Eadgar's Ruse

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Sanfew, who can be found in the house west of the Taverley pet shop, just north of the sheep pen.


Skills: Level 31 Herblore

Items: Clean ranarr, Vial of water, 10 Wheat, 5 Raw chickens, 2 normal Logs, Tinderbox, Pestle and mortar, Knife, Climbing boots, Vodka, Pineapple (can be picked south-west of Brimhaven or bought in Gnome Stronghold), some food if you have low agility or combat


Items: Games necklace (8), Ardougne and Camelot teleports, and any type of energy potion or run replenish would be helpful.

Skills: Level 40 Prayer for Protect from Ranged

NPCs: Burntmeat, Eadgar, Parroty Pete, Sanfew, Tegid

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A few notes before starting:
1. If you completed Druidic Ritual and Death Plateau before the Burthorpe and Taverley on February 1st, 2012, you need to do those quests again before you can start Eadgar's Ruse.
2. If your quest journal does not say you've rescued Mad Eadgar from the Troll Stronghold, you will need to follow the steps to free him in the Troll Stronghold guide before you will be allowed to start the quest.

1: Start - Climbing Boots

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Climbing boots
Suggested: Games necklace, Ardougne Teleport, some food if you have low agility or combat

Start by talking to Sanfew, who can be found in a house west of the Taverley pet shop, just north of the sheep pen. After speaking to Sanfew, put on your climbing boots (or you can buy them from Freda for 12gp). Freda is located on the south-west end of the Troll Mountains. Now go to the mountain within the Troll Stronghold.

Suggested path: Go up the path from Burthorpe and take the underground passage underneath Death Plateau to reach the ambush area with Burthorpe soldiers. All of these rock climbs from this point on can be failed, which hits you for a small amount of lifepoints and requires climbing boots. Cross the junction north and then head east along the red path. Run through Dad's arena (he will not attack you) and then follow the path north. You will go through a small dungeon. When you get out, proceed north. Just before the path starts to curve, make sure your energy is full and protect from ranged prayer is on. Run around the bend, where throwing trolls will hurl boulders at you. Without praying Protect from ranged here, you can take heavy damage as it is a multi-combat zone. This pathway is marked in red below:

Trollquestmap New

2: Mad Eadgar

Now you are able to climb the mountain (cyan path). Go up to the top, into the cave and here you will find the one and only Eadgar. If he is not in his cave, he might have been captured once again. If this is the case, you'll have to go to the jail and pickpocket the troll guard Twig or Berry (like in the Troll Stronghold quest) and free Eadgar, then return to his cave and talk with him. Eadgar will tell you to go within the Troll Stronghold and speak to their chef, named Burntmeat. Go down the hill to the West, and there will be a slip way north. Go up that slip way and into the Stronghold. This is marked "Main Entrance" on the map.

Click here to view the
Interactive Troll Stronghold Map

3: The Human Stew

Go south and go down the stairs at the end of the corridor. Speak to the Burntmeat. He will say he wants a Human stew before telling you about the Goutweed herb. Go back to Eadgar and speak with him. He has a plan and will say he needs a parrot.

Quest journal changes: "The Troll Cook will tell me how to find goutweed if I bring him a tasty human. Mad Eadgar has a plan."

4: The Parrot

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Knife, Climbing boots, Vodka, Pineapple
Suggested: Games necklace, Ardougne Teleport

Go to Ardougne Zoo and speak to Parroty Pete at the parrot cage. Make sure you chat through all 3 options. Then use your knife with the pineapple and dice it. Now you will be able to mix the diced pineapple with the vodka - be careful not to drink or eat either. You will receive Alco-chunks. Use them on the aviary hatch at the western end of the cage and you will receive a drunk parrot. While there you can recharge at the altar just north of the zoo.

Eadgars Ruse Hatch Parrot Cage

5: An English Parrot

Now teleport to Burthorpe and head back to Eadgar with the Parrot. He'll tell you to hide it within the Troll Stronghold so it can learn to speak as a human would. He also asks for other supplies to put his plan into action: dirty clothes, 10 wheat, 5 raw chickens and normal logs. Go down to the lowest level using the north-eastern stairs, which will take you to the jail. Hide the Parrot under the rack to the north of the cells.

