Troll Stronghold

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Start by talking to Commander Denulth in Burthorpe training camp.


Quests: Death Plateau

Skills: Level 15 Agility, Level 30 Thieving

Items: Good food, Climbing Boots, or Rock climbing boots


Skills: Good combat level and prayer a prayer level of (43+) suggested.

Monsters: Dad (level 110), Troll General (level 130)

NPCs: Commander Denulth, Twig

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First talk to the Commander Denulth in Burthorpe training camp. If you don't have any climbing boots, go to Freda in her house and buy boots from her. Go back to the area south of Death Plateau, and go through the underground passage to the ambush location from the Death Plateau quest. Alternatively, you can run through the gauntlets of thrower trolls and climb up a cliffside on the plateau itself to reach the area. Following the red path shown on the map below, climb the rocks north of the ambush area and head east. You will arrive at a gate. When you try and open it, it will say you must defeat Dad.

Trollquestmap New

Go in and defeat Dad (Level 110, and does knock backs), and exit the arena using the other gate to the north and follow the path. Don't worry if you die after you have defeated Dad, you will not have to fight him again.

Dad fight scene in the Troll Stronghold

Continue following the red path after defeating Dad in the arena. Go through the small cave and you will come to a circular mountain/ maze - do not climb it, go round it counter clockwise to the opening to the south-west - again avoiding thrower trolls by using protect from range prayer.

Walk north and up the ramp (yellow path) and enter the Stronghold entrance.

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Interactive Troll Stronghold Map

Enter the stronghold (you will be on the second floor) and go south along the corridor, then west through a door to kill a general level 130. The general will hit a lot on you, so if you're able, use protection from melee against him, he's been known to hit over 350 damage. You can also try to mage or range him if your combat level is low. He will drop a prison key. The prison is to the north-east, down two sets of stairs. Once down in the prison there are 2 guards sleeping, look in the room and there is a guard named Twig. Pickpocket him (or kill him) for the key to the prisoners' cell (cell key 1). Pickpocket Berry for the key to the other prisoners' cell (cell key 2). Go in the cell and talk with the prisoners. Set Eadgar free by using Cell Key 2 on his cell.

Return to Denulth to claim your reward. he will send you to Dunstan who gives you some of his family heirlooms - 2 antique experience lamps.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Starting this quest is a requirement for accessing the God Wars Dungeon located north of Trollheim.


Written by: Swamp Cat

Special thanks to: Bacon2003, Warriormonkx

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