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Issue Number 5 - Published March 25, 2009


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Tip.It vs. Corr war. The preparations, the war, the aftermath.

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Rules of Thumb

By: lord_troyus

Let’s take a look back to not-so-long ago when our famed Clan Wars Arena (CWA) was given an update. We were given Free-for-all (FFA), enhanced options, rules and settings to allow clans to war in different ways. We had time limits, kill limits (a very large amount) and rules to restrict certain forms of combat. Magic – upon suggestion – was made to allow or disallow holding spells. Ranging, melee, summoning, prayer, food and potions were all optional. Players who were killed were allowed to return – a function to facilitate the PKRI before PvP was reintroduced. Quite simply we were not only put in control of the rules, but we could guarantee that they would be obeyed (those selectable).

Chronicle Clanwarsoptions

Now however we have whole worlds of PvP with larger maps – the world map to be precise – but less rules. So where are we left with this arena?

Well it provides a safe haven to our rules.

Rule 1 – The rules are made by you. Nobody likes a rule breaker, so why have one?

Rule 2 – It can be safe. On P2P this is a huge benefit as nobody wants to lose millions if they don’t have to. On F2P it allows us to take more runes/arrows to ensure that we don’t ever run out. Also, do you have some fancy god coloured rune? Feel free to use it here without loss. It also reduces the chance of people "Welfaring".

Rule 3 – No crashers. People can watch, but not interfere (without CC access).

Three golden rules. Yes clans will still use PvP for some wars. CWA can only handle two CC’s in one fight. This means clans or organised cluster fights will have to try to cram into one CC. With a 100 person limit this isn’t easy. It provides a large amount of variety (several maps and FFA) but now we have the full world map that doesn’t seem like much.

Chronicle Clanwars

Maybe it’s now out-dated. It’s only used for officials for clans that can’t pull 100 members. Maybe it’s only to be used by people who don’t want to lose their gear.

I think that the future doesn’t hold much for the CWA and if the CC is allowed to hold more I can see most wars that are ranked taking place here. At the moment it’s not perfect, but it does the job that we ask of it. You only need to check out war rankings to find that out.

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Shedding Some Light on Skilling Clans

By: tripsis

Since clans first became popular in early RuneScape Classic, they have always focused on combat and warring. In more recent years, skilling clans have begun to spawn and earn credibility, but they have always been (and are still) overshadowed by the dominating popularity of the combative clans. What makes combat clans more popular than skilling clans? Will skilling clans ever rise to their level?

I took the time to ask the skilling clan Supreme Skillers what they thought about skilling clans versus combat clans. From their responses and my own personal observations, I was able to conclude that most skillers consider combat clans to be far more regimented and competitive than skilling clans. The wars between clans oftentimes create strong rivalries between various groups and many people thrive off of this competitive nature. RuneScape itself is a very competitive game, largely due to the public high scores table. Many people who play the game enjoy it because they are able to clearly see themselves advance and move up in ranks. Combat clans have a very similar structure. On many RuneScape fan sites there are war rankings and other kinds of "high score tables" that identify the superior clans. There is a large amount of achievement and pride to be gained from seeing your clan moving up in the ranks, and helping it to do so by participating in warring events.

While some skilling clans also adapt this competitive nature by means of skilling wars or comparing skill total averages, the primary purpose of most of these clans is not advancement but the creation of a community. Combat clans usually have a clear purpose (winning and participating in wars) that some skilling clans lack. Skilling clans tend to be a lot more laid back and casual because of the lack of competition, and this environment helps fuel a strong and close community. I think this is where skilling clans meet their downfall. When I questioned the members of Supreme Skillers, most of them chose to join a skilling clan so they could be part of a strong community of people with similar interests and so they could easily obtain help and advice from skilling experts. I'm sure there are thousands of people out there who share these same desires, so why aren't skilling clans more popular?

Most peoples' desire for community is already quenched by means of fan site forums. On, for example, people can get help and advice from a pool of over 170,000 people; they can be part of a strong skilling community by maintaining a blog in BlogScape, by posting their achievements in Rate This, or just by participating in discussions. If people are looking for a strong group for a skilling mini game (like non-combat Stealing Creations), sure they could apply to a creditable skilling clan and put an event together... or they could just join a non-combat Stealing Creations clan chat. However, if someone wants to be a regular participant in wars, they need to join a combat clan.

