One Small Favour

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Very Very Long

Start location: Talk to Yanni in the antique shop in Shilo Village.


Skills: Level 36 Agility, Level 25 Crafting, Level 18 Herblore, Level 30 Smithing

Other: Ability to kill a level 90 monster.

Items: 2000-3000 gp, Hammer, Chisel, Vial of water, 1 Bronze bar, 1 Iron bar, 4 Steel bars, 1 Marrentill, 1 Harralander.


Items: An additional 1000-2000gp to replace lost quest items, 2 Red topaz, 2 Opal, 2 Jade, 2 Sapphire, a weapon and/or armour to fend off Big Wolves (Level 62)

Monsters: Dwarven gangster (level 49), Big Wolf (Level 62), White Wolf (Levels 24 and 44), Slagilith (level 90)

NPCs: Aggie, Apothecary, Arhein, Brian -Battleaxe Bazaar-, Captain Shanks, Fred the Farmer, Gnormadium Avlafrim, Hammerspike Stoutbeard, Horvik, Jimmy the Chisel, Johanhus Ulsbrecht, Jungle forester, Petra Fiyed, Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight, Rantz, Sanfew, Seth Groats, Tassie Slipcast, Tindel Marchant, Wizard Cromperty, Yanni Salika

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1: Start:

To start the quest talk to Yanni Salika in the antique store of Shilo Village. Ask him if there's anything to do and continue to chitchat until he asks you for a small favour. He wants you to go to one of the nearby foresters to get some red mahogany logs. Now that doesn't sound too hard does it?

2: The forester:

The forester can be found just south of Shilo Village. You have to go to the ship afterwards so try to either bring teleport runes to somewhere near Port Sarim or buy a ship ticket upstairs in the Fishing Shop. The forester would like to give you these logs, but he has a small favour to ask for himself. He wants his axe sharpened. Tell him you'll do it and make sure you get the blunt axe; you'll have to go to Brian in Port Sarim Axe shop to get this done. Captain Shanks in the west should be able to take you.

3: Captain Shanks:

The captain tells you he can't take you because he's too busy, but you could buy a ticket to Port Sarim and go there yourself. The tickets are sold up the ladder in the fishing shop, or you can just teleport and walk to Port Sarim.

4: Brian:

Show Brian the axe, he would sharpen it for you, but his mind is not set on it. This is because he is worried about a friend of his who is going to court. He wants Aggie to testify for him. Brian will take the blunt axe now, though.

5: Aggie the witch:

Aggie the witch can be found in Draynor (she's the one who makes dyes). Ask her to testify. She will but she has just one small favour to ask of you. Jimmy the Chisel has gone missing and she would like you to find him.

6: Johanhus:

Johanhus Ulsbrecht can be found in H.A.M headquarters. This dungeon is located north-east of Lumbridge, over the river bridge. Successfully pick the lock on the trapdoor, and you will be able to enter. He's not dressed like H.A.M. and is located to the total south and then in the east room near the jail where Jimmy the Chisel is being held. In return for Jimmy's release, he wants a monthly supply of chickens from Fred the Farmer.

ham dungeon map

7: Fred:

Fred is the farmer to the north, on the road from Draynor to Lumbridge. He is the farmer from the Sheep Shearer quest. He doesn't have enough chickens and sends you to Seth Groats.

8: Seth Groats:

Seth Groats is on the other side of the river, on the road from Lumbridge to Varrock. He has the chickens but needs cages to transport them in. His friend Horvik can help you with this; he has done some favours for Seth Groats before. Speaking of which, he still needs to pay him for the last one. So when you go to Horvik, bring 3 steel bars.

9: Horvik the Armourer:

Horvik the Armourer can be found at the Varrock centre anvils, north-east from the big fountain. He would like to make these chicken cages for you, but he's a little ill. On top of that, it would be a lot easier and faster to just adjust some pigeon cages, so get 5 of those when you're in Ardougne. There is no need to do this now, you'll get there later in this quest anyway. To heal Horvik, you will need to get some Herbal Tincture and Breathing Salts which you can get from the Apothecary in the South-west part of Varrock.

10: The Apothecary:

The Apothecary is happy to give you both of these and it looks like you can finally get the quest over with. He gives you the Herbal Tincture but he accidentally breaks the airtight pot containing the Breathing Salts and they will be useless. You will have to go to Tassie Slipcast, at the pottery in Barbarian Village to get a new airtight pot.

