug. At least one top 5 clan called off a PK trip to do this instead. Those who took advantage of the bug, made quite large sums of GP in items, and argued that it was a glitch, not a bug - thus they wouldn't get banned. People were making anywhere from 5-150 million GP, and were getting a lot of Brawler gloves drops.

Brawl Gloves
  • Andrew wrote:
    To the players who were stupid enough to deliberately abuse this bug on their members accounts, all I can say is, why!?! What on earth made you think that was a good idea? You know we have in depth logs and can and do catch people who abuse major bugs.

    We haven't banned anyone yet, there is no massive rush as all the activity is logged anyway. On Tuesday once everyone is back from the easter break, and we have the staff to go through the logs very very carefully we'll do that then. We obviously don't want to risk banning anyone incorrectly, so it takes a bit of effort.

    But if you *deliberately* abused the bug (or tried to abuse it after we fixed it), you should be very very afraid. I cant imagine why anyone thought it was a good idea to try!

True, a few players were banned. Even a few clan officials, included a clan leader in a top 3 skilling clan, who had admitted to abusing the bug in the clan leader forum on RSOF. That said; none of the top 10 clans were affected, despite defending their abuse on RSOF, advertising their wealth and, even asking to be banned. Some players had also filed bug reports in-game after abusing it, just for fun.

The questions remain: Were the clans spared because Jagex is afraid to upset the clan world again, left-over guilt from years of neglect? And why did the small clans not get the same immunity as the major clans? Of course, there's also a few things to say about the turnaround from Jagex, from Andrew's "The ban abusers will be punished" thread to the end result, which didn't really measure up to the initial threat. Compared to the Penguin bug, the bans and slaps on the wrists seem few and far between. Whether you view the PvP BoB bug as emergent gameplay, a glitch, a bug or cheating, it does not change the fact that most of us want consistency. Either the message is that it's not intended, and some form of punishment is given, or that it's emergent gameplay that everyone can take advantage of. (In this case, being in a big clan gave you a free Get Out Of Jail card, which should make the future clan recruitment a lot easier. :lol: )

One negative consequence in the daily clan life with the bug-fix, is that some people used Terrorbirds to be able to return faster in F2P wars (some used to store addy arrows or other items in them), and this is no longer possible, as the familiar now dies when you die. That is the only form of "collective punishment" for the clans, as they were the only ones using this tactics before the bug. Jagex have said that they have closed the thorough investigations, and that no more black marks and bans will be handed out for this incident.

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The RuneScape Clan World; a clan world taken too seriously?

By: Peterpan538

When RuneScape began in winter of 2001, it didn't take very long at all for clans to come onto the scene. In fact, clans popped up the day RuneScape opened its doors to the public. The Sabres and 'The' Clan led the early beginnings of the clan world (who came from a former game of Jagex's creation called cyber wars). More clans of course came along, and clans eventually formed the clan world we have today.

This clan world of RuneScape is no joke. The clan world is taken seriously and if you don't share this feeling, you won't last long. As a member of this intense clan world, you're expected to be equipped with the basics of warring. If you don't know these basics, you're not welcome. Don't attend the majority of these events? You're kicked, with no questions asked. Oh yeah, and you want to join one of these clans? Be ready to go through an intensive trial member period. More often than not, going through a clans trial membership period is more drawn out then the process of getting an actual job.

Members of these clans devote hours and hours to their clan. And no, I'm not talking about over a long period, I'm not even talking about a week. I'm talking about over the course of one day. Top clan members will spend over 10 consecutive hours on a weekend trying to gain a victory for their clan. A victory that will allow them to move up in the standings only to be defeated next weekend to be moved back where they started. Oh, and it doesn't end at the 10 hours either. At some point, you're going to have to fix the hole in your bank caused by the rune sets lost. Your also going to have to find some time to back your clan up on the aftermath thread.

So what makes this clan world revolve as so? It all goes back to the rivalries. Like the requirements of being part of the clan world, rivalries on RuneScape are real and serious. When was the last time a top 10 war was "clean"? Since when was there not flaming on the victory thread afterwards because so-and-so did this or that? Oh, and you lost because you're clan didn't out no-life the other clan? I don't think so! Surely you were crashed or the world was too laggy for you and your clan? And wait, you thought the flame war ended at the lock of a thread by a biased Zybez moderator? Hah, a magazine with questionable male-on-male content will arrive shortly to your very own mailbox, courtesy of VR.

So my point? My point is that the RuneScape clan world has gone too far. There's fun, but then there's going overboard and what I think we have done is gone overboard. There's more to life than the clan world, or RuneScape for that matter.

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Sneak Peek

Next month the interview with a clan - or a clan personality - will be back with a vengeance. And don't be surprised if the Jagex Cup will be mentioned again aswell...

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