Jungle Potion

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Talk to Trufitus who can be found in the east quest hut in Tai Bwo Wannai Village on southern Karamja.



Items: Antipoison; food and armour if your combat level is vulnerable to jungle denizens.


No killing is required for this quest, but you will encounter Jogre (level 82), Harpie bug swarm (level 90), Jungle Spider (level 124), Tribesman (level 53)

NPCs: Trufitus

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Trufitus mentions he needs a special potion to commune with the gods but he need special herbs found in the jungle. These herbs are Snake weed, Ardrigal, Sito foil, Volencia moss and Rogues purse. You can only obtain each herb after he has asked for it and given you the clue to its location.

A Map of the Karamja Jungle

1: Snake weed: This herb can be found south west of Trufitus's hut. Search a green and yellow plant called marshy jungle weed to find it. When you pick it up, it is a grimy herb. Clean it. Take the snake weed back to Trufitus in his hut.

2: Ardrigal: Go north east of Trufitus's hut where you'll find Harpie bug swarms and a peninsula with palm trees. (You are not required to kill the bugs.) Search the palms to eventually find a herb. Clean it and return to Trufitus.

3: Sito foil: Jagex has added a safer spot to get this herb - one square of scorched earth in the middle of the big circular enclosure. Search the scorched earth. You will find the sito foil. Take it back to Trufitus and get the clues for the next herb. (The spot shown on the map is outside the village enclosure, south of the huts, where there are 2 fires surrounded by black ground. This is more dangerous for low levels due to Broodoo Victims that may spawn for other players doing a minigame.)

4: Volencia moss: This is found south east of the hut. There is a mining area with a few grey rocks on the eastern side. Search them to find the herb.

5: Rogues purse: Go north of the hut to a cliff. Go east along the bluff to the Harpie bugs, then head back west along the beach to the "!" dungeon marker. Search the rock to find a cave entrance.

Jogre Dungeon

Be aware that you will have to defend yourself against level 82 Jogres lurking in the cave! (You are not required to kill them.) Enter the cave and go down to the south east of the cave to find a fungus covered wall - it will be marked with a red line along the wall on your minimap. Search it and clean the herb you receive, then climb out and return to Trufitus.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Do not attack the Harpie Bug Swarms unless you are prepared with level 33 slayer and a Lit Bug Lantern. They will do a lot of damage to you in odd ways if you are not properly prepared to fight them, so avoid them as much as possible.


Written by: Hiddel

Thanks to: bluehooloovo, brett usa, Cory_ya, Eeeeediot, Howlin1, kagome_bow, Kick_Pk3r, learn2die101, lonew0lf1974, shadowguy jr

Last updated: 18-Apr-2017

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