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Spotlight On: Divine Kings

By: y_guy_4_life

I know you weren't part of the original DK, but what do you know about how it was founded?

The old DK was originally founded by Gotenks 2322, and was originally called Kow: King of Wild, which I pked with a few times.This had taken place in around 05-06, and Kow mainly consisted of Hill Giant and low level PKing.

You used to be leader of ZH (Zero honor) which was basically hailed as a "new NI". Do you feel it fits that description?

Pretty much, it had multiple ex NI members, and I myself was apart of NI.

I want to know about your merge with DK. I know there had been some drama between ZH and DK members, so how exactly did you agree to merge? And why?

Well ZH and DK were originally on good terms, but after some DK officials left for ZH, the drama stirred up, making us enemies. As we know, a new alliance called IA had formed; which had sometimes forced us to work together, reforming our alliance. So basically we merged because of the threat of IA. We also got closer when larger clans attempted to hunt us, so both ZH and DK teamed up multiple times to clear top clans. Since we were teaming anyway, a merge made sense. Also in terms of strictly pking ZH members pked with DK, and DK members pked with ZH.

What are your feelings about IA? I know obviously there has been a lot of drama, as they were created pretty much for the sole purpose of stopping you guys from crashing. Do you think they will succeed? Or have they succeeded at all?

They seem a bit desperate and I find it ironic that they were created to 'defend honour' but at the same time do 'no honour' acts, such as crashing our fights, war practices, even attempts at spamming/hacking our TS. Maybe a few times they have succeeded from us crashing a fight, but it really didn't make a difference for us, as we were feasting on rune from their members. IA isn't really a threat, just more of a small nuisance at times.


Now DK/ZH has always had a good friendship with VR (Violent Resolution). How did that come about? And why is it advantageous?

That's correct. Since I was ex VR, I had respected them and their philosophies on how RS should be played. Though they aren't necessarily considered 'NH', I still admire their style in PKing, and both clans have similar enemies. I suppose that is why we got closer, similar to how DF teamed with AG, although AG were NH.

So you wouldn't consider VR "NH"? Or at least not the extent DK is?

Not at all, if VR was truly "No Honor', the destruction and damage would be heavy. I've seen many claims from people like Lego, the leader of DF, accusing VR of being No Honour and using that as an advantage by asking for IA to help clear VR, because DF cannot take down VR themselves.

So tell me about your personal clan history. Were you ever in an honour clan? What made you decide to be NH?

I've been in numerous clans, my first few clans had been 'honour'. My first clan was Dragonwood, and I enjoyed it, but I wanted to PK with my own set of rules, so I tried out NI. And without a doubt, was one of my best decisions. I definitely enjoyed being in NI, it had lots of freedom.

What about gear requirements? Does DK have any? And what about behaviour, such as flaming on public forums etc.

Yes, and I'll tell you right now, our gear requirements are much higher than IA's. Most of our members bring rune, and even when we tell them they can welfare because we are fighting IA, a lot of them still end up bringing rune. As for flaming, we normally tend to allow our members freedom of expressing their opinion, but when we do need them to stop, we will make sure to enforce it and kick anyone if necessary.


What made DK decide to be NH? They have a history of trying different things.

Like you said, we like to try different things. We have a philosophy that the wilderness rules shouldn't be made by someone else, but rather we should have the ability to choose our own set of rules. The wilderness wasn't made so we'd stop killing someone because they said to stop.

Obviously, DK stands out in the clan world and is looked down upon by many. Do you see regular disadvantages to being in a NH clan, or do you enjoy every minute?

Both. There are some disadvantages: clans will tend to team up on us, hack us, crash us, and do anything, yet get away with it and call themselves 'honour'. At the same time, we don't give a crap what they think about us or their threats, we play the game so WE, DK can enjoy it, we do not play for the enjoyment of others.

What do you consider to be the most important thing DK has achieved?

Countless achievements, but of course we don't post them all on RSC or public areas as clans will end up looking for the slightest reason to flame us. But anyways, we've had numerous achievements, taking on top clans, BEATING top clans, fighting multiple clans at once, and WINNING, and even making people so damn pissed that they are forced to make an alliance to have an attempt at stopping us.

I'm sure you guys have some legitimate wars from time to time. How does it make you feel if and when your wars get crashed? When your fight gets ruined, does it annoy you? Or do you just take it in stride?