Eadgars Ruse Hatch Parrot Rack

Quest journal changes: "I got the parrot Eadgar wanted. I hid the parrot under the rack in the Troll Prison."

6: Human Clothes

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 10 Wheat, Pestle and mortar, Clean ranarr and a Vial of water (or Ranarr potion (unf)), 5 Raw chickens, two normal Logs, and a Tinderbox
Suggested: Games necklace, some food if you have low agility or combat

Now you will need to get some dirty clothes. Go back to Sanfew and ask about them. He will tell you to speak to Tegid, who can be found at the river doing his washing (near the diagonal red line on the minimap). Pick the chat option "Sanfew won't be very happy..." when he refuses to give you his clothing and he will let you have a set. Head back to Eadgar with 10 wheat, ranarr and a vial of water (or unfinished ranarr potion), 5 raw chickens, two normal logs, a pestle and mortar, and a tinderbox - the ones on your toolbelt will suffice. When you talk to him, he will take all the items. You'll need the leftover logs for the next step.

Quest journal changes: "Eadgar wants to make a fake human to give the troll cook. I gave Eadgar everything he needed."

7: The Potion of Truth

Now Eadgar tells you about a "Potion of Truth" and lists the ingredients he'll need for it. Outside the cave are 5 grassy areas. Look through them to find Troll thistle (look for the "Pick Thistle" option). Each time a thistle is picked, it spawns in a different grass area next time, so make sure you check all of the areas. After picking one, light a fire with your remaining logs and use the troll thistle on it. Eadgar's fire in cave is occupied by his stew and cannot be used. Crush the dried thistle, add the ranarr to your vial of water, and add the thistle to the unfinished potion. Give the resulting potion to Eadgar.

Quest journal changes: "I made the Troll potion and gave it to Mad Eadgar."

8: The Fake Man

Next Eadgar ask you to get the parrot back, so go back to the racks in the stronghold and retrieve the parrot. Then return to Eadgar once more. Speak to him for the "fake man".

Quest journal changes: "I fetched the parrot back from the Troll prison rack and gave it to Eadgar."

9: Fooling Burntmeat

Go back to Burntmeat and give him the fake man. He will stupidly tell you the last of the Goutweed is stored in the storage room and the key is hidden in the kitchen drawers. Go to the east side of the kitchen and search in the drawers until you find the key. Head to the stairs directly north of the kitchen drawers and go down the stairs. You will come to a small maze-type storage room.

Quest journal changes: "I got Eadgar's fake man and gave it to the troll cook. The troll cook told me the key to the storeroom is in a fake bottom in the kitchen drawers. I've unlocked the storeroom!"

10: Goutweed

There are guards circulating in unchanging loops throughout the storeroom. Watch their patterns and proceed when safe. If you are spotted, the guard will club you and you will return to the entrance. This hits for some LP each time. You will need to hide in the small alcoves of boxes to not be seen. The crate of Goutweeds is at the south of the room and guarded by a sleeping troll who will only awake once you take the herb. Below is one of the many possible routes you may follow to get to the crate:

Eadgars Ruse Storeage Room

After grabbing the Goutweed and being sent back to the entrance by the awoken troll, head back to Taverley and talk to Sanfew. After you give him the Goutweed the quest will be completed!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you lose your parrot before putting it under the rack you need to go back and talk to Eadgar for instructions.
  • If you enjoyed dodging the guards in the Goutweed storage room, you can return after the quest as many times as you like. Trade the collected Goutweed to Sanfew at Traverly in exchange for free Grimy Herbs.


Written by: Jaffy1

Special thanks to: Carss, SideWinder, Warriormonkx

Thanks to: Arkaios, Greenminer, Howlin1, Jake_Corsair, Jard Y Dooku, Lancelin, Legaucho, Lpoley, ManniX, mopybrown, pachms, pinkclown1, Redvomit, SailorScoutX, Saladin643, spazguitar306, stevester77, SwampCat, Sy_Accursed, vincister, Water

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