Recruitment Drive

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: On the west side of the second floor (third floor for USA) of Falador castle.


Skills: Be able to defeat a level 20 without any equipment or items.

Items: None, though you must be a female character to do this quest.

Monsters: Sir Leye (level 20)

NPCs: Lady Table, Miss Cheveers, Ms. Hynn Terprett, Sir Amik Varze, Sir Kuam Ferentse, Sir Ren Itchood, Sir Spishyus, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Sir Tinley

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To start off

You can't wear any equipment or take anything in your inventory during this quest, so leave everything in the bank. Start the quest by speaking to Sir Amik Varze in the western part of Falador's White Knight's castle, on the second floor (third floor for USA). He will tell you to meet with a contact in the park. If you have a male character, go to the makeover mage first to change into a female.

Sir Tiffy Cashien

Now go to Falador park and speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien who is sitting on the bench. Tell him that you are ready for the tests. You will be taken into the first testing room. The tests are random for each person. Just look at the name of the person that will test you and then look below the appropriate heading in this guide. Be careful with Sir Tinley as you can't move after speaking to him.

After you have spoken to Sir Tiffy Cashien you will be teleported to the training grounds, from now on you will just have to see which tester you meet and check that part of the guide to see what you have to do to complete the test. You will have to pass 5 out of the 7 tests listed below. If you fail one of the tests you will have to do all 5 tests again, even if you have completed them before.

Sir Tinley
Sir Ren Itchood
Ms Hynn Terprett
Sir Kuam Ferentse and Sir Leye
Sir Spishyus
Lady Table
Miss Cheveers


Sir Tinley

Speak to Sir Tinley. He will give you "patience" as your only clue. All you will have to do is stand still and do nothing until Sir Tinley says that you've passed and can walk through.

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Sir Ren Itchood

Ask him for a clue. The first letter of each of the four sentences make a word. This is the combination to the door. Below is an example:

Recruitment Drive Ren Clue
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Ms Hynn Terprett

Correctly answer her riddles to pass through this room.

1. If you can choose how to die would you:

  • Drown in lake of acid.
  • Burn in a fire.
  • Thrown to wolves that have not eaten in a month.
  • Thrown from a castle that is hundreds of feet high.

Answer: Thrown to wolves that have not eaten in a month.

2. I estimate their to be 1 million inhabitants in the world of RuneScape, creatures and people both. What would be the number you would get if you multiply the number of fingers on everythings left hand, to the nearest million?

Answer: 0

3. A father is 4 times as old as his daughter. In 20 years he will be 2 times as old. How old is the daughter?

Answer: 10

4. There are 4 buckets:

  • 32 Degrees
  • 33 Degrees
  • 34 Degrees
  • 35 Degrees

If I drop a stone in all of them at the same time, which will hit the bottom first?

Answer: 32 Degrees

5. Choose a number:

  • The number of false choices here is one
  • The number of false choices here is two
  • The number of false choices here is three
  • The number of false choices here is four

Answer: Three

6. How many statements are false:

  • One of these statements is false
  • Two of these statements are false
  • Three of these statements are false
  • Four of these statements are false

Answer: Three

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Sir Kuam Ferentse and Sir Leye

You will have to fight Sir Leye (lvl 20) who cannot be slain by any man. This means you will need a female character to win. Just finish him off and go to the next room.

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Sir Spishyus

The ancient riddle of taking a fox, a chicken and a sack of grain across a bridge. You can only take either one of them across at the same time, but you can't leave the fox with the chicken, or the chicken with the grain. You can pick them up and drop them by clicking on them in your equipment menu.

Since the fox and the grain can be left behind, take the chicken first. You can now safely take the fox across (which would normally mean that the chicken would eat the grain). Drop the fox on the other side. Now pick the chicken up again to take it back, as it will be eaten if left with the fox. Drop the chicken and take the grain to the other side. Now go back to pick up the chicken and take it across as well. Drop it and open the door.

Recruitment Drive Riddle
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Lady Table

You will see eleven statues, you will have ten seconds to memorise them all and then another one will be added. They will be shuffled and you will have to select which one. There's 3 colours: bronze, silver and gold. Each colour set of four has one warrior with a halberd, one with a sword, one with a mace and one with an axe. Just see which colour has only 3 statues, and check whether it's missing the halberd, sword, mace or axe warrior. When the lights fade out and back in, touch that statue. (An alternative to memorising which statue is missing is to take a screenshot of the eleven statues to allow more time to check.)

Recruitment Drive Statues
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Miss Cheveers

To leave this room you will first need to collect each of the items as marked in the picture below (the Bunsen-burner and key cannot be picked up, only interacted with).

Recruitment Drive Cheevers Room


  1. Alchemical notes (you have to talk to Miss Cheevers again before you can find it. The book is not required for the quest).
  2. Cupric sulphate.
  3. Gypsum.
  4. Tin.
  5. Tin ore powder.
  6. Cupric ore powder.
  7. 3 Vials of liquid (Dihydrogen monoxide).
  8. Knife.
  9. Key.
  10. Bunsen-burner.
  11. Metal Spade.

Use the spade on the Bunsen Burner on the table. Now use the spade on the door. After this use the Cupric Sulfate with the door. Examine a vial of liquid. It should say "Dihydrogen monoxide" when you examine it. Now use this one on the door as well. The spade will now be stuck in the door so you can pull the door open with it.

For the second door, use Gypsum and another vial of Dihydrogen monoxide with the tin. Now use the tin with the key chained to the wall. After this use the Cupric ore powder and Tin ore powder on the tin. Use the tin on the Bunsen Burner. Now use either a knife or a bronze wire on the tin to get the key. Go to the door and use the key on it.

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Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Note: When changing to a female your clothing, beard and hair style might disappear.


Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: Baffler, Runesmithie

Thanks to: Aurhora, Danske Danne, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Loge_05, Misirekidro, Mshalopd, Runeman231, Saigan

Last updated: 23-Dec-2017

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