Yes we have fights with many clans. If they get crashed we don't let other clans take advantage of us, so we will hit them twice as hard. IA has been attempting to crash ALL our events lately, though now more and more clans have realized this about IA. Many clans have withdrawn from the IA, hence why IA's opts have decreased significantly. It doesn't annoy us too much, as we know we will make sure they regret it in the future.


Thanks for the interview.

Interview questions answered by Bloodarrow42, Divine Kings Co-leader.
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From Clan Leader to forum Admin

By: Das

I've been involved in clans in some way or another my entire RuneScape career. I had the privilege of a leadership role in two of them and I believe this role greatly affected and prepared me to admin this website. Clans often get little respect in game from non-clanners. It's like they don't understand clanners, they just see them as money hungry killing barbarians, but when it comes to clan leaders, it's often so far from the truth it's funny. A good leader has to deal with staffing, inactivity, and drama.

Staffing here is a bit like staffing for a clan on a broader scale. I think clans have impacted how I look for mods - I look for leaders - people who I think stand a cut above the others and who can shine in moments where they may the only moderator on. The clan world made me see leaders as strong individuals and I carry this over here as well.

Inactivity can be brutal to a clan and it can be brutal to a staff team as well. I still remember the first inactive I ever kicked: an old friend of mine from classic. It was one of the toughest things I have ever done. But after that first time, it got easier and it's rarely been a problem since. I think this is something that clan leaders can do - that people with non clan background greatly struggle with.

Quality admins would make quality clan leaders in the clan world I believe, and I believe quality clan leaders make quality moderators/admins. Leadership is something that cannot be taught - you either have it or you don't. Ironically some of my most respected clan leaders on my personal all time list have never led a fansite or even been a staff member. Another similarity is that staff work and leading a clan are both full time jobs. In my entire RuneScape career (July 01- Present) I have only seen a select few do both roles.

I think most clan people know what hard work goes in to day to day operations, but I don't think the non clan ones do. So if you read this, take it from an admin and clan leader: Clan leaders deserve the utmost respect. They bust their asses to provide a quality environment and experience for their members.

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Are we causing the clan world to die?

By: LegendaryStu

I remember there was a day when I could name the top 40 clans easily, but now I'd struggle naming the top 20, and prefer naming the top 10 or top 15. The situation is hardly at a stand still or getting better; clans are dying at an incredible rate (Compared to how they used to) and new ones are not being re-made. Old clans are being used to supplement and help improve growth of the bigger clans that are slowly losing members. They need these dead clans to ensure that they, if not grow, at least don't begin to slump. As to why, I'm unsure. It's possibly because they're trying to aim it at a higher age group who is uninterested? Or maybe because the younger players (aged 13-17) are turning to more interesting prospects such as Xbox Live etc. and are not considering RuneScape. This may be why Jagex is releasing MechScape, and this is why I can't for the life of me think why they are continuing to run RuneScape once MechScape is up, because I personally believe this will halve the amount of new players to the game. As for what the future has in store for us, I can only speculate. Could it be that we are left with a handful of die hard clans? Maybe they'll make RuneScape less about profit (as the new CEO seems to be keen on doing) and more about fun. Maybe they'll end up taking away P2P and leaving it with a few worlds for clanning. These seem unbelievable and will probably never come to fruition.

Simply put:

- Two or three years ago, people could easily name the top 20/30 clans. But now the top 10/20/30 list only has the top 5 or top 10 ranks.

An example of this is in a popular “Name the top x clans thread.”

Here is a post dated from 2005:

  • Junior Clans
    1. Phobia - Good luck to war against TF, and it will finally prove who deserves number one
    2. The Futures - Same as above, and I don't see you falling anytime soon
    3. Soilders of Anarchy - Pretty good levels, not very active
    4. Decendent Guardians - Semi-active, but good numbers
    5. BlacKnight Cadets - War with The Domain, gl

