Devious Minds

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Short

Start location: Talk to Monk west of the Temple on the river Salve, east of Varrock through the member gate.


Skills: Level 50 Fletching, Level 50 Runecrafting, Level 65 Smithing

Items: Mithril 2-Handed Sword, Large Pouch, Bow string


Items: Law altar teleport tab

NPCs: High Priest -Entrana-, Monk -Devious Minds-, Sir Tiffy Cashien

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1: Starting out

Walk east from Varrock. When you see a fence, go north and then east again through a gate. Follow the road all the way to the temple. Find the Monk wandering around the temple and talk to him. Agree to help him then head to the Falador area.

2: Making the sword

Walk to Doric's house north of Falador. Use your Mithril 2h sword on Doric's whetstone which is found north of the Door outside of Doric's house. You will now have a Slender blade. Use your bowstring on the Slender blade to create a bow-sword. Go back to the Monk with a new bow-sword in your inventory. Give the bow-sword to him and he will give you an orb back in return.

3: The orb

Now, you need to get the orb to Entrana. You will need to put it inside a large runecrafting pouch to get it there. If you don't have a large pouch already, you need to obtain it first. This can be done by killing the monsters in the Abyss until it is dropped (This might take a while. If you have not already, it is required that you complete The Abyss mini-quest.) or you can also buy one from the Runecrafting guild for 25K GP.

After getting the large pouch, put your orb into it.

4: In Entrana

Next you go to Entrana. Since the monks search you when you travel there by boat, you need to get there another way. You can get there through the Abyss by choosing the law-portal or by teleporting there using a Law altar teleport tab. Once on Entrana, go to the church and use the Orb-filled pouch on the prayer altar there. You will lose your large pouch in the process and you will have to get another one. After the cutscenes head back to the monk who gave you the quest.

Devious Minds Relic Cutscene1

5: Back at the monk

When you get to the monk, you will find out that he's dead. Go back to Entrana using any desired method and talk to the High Priest there. The High Priest will tell you to contact Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Go talk to him. Quest complete.


  • 5,000 Fletching Experience
  • 5,000 Runecrafting Experience
  • 6,500 Smithing Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you have completed the Fairy Tale Part II, Cure a Queen Quest, you can instead use the Abyss Area (Teleport Code "ALR") to obtain a large pouch.
  • You can buy a large pouch from Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild (Wizard's Tower near Draynor) for 25,000 gp.
  • It is possible to use dwarven stout or other stat enhancers to achieve the smithing level requirement.


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: Adam007, APERSON, Aurhora, Baffler, Cowman_133, Headnazgul, Howlin1, Juhniz, Mahlachi

Last updated: 29-Jan-2013

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