11: Tassie Slipcast:

Tassie can be found at the pottery in Barbarian Village. She tells you she is far too busy to make this pot for you, because she still has a loan running at Hammerspike. Hammerspike is a dwarf gangster and can be found in the Dwarven Mine.

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Dwarven Mine Map

12: Hammerspike:

To get to Hammerspike, walk into the Dwarven Mine from the Barbarian Village since you are there anyway. Go south until you can go west, through some rooms until you reach the complete west side of the mine. Here you will find Hammerspike and some of his gangsters. Hammerspike won't leave Tassie alone unless you get him to be a druid. His fellow gangsters laugh at you, since he's obviously trying to make a joke out of you, but you go to Sanfew anyway. On your way you'll probably be closer to the bank than when you're with Sanfew, so get the following items: vial of water, 1 harralander and 1 marrentill.

13: Sanfew:

Sanfew can be found in Taverley. He lives on the east side of the river in the middle house opposite the pet shop. Make sure you have the vial of water and the herbs with you. He will tell you to he would accept this dwarf, if you do him one small favour. If you could just run up to the gnome pilot on White Wolf Mountain and give him some “Guthix Rest”, since the gnome must be freezing. Also, when you're there anyway, ask if the gnome can fly the druid to Feldip Hills, to convert the Ogres there. To make the Guthix Rest potion, use the harralander and marrentill on the vial of water and you will get Guthix Rest.

14: The gnome:

Talk to the gnome on White Wolf Mountain. He will thank you for the Guthix Rest and say he might be able to expand the route to the Feldip Hills, for one small favour. All you have to do is walk to Catherby and ask Arhein for some T.R.A.S.H. which is a special rope, making the gnome flyer lighter and more capable of going to Feldip Hills.

15: Arhein:

Arhein is in Catherby, you can find him at the docks (he runs the General Store). He will get the rope for you from Brimhaven, but he will need a weather report to be sure he can sail. Go to Phantuwti for this.

16: Phantuwti:

He is located in the house at the total west of Seers' Village. He will give you the weather report if you free a young girl called Petra for him. She should be in a cave somewhere.

17: The goblin cave:

This cave is the goblin cave. You can find it just east of the Fishing Guild, quite close to the entrance. Now go into the goblin cave and to the north. Go into a new room to the east. You will find a strange wall sculpture. Search it. You will see a message on the girl's belt. It says to go to a wizard in Ardougne.

goblin dungeon map

18: Wizard Cromperty:

Go north east of Ardougne's market square to find the wizard called Cromperty. He will admit that one of his spells has gone wrong. He will make a spell to get the young girl free but will need some Iron Oxide to do this. Go to Tindel Marchant in Port Khazard to get this. While you are in Ardougne anyway, you might as well get the five pigeon cages. They are outside the house just south of the northern bank. Also, get about 2000-3000gp and a chisel from the bank.

19: Tindel Marchant:

He will ask you to get him a good mattress. He will give you a very poor looking mattress and tell you to go to Rantz to fill it with chompy bird feathers. If you lose this mattress, it will cost you 100gp for a new one.

20: Rantz:

Rantz is the ogre that's also the start of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. He's found in Feldip Hills to the east and it's the only quest start point there. Rantz will fill the mattress if you stop some Gnome from making too much noise.

21: The gnome:

The gnome is straight west from Rantz. He is making so much noise because he's working on the new route to Feldip Hills. He will stop once they are finished so offer to help him. He will tell you to fix the landing lights. Search each one and you will obtain a gem. Cut each gem and put it back in the landing light by using the gems with them. If you break one and didn't bring any gems with you, new ones can be bought for 500gp each from the gnome but only after you have put all your available gems to the lights. Talk to the gnome again when you've fixed them all. He will test them and they will work. There won't be any noise anymore from that point on.

22: Turnaround Point

Finally, you have reached the end of the long road of favours! Now all you have to do is go back to everybody you've visited in reverse order.

