Shilo Village

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: To start the quest go to the far south end of Karamja. You will have to fight your way through jungle spiders, jogres, snakes and monkeys! Cross the slippery log and the stepping stones. Find the NPC called Mosol Rei.


Quests: Jungle Potion

Skills: Level 32 Agility, Level 20 Crafting

Items: Spade (can be found in Draynor Manor or Falador, or bought from Farming stores), a Chisel (a toolbelt will NOT work here), a Hammer, a Bronze bar, a Rope, and a Lit candle (NOT a Black candle) or Torch (you can buy all these except the bronze bar at the general store near Trufitus).

This quest has lots of bad things that want you dead... so be sure to bring armour, a weapon, and food.


Skills: Level 10 prayer to use the locating crystal, Level 4 smithing if you cannot purchase Bronze wire.

Items: 3 Bones (get these from something easy before the quest), Antipoison, Salve Amulet, Bronze bar, Ranged, magic or halberd equipment for the final fight if using a safespot is desired.

Monsters: Nazastarool (boss monster) levels 68, 91 and 93; Undead Ones level 64, 66, and 66

NPCs: Mosol Rei, Rashiliyia, Spirit of Zadimus, Trufitus

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This map shows the important Karamja locations for this quest:

Shilo Village Karamja Map

1: Mosol Rei: He is located east of the Shilo Village gate. Talk to him to open up a dialogue. You must pick certain dialogue choices in order for him to give you the wampum belt. Don't ask about danger; Undead Ones will attack you. The following is one order of dialogue choices that will get Mosol to give you the belt:

  • Why do I need to run?
  • Rashiliyia? Who is she?
  • What can we do?
  • Why are the undead here?
  • Legend you say?
  • Maybe you know someone who does know something?
  • I'll go see the Shaman.
  • Yes I'm sure and I'll take the Wampum belt to Trufitus.

2: Trufitus: Go to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai Village and use the wampum belt on him. (You met him before in the Jungle Potion quest.) He will study it. Next tell him that you are interested in finding the temple. The only dialogue choice that is important to choose after this is that you are serious about finding Ah Za Rhoon. You must get him to take the belt from you before you leave.

3: The Temple of Ah Za Rhoon:
Items needed: Spade, Lit candle (NOT a Black candle) or Torch, Bronze bar, a Rope, some food, armour to protect from level 64 and 66 Undead ones

Go to the east side of the island and walk south along the coast till you find a log. Cross it and continue southward. To the west you should see a collection of rocks and a mound of earth. Right-click to search it. Dig there with your spade. You'll discover a fissure. Use your candle or torch on the fissure (it will burn out). Use your rope on the fissure and try to climb down.

Ancient Temple

Work your way south past a few Undead ones till you see a "cave in". Choose the right click search option and wiggle into it.

Shilo Cave-in image not showing

Go to the north-west corner and find some "loose rocks". Use the right click search option on them and you will get a scroll.

Shilovillage Ndamage Tatteredscroll

Head further south-east and you will find some sacks. Select the right click search option and you will receive another scroll.

image not showing

Continue north from here to the very end of the tunnel, where you will find some gallows. Once again use the right click search option to obtain some remains. There are three ways to leave the temple: by raft, by waterfall, or by teleport.

  • Raft - go back to the entrance room and find a broken table at the north of the stream. Right-click to craft a raft out of it. You can only do this once - there will not be enough wood on any return visit to ever do this again.
  • Waterfall - in the entrance room, go down to the end of the stream and click on the rocks on the south side of the river. Exiting this way inflicts heavy damage.
  • Teleport - use a teleport out. You will need to get back to Tai Bwo Village from wherever you go.
Shilo Waterfallexit

Once you are out go back to Trufitus' hut.

4: Trufitus: Read the scrolls you obtained from the tomb. After doing so use the scrolls and remains on Trufitus. After the dialogue go to the statue to the west of Trufitus' hut. Stand in front of it and bury the remains. The ghost of Zadimus will pop up - listen to him and he will give you a bone shard. Go back and tell Trufitus that you buried the remains, he will then tell you about a tomb you have to find.

image not showing

5: Tomb of Bervirius:
Items needed: Some food

Head south-west from Trufitus' hut till you find a bridge crossing to Cairn Isle. You'll have to climb up a rock cliff to access the bridge and then carefully walk across the bridge to get to the island. The fail rate on these obstacles is high so you may need food to recover if you take damage.

