My Arm's Big Adventure

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Burntmeat in the kitchen of the Troll Stronghold.


Skills: Level 29 Farming, Level 10 Woodcutting

Items: 8 Supercomposts, Seed Dibber, Rake, Spade (or have all these supplies stored at a Farming Tool Leprechaun), 3 Buckets, Climbing Boots, 3 Ugthanki Dung

Other: 60% favour in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Minigame - you will need to bring the playing materials if you don't already have at least 60% favour.


Quests: Enakhra's Lament

Skills: Level 61 Magic (For Trollheim Teleport)

Items: Several Trollheim Teleports (2-3), Camulet, Dramen or Lunar staff, charged Amulet of glory, Plant Cure, decent food (Monkfish or better), decent armour and a weapon.

Monsters: Baby Roc (Level 75), Giant Roc (Level 110)

NPCs: Ali the Camel, Ali the Kebab seller, Ash, Burntmeat, Murcaily, My Arm

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1: Meeting My Arm

Items Required: Climbing Boots, Bucket
Items Suggested:Trollheim Teleports, Dramen or Lunar staff, charged Amulet of glory

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Troll Stronghold Map

Head into the Troll Stronghold via whatever means you have available to you. It is recommended to teleport to Trollheim or use Fairy Ring code A J R. Burntmeat is in the kitchen, which is the south most room, a floor above the goutweed. Talk to Burntmeat and you will see a cutscene of Burntmeat cooking an Adventurer. Here you will find out that the Adventurer has been growing Goutweed, which Burntmeat swears is impossible. He will mention Murcaily in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Burntmeat will then introduce you to My Arm, who wishes to learn to farm.

2: Retrieval Service

Now talk to My Arm, who is south-east of Burntmeat, and he will explain his name. He will then say he wishes for you to get the "Goutweedy lump" from the cauldron of Dung and Ash. Talk to Burntmeat for more in depth instructions. If you ask for directions, you'll view a cutscene showing you exactly how to get to Death Plateau. You can simply walk there as it's not far from where you are. Note: Climbing boots will be required.

Once on Death Plateau, run west until you come across a cauldron north of the Trolls named Dung and Ash. This is behind the rock-throwing trolls.

Myarm Plateau Cauldron

Use your bucket on the cauldron to obtain a Goutweedy Lump. Ash will begin attacking you, so run or teleport. Return to My Arm and give him the Lump, which he will immediately eat. Having determined that it also tastes like goutweed, My Arm will finally request your help in learning to farm. He will lead you through the Troll Stronghold to a rooftop with an assortment of items planted in farming patches. My Arm is to the north, near a soil patch.


3: Soil Preparation

Items Required: 3 Buckets, 7 Supercomposts, Spade
Items Suggested: Camulet, Trollheim Teleport, charged Amulet of glory

My Arm will present you with Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual, which is a guide on farming. At the end it shows what combinations of compost and dung are good for specific areas. If you look at the Mountain entry, you will find that you need seven buckets of supercompost and three buckets of camel dung. Talk to My Arm again to gain permission to fertilize the Soil Patch. The Leprechaun sells plant cure if you need some.

Return to the rooftop of the Stronghold, and take a Spade and 7 Supercompost from the Leprechaun. If you haven't stored these with a Tools leprechaun, be sure to bring them along! Use each bucket of compost and dung on the soil patch, turning it into a New Farming Patch.

4: Travels

Items Required: Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Minigame Materials (only if you do not already have at least 60% favour)
Items Suggested: Antipoison potions

Talk to My Arm and he will tell you it is time to visit Murcaily like Burntmeat said. He will take you to Ardougne Docks, where you get to confuse Captain Barnaby. After a while, he will allow you onto the ship and you will get a cutscene of the ride over, with My Arm complaining along the way.

MyArm BoatRide

Upon your arrival, My Arm will run off, telling you to meet him in Tai Bwo Wannai so head south. Look for My Arm east of Jiminua's general store. If you cannot find My Arm, talk to Murcaily asking if he has seen him. Murcaily will tell you to look along the path between Brimhaven and Tai Bwo Wannai.

MyArm TaiBwoWannai

My Arm will send you to Murcaily, who will tell you that gout tubers only grow well in hot areas, not mountains.

MyArm Murcaily

5: Obtaining the Tuber

If you already have 60% favour achieved in the Tai Bwo Wannai Minigame, Murcaily will give you a hardy gout tuber, saying it grows very quickly, but warning you it could still become diseased. A cutscene will play, showing My Arm making a "Rumble in da Jungle". Murcaily will become so frightened of My Arm that he will give you a large supply of tubers. Talk to My Arm and he will tell you that you should stop in the bank to prepare for a fight with the big bird. He will lead you to the boat again, and once again you will have a cutscene of both of you sailing.

If you do not have sufficient favour, Murcaily will tell you that they might be willing to give My Arm a hardy gout tuber if you were to accumulate 60% favour. You must do the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Minigame to accumulate favour. Once you have at least 60% favour you can talk to Murcaily again as described above.

60 Favor

6: The Battle

Items Required: Rake, Hardy gout tuber, Seed Dibber, Spade, Compost or Supercompost
Items Suggested: Plant Cure, decent food (Monkfish or better), decent armour and a weapon

Teleport back to Trollheim and head to the rooftop with your armour at the ready. My Arm will want to tend the patch himself, so use a rake to him weed the plot, then a bucket of compost or supercompost, then the hardy tubers, then finally the seed dibber. After he has planted the tubers, a cutscene will begin showing a Drunken Dwarf walking up to My Arm. My Arm will punch him and another Troll will take him as food.

The Goutweed might be diseased at this point, so give My Arm your plant cure. Be prepared for battle. As soon as you give it to him, the birds will notice the farming and a level 75 Baby Roc will come flying in.

MyArm BabyRoc

Kill it - easily done with melee. Shortly after, a much larger level 110 Giant Roc will fly in to take the herbs.

It attacks with Melee, Range and Magic - the Magic attack will stun you temporarily, but does little damage. Range Protect with a good Melee armour is a possible way to fight it, however no matter which protective prayer you use, it can still hurt you considerably. If you stand next with your back against obstacles or edges, the Giant Roc cannot blow you away with its Magic attack which throwing you back. This allows you to quickly attack again after being stunned.

MyArm BigRockFight

7: The End

Items Required: Spade
Items Suggested: None

My Arm is now ready to harvest his Hardy Goutweed, but in order to do so, he needs a spade. If you didn't bring one along, but have one with a tool leprechaun, you will see that the leprechaun has left. Simply go down the ladder, then back up, and he will have returned. Use the spade on him. After My Arm harvests the Goutweed, head to Burntmeat for a reward.

Remember My Arm's promise of a reward if Burntmeat doesn't give anything good. True to his name, Burntmeat will give you a lot of Burntmeat! So head back up to the roof and talk to My Arm for your reward and to complete the quest!


  • 10,000 Herblore Experience
  • 5,000 Farming Experience
  • Disease-Free Herb Patch
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • My Arm will make sure your herbs do not become diseased in the patch next to his Hardy Goutweed.
  • After battling the Giant Roc, the leprechaun will have disappeared. Simply go down the ladder and back up, or log off and on to get him to reappear.
  • Trollheim Teleport is very useful for getting close to the Troll Stronghold


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special thanks to: Jaffy1

Thanks to: abomb67, Baffler, Cowman_133, Game_Freak67, Johannas, simppa999

Last updated: 31-Aug-2013

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