I am not saying that skilling clans are useless, especially seeing as how I was part of one for a year and greatly enjoyed it, but there is not the same need to join skilling clans as there is for combat clans. Combat clans offer their members the opportunity to engage in intense battles, which when won, satisfy the victors' natural human desire for success, competition and recognition. But because skilling clans are really only able to offer their members a strong sense of community, which can already be achieved through fan site forums, they are not as popular or sought-after. Jagex has recently introduced a new set of competitions known as The Jagex Cup, which gives skilling clans a new opportunity for recognition and promotion. With more updates like The Jagex Cup, skilling clans may have a chance of matching even half the popularity of combat clans, but right now, even with the massive blows to RuneScape PvP, they are still hidden in the shadows cast by the dominating combat clans.

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The Combat Cup

By: lord_troyus

On the 9th of March the company behind RuneScape started a new section on their clan forums: The JaGeX Cup. This cup doesn’t seem to be part of the recent JaGeX run events, more an attempt and making the RuneScape forums a place to be for the top clans. Already the sign up list on the combat cup in particular is looking very strong. With RSD signing up first, many top clans such as TRWF, DF, TT, VR, SE, DI, Corr and THE (to name a few) have followed right behind them. At the time of writing this, I think the possibility of RuneScape known recognition as a reward is a very tasty treat indeed. This won’t be a massacre with the current signup sheets, but with no caps on the member lists, FA’s and retirees will be allowed to attend and it would be a shock to many if one or more of the big clans didn’t pull over 100 people. So how do JaGeX plan to counter this? They already said “There is no player cap”. But if you can only fit 100 people within the CC... Then surely it’s capped at 100? Or will they use this opportunity to extend the CC’s?

This could be a major chance for JaGeX to get fully involved with the clan community as a whole, and change RuneScape significantly to suit the response. Or it could be a stunt to make it seem like clans are a priority to them.

Oh and if you’re interested in the JaGeX Cup it’s in the RuneScape official forums under “Clans”. It offers a Skilling Cup and a Mixed Cup for those who would rather make swords than wield them. So if you’re interested and you haven’t signed up...what are you waiting for? Sign-ups end on the 25th of March at 23:59.

This is according to the guys at JaGeX “One cup to rule them all .......”

Good luck.

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Spotlight On: Corruption

By: Laikrob
Chronicle Corruption

How and when was Corruption founded?

Corruption was founded by Pure Knights, Clever Ninja, Mortamus and Sekalodnal on July the 1st, 2003 making Corr 6 years old this year. They'd all been in separate clans, all of which had achieved a lot in early RS classic, but they wanted to unify all their past clans into a more powerful entity, which they named Corruption. Full history can be found here.

Chronicle Corr Rsc

Warring seems to be Corruption’s main focus. What else do you do?

On RS we have a weekly fun event, whether that be a mini game or going out boss hunting as a clan; just a chance to chill all together, rather than the seriousness that's required at a fight.

Plus through the week when we don't have events, members can often be found on TeamSpeak playing other games besides RuneScape together, such as minigolf or counter strike, while talking on TeamSpeak. But warring is definitely our main focus and we have several PvP events throughout the week, both planned and unplanned, and probably average 1 per day, though spread through different time zones on different days.

Many clans prefer CWA, but Corruption and the other top clans seem to stick to the PvP worlds. Why is that?

The most practical reason is the limit of clan chats - we regularly have over 100 members turning up to an event, and a clan chat would mean that 10-30 members would often be unable to fight at an event. Also many members simply enjoy PvP worlds more than CWA fights, for reasons such as the spontaneity from never quite knowing who you might fight. The nostalgia of the old warring locations and of course, the loot. :P Crashing isn't a big threat as there are very few clans who would dare to crash us or other top clans, and fighting back to crashers can often be enjoyable in itself. We still fight in CWA though, usually for miniwars rather than PKRIs. We're looking forward to fighting in the Jagex cup in the next few weeks which will be a good chance to get back into our old form from the CWA era.

What was your longest PKRI?

Corr's longest PKRI is also the longest one recorded in RuneScape. :P 15.5 hours against Divine Forces, February 2009. The fight was the last one of DF's leader before his retirement and neither side was willing to admit defeat, with control of the battlefield going back and forth throughout the fight. In the old wilderness, our longest fight was 13 hours against DF.

Chronicle Corr Fight

And what was your best war?

Since I joined Corruption, I think one of our most impressive fights was in the Clan Wars Premier League tournament, in the fullout war with The Titans.