Once you are are on the island, go toward the northern side and use the right click search option on the well stacked rocks. Once you've climbed in, go to the back of the room and search the dolmen. Here you will find a sword pommel, a locating crystal (you may click this to help locate the Tomb of Rashiliyia; take care however as each use will drain some prayer), and Bervirius notes. Climb up the rocks at the middle of the tomb and head back to Trufitus.

Shilo Berviriustomb

6: Necklace:
Items needed: Bronze bar, Hammer, Chisel (NOT on your toolbelt)

Read all of the Bervirius notes before showing them to Trufitus. After doing so use the items you found on Trufitus and he'll tell you to make a bronze necklace. To make the necklace you will need a bronze bar, either buy it from a player or the Grand Exchange. If you do not have a hammer and chisel with you, go to the general store north-west of Trufitus' hut and buy them.

Once you have everything you need, find the building with the anvil next to Trufitus' hut. Use your bronze bar on it and choose to make a wire. After doing this use your chisel on the sword pommel and you will make some bone beads. Use the beads on the wire to make the beads of the dead necklace. If you have not read the contents of all three scrolls, you cannot make the necklace.

7: Tomb of Rashiliyia:
Items needed: Beads of the dead, Bone shard, Chisel, armour, weapon, food
Items suggested: 3 Bones, ranged, magic or halberd equipment if using a safespot is desired

Go east of Trufitus' hut and again follow the river until you find the slippery log to cross. This time head north till you find a black square on your minimap. Find a doorway in the ground and choose the right click option to search the foliage. This will clear it away and reveal the doorway (make sure to wear the beads of the dead now). Try using your bone shard on the doorway and it will say it does not fit. Now use your chisel on the bone shard and you will get a bone key. Use the key on the door. Go to the north side of the doors and enter.

Rashiliyias Tomb

Make sure you have armour and food! Wearing your beads of the dead, go through the gate and climb down the rocks. Run past the undead ones and keep going south-west until you find the tomb doors with skeletons on them. If you didn't bring 3 bones, kill a few undead ones to get 3 bones. Use all three bones on the door and then open it.

Choose the right click option to search the tomb dolmen and the ground will shake! Be prepared to fight three forms of Nazastarool (a level 91 zombie, a level 68 skeleton and a level 93 ghost), all of which use a melee attack. Unfortunately, you cannot use the crumble undead spell on them, however, poison does affect each incarnation. If you brought ranged, magic or halberd equipment, you can use the rocks in the tomb as a safespot to easily defeat each form.

After you defeat all three forms, Rashiliyia's bones will appear on the table. Take them and go back to Trufitus. (You can use the key to get out.)

8: Beating the quest!: Use the remains to Trufitus and he tells you to look over your artefacts. Go back to Cairn Isle and head down to the Tomb of Bervius. Set Rashiliyia's bones on the tomb dolmen to allow her to rest in peace.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Be sure to read the scrolls and ask all the questions when speaking to Trufitus, as you won't be able to do certain parts of the quest if you haven't.
  • Bringing a bronze bar at the start of the quest will save you a lot of time as you will have no need to travel away from Karamja to smelt one
  • After completing the quest, you can bring the quest items to Yanni Salika in Shilo Village, who will pay you: 100 gp for each of the scrolls, 100 gp for the Bone key, 500 gp for the crystal, and 1000 gp for the beads.
  • If you get killed your first time through, you only have to defeat the big monsters who were left when you died, not all three.
  • After the quest, talk to Mosol Rei to easily enter Shilo Village. When leaving, you must go through the zombie areas and search the cart to jump over it.


Written by: Hiddel

Thanks to: arkano0103, Cameron, Casey38, Cowman_133, Crissxx, Ellac, Eyehawk78, franktheman, gandeida, HxRzOwNeR, iTank GTFO, Jaffy1, kojak110, Lady_Shahdie, pokemama, Samurai 151, shivers21, Siobhana, Sir Selig, solivonyx, sunmann99, WatchMeTb

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