Death Plateau

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Denulth, commander of the Guard at the Burthope training ground.


Items: Any pickaxe

Monsters: The Map (level 2)

NPCs: Commander Denulth, Dunstan, Freda, Sabbot

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1: The Start

Speak to Denulth, located south-east of the Burthope lodestone. He will tell you that trolls have taken over the Death Plateau and that they cannot be moved. He also tells you about stone throwing trolls around the path leading up to the Plateau. The commander wants you to find an alternative route to the Plateau, but first you must go and find Sabbot the dwarf.

2: Sabbot

Go north-west from the Commander and follow the path in the same direction, past the tower, minigame area, and dead trolls until you see a cave. There will be a dungeon sign on your minimap. Enter the cave and talk to Sabbot.

Death Plateau Sabbot Cave

Sabbot will not help you because he feels it is not his problem. Tell him you won't move until he helps you, and after he says "Fine!" return the favour. The dwarf will realise you're not going to move and agree to help you.

Sabbot tells you that there are two ways to get to the Death Plateau. The first is to attempt to climb over the rocks like some kind of cross-eyed goat. The second, proper way to get there is under the rocks by breaking into one of the natural caves in the areas. To learn more you'll have to find Sabbot's wife, Freda, who lives in the house west of his cave.

3: Freda

Exit the cave and follow the path west, then go south until you see Freda's cabin - go inside and talk to her. She tells you that, although there are cave surveys, humans tend to prefer climbing over rocks rather than to dig around. Freda promises to start the survey if you spike her climbing boots for her.

Death Plateau Freda

4: Getting the boots spiked

Freda tells you to go find Dunstan, who can be found in the sword shop in northern Burthorpe. Teleport to Burthorpe (you can use the home teleport spell) to save yourself some walking. Talk to Dunstan and he will spike the boots for you. Now go back to Freda and talk to her. She'll take back the boots and give you a survey. Read it to see a map with an X marking the spot where to dig in Sabbot's cave.

5: Getting to the Death Plateau

Go back to Sabbot's cave and mine the rock wall on the west side using your pickaxe. A passageway will appear. Sabbot will give you 5 rabbit sandwiches when you enter it. Follow the path east and then south, along the agility obstacles - past the rope swing and pillars. There will be a cliffside far south. Climb it and exit through the hole.

Death Plateau Passage

You will find yourself next to a level 2 troll named "The Map" after a short cutscene. Kill him and then report back to Commander Denulth.

Congratulations, quest completed!


  • Three reward lamps granting 100 XP each
  • Access to a repeatable reward (see Tips & Tricks)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Commander Denulth can still use your help after the quest. Talk to him to receive a crate of supplies to bring to the Ambush Commander at Ambush point (where you fought The Map). You will be rewarded with three reward lamps. This task can be repeated.
  • When you enter Sabbot's cave after completing the quest, you will find yourself in the cave that held the agility obstacles. You will find Ozan and Corporal Keymans in the cave, who ask for your help fighting the Trolls by killing their general. Doing this will complete one of the Burthorpe/Taverley tasks.
  • If you completed this quest before the 1st of February 2012, you can do the quest again for the three XP lamps and to unlock the repeatable task. You will not get another quest point, however.


Written by: Jaffy1

Special thanks to: Eeveon, Ks Jeppe, Tapdawg, Vmser and wack246.

Thanks to: Beethovens29, Billy Beck9, bluehooloovo, Ellac, Howlin1, maskedhell, mryo1, Myrkrida, nenomator, pro skill3r, sunmann99, suzmcd, wackjack22, wraith1961, X3EN

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