We knew for the last fight of the tournament both CoR and TT would be giving it their absolute best, to finish the tournament on a good note. We had only had one loss of the entire championship, to Divine Forces, and we wanted to keep that record strong. TT outnumbered us by a small margin, the starting numbers being 92 v 85 however we did not let that number get in the way of a good performance. Both clans had great starts, it was KO for KO for at least 10 kills. At that point, Gwarzo stepped up to the plate and tanked extremely well allowing CoR to get within equal numbers. From this point we pumped up and really moved well as a team. Shortly following Gwarzo, Str Newb tanked the best out of all CoR that day and during this point we did an unbelievable amount of transitions from one binder to another. After gaining a short lead we kept it steady with binders and tankers to pull the sound victory off. Ending: CoR – 31.

We were very proud of it, overcoming both a board hacking by VR and being outnumbered at the fight itself, and felt well rewarded when it meant we came second in the competition with only 1 loss out of 14 fights.

How have the recent changes in the leadership affected Corruption?

Not at all, would be the short answer. Both Chris and Demonchild have been leading Corr for several years already, doing a sterling job even at the lowest points in our history. We still have our old school leadership such as Robtokill, who actively help in the running of the clan. If you only just joined the clan I don't think you'd be able to tell that we have lost 2 warlords recently - our current PK leadership team is as active as ever, and I think their ability as well as that of our members has been well reflected in our fighting performances.

So what were Corruption’s lows?

Definitely around the Bounty Hunter era when we fell to under 70 active members, and had internal arguments within the leadership, that resulted in the Radicalsurfu/Radicalsurfer brothers leaving the clan. Robtokill, Xhitpointsx and other leaders put in a ton of effort and rebuilt the clan almost from the ground up, and within a few months we were competing for #1 again.

And the glorious highs?

The summer of 2007, where Corr were the undisputed #1 F2P clan and our rivals DF, VR and EoS would all end their PK trips as soon as they got word that we were heading out into the wilderness. It's hard to answer that one really, because most of our history could be called a high point. For the vast majority of Corr's life we've been competing for, if not at, the very top spot in the clan world. Even if we're in what could be a relatively low point in our history, we're still right up there in the top bracket and making clans be afraid of us.

Chronicle Corr Chain

There has been a lot of action and drama with the top clans the last few months, especially with Violent Resolution and their NH ways. What are your predictions for the top 5 this summer?

I think that going into the summer, the clan world will be largely the same as it has been ever since PvP worlds have come back, with the top clans being bunched very closely together, all able to win on different days. But by the end of the summer I predict that a more permanent order will be emerging, hopefully with Corruption at the top end, and undoubtedly featuring DF at the top too. I think VR will start feeling the consequences of their actions by then and it will dampen their recruitment, as it already has in just the last few weeks since the anti-VR alliances have formed. Damage Inc are clearly having a strong comeback to the F2P scene and I predict that it isn't just temporary, and they will also be up at the top with Corruption and Divine Forces. The Titans are harder to place in the prediction, as their history shows that they have often had sharp rises followed by sudden falls in ranks, and their recent problems could be the start of another fall despite their incredible achievements since the rebirth of PKRIs. They will either be right at the top, or possibly outside the top 5 entirely, perhaps replaced by EoS or RSD if either clan gains numbers.

Once corrupted, always corrupted.

(All images in this interview are from Corruption's website.)

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Clans: Where RuneScape Life Ends--And Begins

By: Dbzruler72

There comes a time in one's life when RuneScape loses appeal: when quests are done, guilds are entered, and dangerous beasts are slain. What does one do with over twenty million gold pieces sitting in the bank? For some, it may mean quitting and dropping the lot in a deserted room on the second floor of the Blue Moon Inn. For others, however, activities outside the realm of the RuneScape site become attractive. With a simple search of "R" on Google, "RuneScape" appears as the first choice. From there, the search begins. Sites that offer RuneScape gold flood the results, with a few fansite such as Tip.It sticking out. With one click, attraction takes hold. Scrolling down the navigation...aha! Clans.

It takes just one look at the Wars & Run-ins board to unleash the gawk. 200 options and a full inventory of Rune may seem normal to us, but for the average 'Scaper, the concept is almost unreal.

Once that player falls into temptation, Rune sets will no longer matter. Okay, so I died thirty times in a ten-hour PK run-in and lost a few million GP. Who really cares? What took a week of cutting Yew trees will be made within the first lootable war or PK trip. Deaths are warped into happiness, and players are transformed into clanners.

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Sneak Peek

Our focus on clan leaders will be moved to next issue. There will be another clan in the spotlight, maybe your favourite is coming up?

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Laikrob - Clan Moderator
lord_troyus - Chronicle Author
tripsis - Chronicle Editor

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