    Overall list based on activeness and wars
    1. Dark Slayers - Would be interesting to see who would win against SA
    2. Damage Incorperated - You could probably reclaim number 1, just keep training
    3. Gladiatorz - Great f2p clan and good levels + numbers
    4. 'The' clan - Beat WG + Fear with 220 opts remaining and beat Anarchy
    5. Silent Assasins - Some people call you mass recruiters, though most know otherwise
    6. Rsd - Old clan which fell away and came back, try to get to your position before
    7. Anarchy - Lost to 'The', don't know that much about you
    8. BlacKnights - Falling a little *after Wg killed you in wildy with 40 people*
    9. Mystic Knights - Hmm not very active, lost to Exer but they are falling so your here
    10. Exercitium - Need to keep yourselves together after victories..
    11. Followers of Malkav - Good p2p clan, but crashed a war which I will never forgive
    12. Dead on Arrival - Another p2p clan and active in the wild
    13. Echo of Silence - Beat Wg with 35 people remaining
    14. Wilderness Guardians - Active p2p/f2p clan with 250+ members
    15. Rune Raiders - Good job with war against Awaken, win with 40-50 opts
    16. Awaken - Good turnouts on mini wars, not with RR though
    17. Sacred Templers - Friendly members, great levels and active
    18. Fear - Succesful junior clan. Good organization but just lost a handful of members
    19. Demonic Empire - Allys with EoS everytime they enter wild, active
    20. Nemesis - Probably up higher and very nice levels
    21. Moriquendi - War pl0x and show people your strength
    22. WolfPack - Cheated in last two wars, good in p2p though
    23. Dragonwood - Good numbers + decent levels
    24. Lethal Blades - Fairly new, I don't know where you belong but you rose fast
    25. Deathrow - Some of your members are desrespectful *ahem* fluffy though your a good clan

    - The Runescape Warhunger Federation - Don't know where to put you, but definatly in the top 10
    - Corruption - Don't want to be ranked (Or is it changed)
    - Lf - Some are ranking you, some arn't. I'd say your around 8-9ish
    - The Dynasty - Just starting up again, glad to have you back

Here is a post from the same topic, dated 2009-07-24:

  • Df

What would be the one main reason for clan world dying out?

Back then, I would walk around and maybe 3 or 5 people (again random estimate) with 90+ cmb would be in a clan. Secondly, depending on my combat level, I was asked maybe once or twice a week, if I was in a clan.

Now, when I walk around RS (rarely I’ll admit :P), the clan world is so small that I hardly ever see a person that is in a clan and when I do, I usually recognise the person's name, and roughly know what clan they're in (most of you probably have the same feeling).

And of course, there is very little clan recruitment in RuneScape. People just don't do it as much.

So to the point: Why are we the reason that the clan world is dying? Simple, most of us here have been recruited from RuneScape into the clan world, and most of us here, at some point have probably attempted to recruit somebody from RuneScape... into the clan world.

Now, clans only recruit people who are experienced, and generally don't ever walk about, looking for people, asking them if they want to join a clan, and bring them from RuneScape, into RSC/SalsCD/Tipit Clan world.

Notice: There are few junior clans, and any new (successful) clans, are already build on experienced people/people unretiring. Also, there are far more people retiring than joining the clan world. Why? Because most of us have started playing when we were 12-15, and now most of us are 18+, and most us have/will have, jobs/children/uni/life. Rarely do 12-15 year olds join top clans now (how many non-broken voices do you hear on your TeamSpeak/Ventrilo? Or the opposite if you are in a smaller clan)

In an Epic Conclusion: We Recruited the clan world, made it, played in it, and now... we're getting smaller VERY fast, crashing and burning, unless we turn things around very soon.

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By: y_guy_4_life

Many clans, particularly ones near the top of the ranking ladder, like to fight in pvp. Many reasons are given, such as excitement, a better test of dedication, and tradition (just like the old wilderness). However, fighting in a pk run-in style in a pvp world causes many complications. This article will focus on one main theme: Who actually won?

There are two types of pk run-ins: Capped, and uncapped. In a capped fight, amongst the agreed upon rules is a time limit. The clans will set boundaries, styles, RuneHead restrictions, but they will also set a time limit. This time limit can be anything, although in general it doesn't exceed 5 hours. A clan "wins" a capped fight by checking their options at the end; whoever has more when the cap is up wins the fight. Simple, right? Not quite.


In an uncapped fight, the theory is fairly similar to the capped fight. The rules are set up like any other war, except without a time limit. The objective of the uncapped fight is to make the other clan "end" (basically to give up). If clan A and clan B fight for 10 hours, and clan A decides they have finally had enough and leave the battlefield, clan B is pronounced victorious. Now, ideally this would simply be a test of dedication: Who has the more dedicated members who are willing to stay up late? However, it gets a little more complicated.

