Troll Romance

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Ug inside the Troll Stronghold (see guide for more details)


Skills: Level 28 Agility

Other Skills: Must be able to defeat a level 110 Troll

Items: One Yew or Maple log, Rope, Iron bar, Cake Tin, Swamp tar, Climbing boots/Rock climbing boots, Insect repellent OR Bucket of wax. Bringing a Bucket of wax will save a ton of time


Skills: Advantage to have Level 61 magic (Camelot teleport & Trollheim teleport) and Level 43 prayer (protect from missiles & protect from melee)

Quests: Eadgar's Ruse for Trollheim teleport

Items: Armour, weapon and supplies for level 110 fight, Fire runes and Law runes to teleport to Trollheim

It is highly recommended to bring a Bucket of wax to save time. Use Insect repellent from the house north of the candle seller in Catherby on a beehive located to the west (east of the Flax fields), then grab a Bucket from the nearby spawn and use it on the beehive. You can obtain this before starting the quest

Monsters: Arrg (Level 110)

NPCs: Aga, Dunstan, Freda, Ug

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NOTE: As of January 31, 2012, those who have completed the Death Plateau quest before this date must complete the updated version to continue with this quest.

1: Starting out

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Climbing boots/Rock climbing boots
Suggested: Trollheim teleport runes, small amount of food and armour for low leveled players

To start off, go to the Troll Stronghold located north of Burthorpe. If walking the entire way, you will need some climbing boots which you can buy from Freda for 12gp or rock climbing boots from players or from Freda herself which cost significantly more (75K GP) but offer combat stats. Freda is located on the south-west end of the Troll Mountains. Alternatively you can use the teleport to Trollheim spell which will bring you nearby the Troll Stronghold. Either way, you need to get inside the Troll Stronghold to talk to Ug to begin the quest. Refer to the red and yellow paths below for getting there.

Trollquestmap New
Click here to view the
Interactive Troll Stronghold map

NOTE: The Troll Stronghold can be a dangerous area as it is filled with aggressive trolls. Lower leveled players may want to consider recharging their run energy before entering and bringing some food to heal from trolls as you run by them.

Once you are inside, you need to find Ug. Exact directions depend on which entrance you used to enter the stronghold, but he is located in the south-west corner of the second floor (a room north-west of the cooks). Talk to Ug, who is crying in a corner, about Aga. Talk about her with him.

Now you will need to talk to Aga. Head north to the end of the next room where you will find Aga. Ask her about her love life and continue about "Trollweiss." Go back to Ug and tell him about this flower. He will tell you only someone who has lived in the mountains all his life knows how to get Trollweiss, but you convince him that you will be able to help him by getting some.

2: Freda

Go back to Freda (yellow label on the map) through the mountains, by using the Burthorpe lodestone. Freda is the Sherpa's wife who sells the climbing boots. Ask her about the Trollweiss flower. She will tell you it's impossible to get, but be persistent about wanting to find it. She will finally tell you that it is in an area that's been snowed off for a long time and that it is filled with dangerous beasts. She'll say you can use a sled to get down there but doesn't know how you can get out. She will tell you to go see Dunstan for more technical information about the sled. You could use the Troll Invasion teleport to get back to Burthorpe at this point or simply walk back.

3: Dunstan

Bank Bank Bank
Required: One Yew or Maple log, Rope, Iron bar, Cake Tin, Swamp tar, Bucket of wax (or Insect repellent if you do not have a Bucket of wax, can also be picked up later)
Suggested: Trollheim teleport runes, Camelot teleport runes (if you do not have a Bucket of wax)

Dunstan can be found in north Burthorpe, in the building with an anvil symbol. Ask him about the sled. Tell him that yes, you are too old for one by pressing "yes". He will then ask why you need one and you will explain the situation to him. After this he will tell you the items he wants you to bring so he can build one for you. He works on the design in the mean time.

4: Building the sled

You will need a maple or yew log, an iron bar and some rope for him to build a sled. Talk to him with these items in your inventory and he will build it. He will then say it needs some "smoothing over" and suggests you use some swamp tar and wax and gives you information about these items.

