Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Falador Park, speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien


Quest Points: 33

Items: 20 Rune essences (Normal or Pure) and either 10,000 gold coins OR 1 Law rune, a Slayer gem and some Molten glass.


Items: Enough teleport runes to teleport you to Varrock, Ardougne and Lumbridge, and a Full Ectophial.

Monsters: Black Knight (level 44), Solus Dellagar (level 0)

NPCs: Lord Daquarius, Mage of Zamorak, Savant, Sir Amik Varze, Sir Tiffy Cashien

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1: Getting Started

Go to Falador Park and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien. He will ask you to go talk to Sir Amik Varze to have him deputise you. Go to the White Knight's Castle, which is just to the south-east of the Rising Sun Inn pub (over the bridge). You'll find Sir Amik Varze on the West side of the castle on the 3rd floor.

2: Sir Amik Varze

Sir Amik asks you to be his squire. Refuse, and ask him if he can deputise you instead. He will accept. Ask him if there are any jobs available. He will say no, because there isn't any crisis at the moment. Go back to Sir Tiffy.

3: Sir Tiffy Cashien

Sir Tiffy will tell you about a crisis that's starting to take shape. He will also tell you about a dangerous criminal, and asks you to go back to Sir Amik.

4: White Knights Order

Sir Amik will tell you that Solus Dellagar has returned, and will ask for your help. Accept and he will fully deputise you into the White Knights Order. Now go back to Sir Tiffy Cashien.

5: Communications Orb

Sir Tiffy will now give you a Communications Orb (Commorb). You can either bring him a law rune, a slayer gem and some molten glass and he will make one for you, or you can buy one from him for 10,000 gold coins. When you have your orb, go to the White Knights' Castle to watch it. Once there, right click your Orb and watch the two recordings Savant has provided you. Once you have finished watching the two recordings, go to the Black Knight area in the south of Taverley Dungeon.

6: Lord Daquarius

At the Black Knight area in Taverley Dungeon, talk to Lord Daquarius. He won't tell you anything. Kill one of the black knights around him, and after a while he'll have no choice but to talk to you. After talking to him a second time, you'll see that you can't get any more information from him. Now you'll need to find the Mage of Zamorak.

7: Mage of Zamorak

If you haven't talked to him before, you must speak to him in the Wilderness north of Edgeville prior to meeting him in Varrock. Teleport or walk to Varrock, and go the the temple located in the South-east corner of the city. Talk to the mage of Zamorak at the temple. He says he will give you information in exchange for 20 rune essences. Bring him 20 essences (normal or pure) and he will give you some information. He will tell you that Solus Dellagar has moved to the East from his location. After getting his information your character knows where Solus is. You will now know that Solus Dellagar is in Canifis. Walk to Canifis, or use your ectophial to get there quickly.

Wanted Zamorak Mage

8: Canifis

When you enter Canifis, Savant will talk to you about "Slow Teleporting", and will tell you to scan in Canifis. When you scan using the "Scan" option on your Communications Orb, you will find Solus. Savant will then retrieve an item from the slow teleport. It will be one of twelve possible items, and will give you a hint about where you need to go next. See the list below to match your item with Solus' location.

9: Chasing Solus

Each time you get to a new location, you will have to scan to get the next item and the corresponding location. Before scanning, make sure you have one free inventory space! The items are completely random, and you will have to repeat the process 4 or more times.

After the orb scans, Solus will summon a black knight, who will attack. Killing the knight is not necessary to proceed - you can simply ignore it and proceed to the next location, outlined below.

10: Rune Essence Mine

Solus Dellagar's final location will be in the Rune Essence mine. To get there, you need to talk to one of the following people:

  • Wizard Sedridor on the second floor of the Wizard Tower South of Draynor Village.
  • Aubury in the rune shop in Varrock, just South of the East Bank.
  • Carwen Essencebinder in the rune shop in Burthorpe, north-east of the lodestone.
  • Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne, just to the north-east of the Marketplace.
  • Wizard Distentor in the Wizards' Guild in Yanille.
  • The gnome Brimstail in a cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (North west of Ardougne). To find his cave, head north-west from the Stronghold gate until you see a small bridge on the West side of the Stronghold. Brimstail's cave is inside a large hollow rock a little to the East of that bridge.

When you get to the Rune Essence mine and find Solus Dellagar, you need to attack him. He will be weakened by the white knights, allowing you to easily kill him and get his hat. Take it back to Sir Amik Varze. He will congratulate you and give you your reward.

Wanted Essence Mine Fight


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Should you accept Sir Amik Varze's offer to become his squire at the beginning of the quest (Step 2), simply speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien to continue on.
  • If you talk to Sir Amik Varze for the first time while wearing initiate armour, you will get an amusing little quip about how much you like the armour.
  • After finishing the quest you can buy White Armour from Sir Vyvin. You'll find Sir Vyvin on the 3rd floor of the White Knight's Castle, on the East side.
  • To get better weapons and armour you need to raise your White Knight rank by killing Black Knights. You will start at the Novice level. Killing White Knights will lower your rank. Your current rank can be seen in your in game quest journal.
Rank Kills required New shop items
Unranked 0-99 None
Novice 100 Chainbody, Platelegs
Peon 200 Dagger, Sword
Page 300 Helm, Plateskirt, Sq shield
Noble 500 Longsword, Mace, Magic staff
Adept 800 Boots, Full helm, Gloves, Kiteshield, Platebody
Master 1300 2h sword, Battleaxe, Claw, Off-hand claw, Halberd, Scimitar, Warhammer


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: 4-7-92saw01, Aeris1, aka madwolf, Amythest00, ANTHONYEVIS, Baffler, Bonsai Dave, Cowman_133, Donniman, Earmuffs, Fgfuyfyuiuy0, franktheman, Fudgy999, greenito, Headnazgul, hell man 199, Howlin1, i h8 dunky 7, Jaffy1, paddy1125, Playzcrazy4u, Pyre_eterni, RAHK, Rotschreck, Roxey18, sined_starbo, Soo Bahk Do, sswiss04, tarasbuljba, Water, wolfeage, Zeidrich1

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