  • A. Go back to Rantz to tell him the good news. Rantz will give you a good mattress. If you lose this, go back to the Tindel Merchant to get another stodgy mattress (don't forget you have to pay him 100gp for another one!) and another 200gp to pay Rantz for another good mattress.
  • B. Take the mattress to Tindel Marchant who will give you iron oxide.
  • C. Take the iron oxide to Cromperty who will give you an animate rock scroll in return.
  • D. Get your armour and weapons from the bank. There is an altar in Ardougne, so it is recommended to recharge your prayer points. Now go into the goblin cave and to the girl stuck in the wall. Read the scroll and it will bring a level 92 Slagilith to life. Kill it and it will drop an Addy ore, an uncut diamond and an uncut ruby. Re-cast the spell. This time you'll get the girl out of the wall. She says she will go to Phantuwti in Seers Village.

23: The weather report:

  • E. Go to Phantuwti in Seers Village yourself and bring a hammer. He thanks you for freeing the girl, but is unable to predict the weather just yet. To get the weather report, you'll have to tell Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight you are angry about him not keeping his end of the deal. Then ask him why he can't predict the weather and ask about seers tools. Tell him you will fix these tools and he will tell you they are on top of the roof. Go upstairs and to the spinning wheel, there is another ladder here, go up again. Go to the west and find yourself a broken device. Use the hammer with it until you give it a good solid bash. Now search the thing to get three broken parts. Take the three broken parts together with a bronze, iron and steel bar to an anvil. Use all three of the parts with the anvil to fix them. After this, put them back on the device and talk to the Farsight again. He will hand out the weather report.

23: Finishing the Chain:

  • F. Take this weather report to Arhein and he will supply the gnome with T.R.A.S.H.
  • G. Go back to the gnome and he will tell you he has received it and can take you and the druid to Feldip Hills anytime now.
  • H. Return to Sanfew and tell him the good news. He will thank you and tell you the dwarf can join.
  • I. Go to Hammerspike in the mines and he will tell you he doesn't want to be a druid anymore. After realising he has tricked you, talk to him again. He will set his guards on you. You shouldn't have any problem with these if you were able to defeat the level 92. After killing all the dwarfs talk to Hammerspike again. You will promise him to leave him alone if he leaves Tassie alone. He agrees to this.
  • J. Go tell Tassie the good news. She will show you how to make a lid for an airtight pot and give you some clay to do so. Use the clay with the pottery wheel and make a lid. Then use the unfired lid with the pottery oven. Now go back to Varrock, get a pot from your bank and use the lid on it. You'll now have an airtight pot.
  • K. Return to the Apothecary and give the pot to him in exchange for the breathing salts.
  • L. Take the salts, the herbal tincture and the 5 pigeon cages to Horvik, the smith, who will make them into chicken cages.
  • M. Bring the chicken cages to Seth the farmer. He tells you he will give the monthly supply to Johanhus soon.
  • N. Go to Johanhus yourself and get him to free Jimmy the Chisel.
  • O. Now go to Aggie and she will testify for Brian, his friend.
  • P. Go to Brian who will joke with you by acting as if his friend has gone into the wilderness to live near the lava lake. After some dialogue, he'll tell you it's only a joke and will give you the axe.
  • Q. Return to the forester near Shilo Village and hand over his axe. He will give you the special Mahogany logs.

24: Finishing the Quest:

Take the logs back to Yanni and he will thank you. After a few seconds you realise he is about to leave it with that and you ask him if that “thanks” is all your getting. He will tell you it took you so long that he could've just gotten them himself! Your character will get angry and tell him what you have been through. Yanni will give in and properly reward you. Quest complete!


  • 2 antique genie lamps. Rub these lamps to get 10000 experience in a skill of your choice, as long as it's above level 30. You can use them both on the same skill if you want.
  • A key ring, able to hold all your keys and get them into 1 inventory/bank space.
  • The new gnome glider route to Feldip Hills.
  • Ability to make Guthix Rest.
  • Ability to craft a pot lid.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The antique genie lamps cannot be banked.


Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: ForsakenMage

Thanks to: 99jonathan, Baffler, Battypenguin, cat1017, celer, Cemtey, Fireant71121, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Jaxonin1, King Muumuu, man ov milk, Melarish, mr popo main, Perfetc666, Psycho_Robot, Raelyn, Reancarnate, rocki3434, Speedyshel, Twinbuster, Videogamer23, vox1st, War Chipmunk, Warriormonkx

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