Domination is a phenomenon commonly claimed by the losing clan in both capped and uncapped fights. Basically the claim in uncapped fights is this: "We were doing much better than them in every way but they just decided to keep returning with very few members to try to outlast us".

Quite often, it is a valid claim. Many clans are famous for "outlasting"; continuing to pointlessly return while they are being severely beaten in every aspect of the fight. Eventually they may get the win because the other clan just doesn't want to stick around. Outlasting is generally looked down upon by the clan community, and for good reason. Many people make the point that it doesn't show any warring prowess at all, which is very true. If a clan gets to the point in a pkri when they are trying to outlast, then they have clearly been beaten already.

In capped fights, a different claim exists. Many times a clan will tell their members to be at the fight for the starting and ending. Basically clan A will start with 100 members, and 10 minutes into the fight 30 members will log off. Clan B will have 80 members and beat clan A quite soundly until the last 10 minutes of the cap, when the 30 members who logged off log back in. Technically, clan A wins, because they end with 100 members despite having only 70 members for the majority of the fight.

So what does this mean? Clans complain about cwa being boring, but pvp has its flaws as well. Until clans decide to change the way they fight or Jagex gives them another way, these problems will still be present. Ultimately, outlasting is a tactic that takes advantages of the flaws in the system. Clans realize it when they accept pk run-ins and will have to adapt to it as a strategy.

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By: Laikrob

As predicted by most of us, Jagex has implemented some changes to prevent the rampant use of 26k-ing, also known as tricking, in the PvP and BH worlds. There have been plenty of speculations about what these changes would be: Reducing number or changing the values of the drops, removing the abilities to use certain spells and weapons/ammo, limiting the hot zones, decreasing the pile jumping time, increasing the 10 second timer, reduction of brawler gloves drops or bonuses and many more. Suggestions galore were posted both on RSOF and on fansites, and people were expected a nerf sooner rather than later. Okay, they expected pretty much everything but what they got:

Mod Benny wrote:

  • Hey,

    As you are probably aware, we have recently made some rather drastic changes to what players risk on PvP Worlds. In case you are one of the people who don’t know, here is what we changed:
    On PvP Worlds, you will always be skulled and cannot use the Protect Item prayer.

    We launched this update without much explanation as to why we were making the changes. The reason for this is because we knew how big they were and we didn’t want to dilute it behind a wall of reasons and excuses, but we just wanted to make sure to keep it as clear and to-the-point as possible, and the players who would be affected by this would know the immediate consequences without us explaining it to them. But now that a bit of time has passed, we feel that it is appropriate to share the reasons behind it.

    We initially sat down to discuss the 26k issue and what we could do about that. Safe to say, this meeting ended up covering a much broader area, but I will try to take it step by step. When we first created PvP Worlds, we had a lot of different ideas on how we could distribute loot for kills and what had to be lost by the victim in order for the PKer to claim a reward. During most of development, the value that had to be lost was sitting at 75k, but as the release date approached, we changed it to 25k to keep it in line with the free-to-play game, even though the rewards are a lot greater in members’ world. So, the first and easiest step to keep the kill-swapping down was to simply put the value back up to 75k and also make sure that this value in no way affected the so called death pot (I’ll talk more about that soon).

    However, we, as well as you, know that this won’t put it to a complete stop, and we have more changes planned for the future. These require a bit more work, so it will take a little while, but it shouldn’t have an as big of an impact on the PvP scene as a whole as the most recent changes have had. We will let you know about the details in due time.

    One of the reasons why it was so easy to do the 26k trick (besides the obviously low cost) was that it was also very easy to generate earning potential relatively risk free, due to the skulling mechanics and the Protect Item prayer. This, however, is an issue that stretches further than just 26k-ing. Lots of people used the Protect Item prayer just so that they could continuously rush into combat with a single weapon and never risk losing anything (so called one-itemers). This has been the case for as long as PKing has been around, but now they can gain greater rewards for no risk and the weapons players have access to have increased a bit in power from rune 2-handed swords in Classic and dragon daggers in the first few years of RuneScape 2, to godswords and dragon claws. This means that it has gotten increasingly easier to have a very high combat potential with minimal risk.