NOTE: If you already have a bucket of wax, swamp tar and a cake pan all in your inventory, you can skip the next couple steps.

Go to the Catherby beehives. Pick up a bucket that respawns near the gate. First use the insect repellent (obtained from the house north of the Catherby candle seller) on the Beehive. Then, choose the take from beehive option on the beehive. You will get a bucket of wax.

If you do not have swamp tar, head to the Lumbridge Swamps and pick it up from spawns near the entrance to the Lumbridge slayer dungeon.

Once you have a bucket of wax, use the swamp tar on the bucket while having a cake tin in your inventory. You will get some wax. Use it on the sled and you're ready to go.


5: Getting the Trollweiss

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Sled -waxed-, armour, weapons, food and other supplies to defeat a level 110, two free inventory spots to use the sled (no shield and sword can be worn)
Suggested: Trollheim teleport runes

You will now need to go to Trollweiss Mountain. This mountain can be accessed by a route beginning near the Troll Stronghold. Teleport to Trollheim to get back or if walking follow the same red path on the map above to get back to the Trollheim area. Once you are there, follow the cyan path on the map below to get to the mountain.

Troll Romance Trollweiss Mountain Route

Follow the path to a closed ice-gate. Do not go through this gate. West of the gate is a cave. Go into it, but be warned there are a lot of aggressive level 120 trolls. Follow the dungeon towards the north west until you find a "crevasse" in a little corner. This area is mapped below.

Trollweiss Mountain Access Dungeon

Enter the crevasse and you will be on a great ice plateau called Trollweiss Mountain. Ride your sled here - this will require two free hands. You can move around on your sled like you're walking.

Still following the cyan path, head south past some aggressive wolves until you find a "slope". Go for the first option "slide slope". You will get a small animated movie showing you sliding down the slope. Eventually you will stop sliding and be able to "walk" again. Go west to an enclosed area shaped like a "C" and pick some rare flowers. You only need one for the quest but you can pick more if you desire.

Troll Romance Sled

Now you can do two things. Either teleport out (highly recommended) or slide down the next slope located to the south where you will come to a tunnel entrance. This is the same dungeon as the Keldagrim Entrance and you can exit west to be north-east of Rellekka.

Go back to Ug and give him the flower by talking to him. He tells you he is afraid of giving it to Aga because of Arrg. You will need to defeat Arrg.

6: Defeating Arrg

The most difficult part of the quest. It is a good idea to switch on your protection prayer before talking to Arrg. You get teleported to the arena (where you had to fight Dad) and he can hit you as soon as you get there.

First talk to him. Tell him you came to kill him. You will be taken outside (can't fight in front of a lady) and will need to kill him here. He uses both melee as well as missile attacks (throwing rocks). If you don't want to get hit, you will have to switch between melee protection and missile protection prayer fast. If you have good melee defence, praying only missile protection is adequate. Do make sure you keep an eye on your life points because he might hit you anyway.

After you beat him, just go back to Ug to finish the quest.

Troll Romance Arrg1


  • 4,000 Strength XP
  • 8,000 Agility XP
  • 1 uncut diamond
  • 2 uncut rubies
  • 4 uncut emeralds
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Have the Tip.It world map and the Troll stronghold map open in the background so you can check them while questing, they are very useful.
  • If taking a friend along to cheer you on while fighting Arrg, they should wait in the arena for you to appear for the fight.
  • It is possible to safe spot Arrg. Range or melee him from the entrance and he should be trapped behind the wall near you.
  • Access to the Burthorpe Bank Chest or the Rogues' Den Bank (Emerald Benedict) in the Burthorpe pub basement is very handy.


Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, Eeeeediot, Maxdata, Rangeftw539, vlad_the_old, Warriormonkx

Thanks to: Baffler, Codguy, Gugge, Jaffy1, Melarish, mightymark1, M Y S B, rebasack, star_in_the_sky, StGerolf, Sy_Accursed, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 23-Nov-2013

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