Rune Mysteries

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Ariane at the entrance to the Wizard's Tower, just south of Draynor Village.


Magic book set to Standard spells.

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RuneMysteries Intro

The Warning Unheard

1. Head to the Wizard's Tower just south of Draynor Village and speak with Ariane, located at the Tower's entrance. She will ask you to speak to Archmage Sedridor on her behalf to warn him of an impending danger to the tower.

2. As you make your way to the beam, a cut scene will play, showing the Tower Library being attacked by a magical vortex. Head inside and pick up the tower mindspike (air) off the ground and equip it to cast wind rush at the magical vortex. Lure it towards the power beam at the center of the room to banish it.

3. Head back to Ariane to ask her what happened, then speak with the various wizards in the tower to learn of any suspicious activity that has recently occurred. You can ascend and descend through the tower by using the power beam at the center of each floor.

4. After speaking to all the wizards, return to Ariane to inform her what you've learned from them. She will mention that the current tower is built over the ruins of the old tower, and that you will need a key to unlock the door to head down there and investigate the source of the magical vortices. Rumour has it that the spell "Water Surge" is that very key, but many have tried and failed. Head back to the tower and speak to Wizard Ellaron to find out how you can get inside the old tower.

5. Wizard Ellaron will tell you to go down to the Tower Library to learn how you can open the door to the old tower. Search the bookcases in the library for The Harmony of the Runes and The Runes of the Spells of Water. Read both books, and then right-click "View Diagram" on each book to see the attachments.

6. Head to the organ on the south end of the tower's ground floor. Sit at the organ and use the diagram as a guide to trigger a mechanism in the organ to receive the key to the old tower. When you have played the correct sequence of notes, the Wizards' Tower basement key will appear on the screen. Click on it to place in your inventory, then go outside of the tower to speak with Ariane again.

RuneMysteries Organ

7. After showing Ariane the key, follow her to the east side of the tower's island. A series of stone slabs there will lead down to a door. Unlock the door with the key to enter the Wizard's Tower's basement.

RuneMysteries TowerBasement

Into the Past

8. You and Ariane will appear in the Chamber of Shrines, where the four orders of Wizards--Blue, Red, Green, and Grey--once met, and wizards joining the tower would pledge their allegiance to one of the four orders. Head west to speak with the Rune guardian standing by the door to the rest of the tower. It will ask you a series of questions to determine which order you belong to before letting you proceed. If you do not like the order you were placed in, you may retake the test.

9. After the Rune guardian steps aside, go through the doorway. You will find the staircase has collapsed a short distance away. Click on the statue nearby to climb behind it to use it to make a bridge across the gap. Once you've crossed the "bridge," enter the next doorway.

10. Speak to Ariane to learn that you are in the central spell-casting chamber where the wizards performed their most powerful rituals. She will tell you to lure one of the vortices into the magical circle she's conjured so that she may examine in. Use the tower mindspike (air) to cast Air Strike and carefully lure the vortex in the circle, keeping it there while Ariane examines it. You will learn that the vortices are actually soul fragments of the wizards that once occupied the old tower, and that an enchantment that once kept them in the ruins was dispelled.

11. Head back upstairs to stop Archmage Sedridor from casting the Icyenic Purge while Ariane works on restoring the enchantment in the tower's ruins. Archmage Sedridor will ignore you, so go to the organ and start playing random keys on the two lower keyboards to distract him and the other wizards from performing the ritual. When the ritual has finished, head back outside to speak with Ariane to complete the quest.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • To change the wizard order you were assigned to, speak with the Rune guardian to retake the exam.
Answers to the Exam: Hide / Show
  • Question 1: "You are behind in your studies due to illness, and a test is coming up. Your place at the tower is safe, but if you fail you will lose some respect. Another apprentice offers you an opportunity to cheat."
    • Blue: Don't cheat, as it would be wrong.
    • Red: Cheat as much as I can.
    • Green: Cheat only enough to make up for my illness and catch up.
    • Grey: Don't cheat as I wouldn't learn anything.
  • Question 2: "An elderly wizard - the last practitioner of a unique branch of magic - dies. Her diary might contain details about her unique magic, but her will states that the diary should be destroyed on her death."
    • Blue: Destroy the diary without reading it.
    • Red: Pretend to destroy the diary, but actually keep it to yourself.
    • Green: Copy the most important information, then destroy it.
    • Grey: Put the diary in the library so that all wizards can study it.
  • Question 3: "A rival wizard is spreading lies about you and has made you the laughing stock of a nearby village. They believe you are of low intelligence and poor moral character, and throw vegetable at you when you visit. What do you do?"
    • Blue: Challenge the wizard to a magical duel in front of the village.
    • Red: Play practical jokes to knock him down a peg in return.
    • Green: Appeal to the wizard's better nature and ask him to stop.
    • Grey: Try to reason with the villagers and convince him he is lying.
  • Question 4: "You have become a senior wizard and are asked to take on an apprentice. The boy is talented but undisciplined and does not apply himself out his areas of interest. What is your approach?"
    • Blue: Show patience and compassion so he has a safe place to grow.
    • Red: Constantly challenge him, forcing him to learn discipline.
    • Green: Concentrate on his weaknesses so he receives a balanced education.
    • Grey: Give him the resources to develop his areas of interest.
  • Question 5: "A senior wizard asks you to take part in a ritual that will greatly benefit the tower. Before the ritual starts, you discover that he learned part of it from a demon. The ritual appears safe, but the demon are expert liars."
    • Blue: Stop the ritual; it may be corrupt in a way that I can't detect.
    • Red: Go ahead with the ritual but focus on my personal safety.
    • Green: Make sure the demonic influence is balanced by other influences.
    • Grey: Study the ritual and make up my own mind about its safety
  • This quest previously acted as an introduction to the Runecrafting skill before a remade version was released on 28 November 2012 as part of Ariane's Double Bill quests.


Written by: ForsakenMage, Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: Cowman_133

Thanks to: fertjuh3, Jaffy1, Jimmyw3000, powergenx0, Xena Dragon, Zaaps1, zealot192

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