    This is where the Protect Item prayer comes in. Our main reason to disable this on PvP Worlds was to make it slightly harder to gain earning potential risk free, particularly via one-iteming, and to make sure the risk versus reward balance was stabilized. We of course knew that this would have consequences beyond these two groups of people, but we didn’t necessarily consider them all to be negative (although we’re not denying that some certainly are).

    The way weapons have increased in power throughout the years has resulted in a big amount of a player’s combat efficiency to be tied to a single item, which is what made one-iteming so easy, and the cheap Protect Item prayer has become the massively powerful tool that allows this. We do appreciate that there are a lot of people who use these valuable items while still risking wealth in form of armour and jewellery. However, two people in full rune armour can both be risking the same amount of wealth while the items they keep protected vary massively in power (e.g. a dragon scimitar compared to an Armadyl godsword). The prayer simply allows players to bypass a large portion of what is supposed to be a risk vs reward system.

    We don’t necessarily feel it is a bad thing that people get a bit (or a lot) more careful about when they choose to use these expensive and powerful items. Now, you might argue that the players in question have deserved this bonus when they earned the money to buy it, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can still bypass the risk. Secondly, godswords and dragon claws are extremely powerful due to their high hits, and, as far as PvP goes, this has put a big dent in the combat triangle (which wasn’t all that dent free to begin with). More specifically, it has caused a major issue for mages, who, due to their lack of armour, have become even easier targets from a class they are supposed to be strong against. We feel that disabling the Protect Item prayer has evened out the combat triangle a bit, which we consider a good thing. People can still use these powerful weapons, but now they have to do so with the risks that follow.

    A bigger issue than people not daring to risk their dragon claws and godswords is the abyssal whip. This is a fairly powerful weapon as far as damage over time goes, but lacks the massive hits of more expensive items. However, it is still expensive enough to make some PKers afraid of risking them under the new system. To these people, I would like to repeat something that is briefly mentioned on the Knowledge Base page, which we simply refer to as the ‘death pot.’ When you die, part of the wealth you have lost beyond the initial 75k (or 25k on a free-to-play world) is added to a separate pot which is used along with your earning potential to generate drops. So if you do risk a whip and lose it, a big part of its value will be saved away for your future drops. In the long run, assuming you get some kills, you will therefore be making this value back. However, it is worth pointing out that the amount of lost wealth that can be transferred to the death pot at any one time is capped, so losing a massive stack of junk items or a godsword would not generate as big of a percentage back into the death pot as less valuable items would, and noted items don’t add anything at all. I don’t want to give out any exact numbers, but I can at least confirm that a whip will be quite heavily compensated for (although obviously not by its full value!).

    Another topic that has been floating around along with these changes are the so called PJers (pile jumpers, player jumpers, etc.). We’re hoping that one side effect of the disabling of Protect Item will reduce the amount of players who choose to resort to this method, as waiting around in a dangerous area can now leave them as quite an appealing target for other players. We certainly don’t think it will stop it, as even before the update they were quite often risking the valuable weapons other players are now concerned about. However, we do have plans to make 1-versus-1 combat a bit more stable and harder to interrupt, and we hope to have these changes with you in the near future (I will be working on them this week).

    Finally, I’d like to point out that we will be keeping a very close eye on how the recent update has affected the PvP scene, and we are definitely open to tweaking it if necessary.

    Mod Benny

The reactions were not exactly positive, as this seemed to affect the "real" pkers more than the 26k-ers (now known as 76k-ers, that's a successful change).


So now you're bound to lose your Rune sets, and melee is all of a sudden an instant loser when it comes to a continuous fighting style, due to its much higher cost of armour/weapons. One-itemers were gone, but at what cost?

A hidden update was also implemented, which greatly effected some players economically, mostly those who were planning to 26k. Broad Arrows, a product from a popular and fast Fletching method, now have value of 0 Gp instead of 90. This means that they can't be used as a risk gaining factor anymore, and are practically worthless – unless you plan to range a LOT. Some players were going for 50, 100 and even 200M Fletch exp and were hoping to gain some Brawlers and profit back from the arrows with 26k-ing. This is no longer possible, and some have lost 100's of millions on this.

Monster hunters and other high leveled players who made money from God Wars or Tormented Demons could see the short and long term effect of this, as not many would risk Godswords, Dragon Claws or other high level armour and weapons if they were instantly skulled and had no means of protecting or keeping any items. As soon as this update was known, a lot of players panic sold their D Claws & Godswords - many losing Gp on it. As usual, panic never pays...Less than 48 hours later, another ”adjustment” was made:

Mod Benny wrote:

  • With the recent disabling of Protect Item prayers on PvP Worlds, a lot of players feel that we had rendered their high-value weapons (godswords and dragon claws, in particular) worthless. While no changes had been made to the weapons themselves, the amount of wealth you had to risk in order to use those weapons was considered prohibitively high. We obviously don’t want you to feel like your investment is wasted; we appreciate how much work some of you have put into getting those items! But, we also don’t want to undo changes that we feel are good for PKing as whole. So, we’ve come up with a way of hopefully achieving both goals. Today we are introducing a new type of Bounty World. These ‘+1 item’ worlds still won’t allow you to use the Protect Item prayer, but, instead, everyone will always keep their most valuable item protected.

    On these worlds, to gain drop potential you (as usual) have to be risking 75k (or 25k on a free world). Because you always keep your most valuable item on these worlds, this means you have to risk 75k of items in ADDITION to your always-protected item. This has the following advantages:
    a) It still achieves our original intentions of making it harder to gain drop potential and participate in rewarding combat without actually really risking something;
    b) It stops high-value weapons being made worthless and still maintains that type of gameplay for people who enjoy it;
    c) Conversely, people who feel the new, more powerful weapons unbalanced PKing, without any risk to the wielder, have a different type of world that they can enjoy too.
    NOTE - Our ISP issues have meant that world 32, the planned +1 item Bounty World for free players, is not currently available. We sincerely apologise and hope to get this world back online as soon as possible.

    Mod Benny
    RuneScape Content Developer

Panic at the GE, and prices on everything right back up again. This is only on Bounty Hunter worlds, though, so Brawler Gloves have a limited use - this means that those who used Brawlers while getting EP can only use some of them (or have to use less effective methods). The +1 Item worlds are also a lot more populated, so the risk of getting killed is bigger. Some will argue that this is a free Protect Item prayer for the ”real” pkers, but after almost two weeks it seems that the +1 Items worlds are popular.


Whether this is because the usually non pking players prefer to keep a little, or because the pkers just prefer this because it's more similar to the better old days, is hard to say. With all the changes the Wilderness and PvP have gone through, one thing seem clear: Jagex wants clans to use the CWA and players to do DM's in the duel arena. It seems that the updates aimed to strike down on the ”outsiders”, in reality once again hit the pkers and the clans that were the ones using the Wilderness in the first place.

The first update was not received very well, and (as usual) players were pouring their hearts out in the RSOF Rants forums and threats about quitting were numerous. At first glance it looked like a hasty and not thought-through update, and the second update looked like a fix to make everyone happy. Though I can't help but thinking if there was more planning behind it than it seems, and that the good old ”compared to chopped liver” trick was used: We were given something crappy at first, so that the improved version would be good enough. In other words, they had both the PvP and Bounty Hunter worlds planned and prepared from the start, but released them a few days apart – knowing that complaints would happen no matter what they did. By giving us the worst one first, we'd be satisfied with the better option, and the whining would die out.

Players are still tricking, just with a little less profit and a little more risk. The amount of people bolting in the hot zone next to the Grand Exchange for EP is not exactly reduced, so I expect we will see more adjustments from Jagex in the future.


I am not saying that this update was all bad, but let's just hope that they take the pkers and regular PvP users into consideration before making the next update, and maybe make use of the clan leader forum that they have. After all such an important communication channel should be used when it comes to updates directly affecting the clan members, who after all frequent the PvP worlds the most.

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Sneak Peek

Next issue we will try to get some reactions and another interview about honour and NH, and our new authors will be working as hard as they did to get this issue out. (Special thanks to our new Chronicle Author y_guy_4_life, who made sure that we had enough articles this month, despite a busy summer for some of us, editor included.) One or two more authors will be announced, and maybe Jagex will give us more PvP updates to write about?

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Chronicle Credits

Laikrob - Editor and Clan Moderator
tripsis - Chronicle Editor
y_guy_4_life - Chronicle Author
LegendaryStu - Guest Author
Das - Clan Admin and Guest Author

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