Lunar Diplomacy

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Lokar Searunner on the westmost dock in Rellekka.


Skills: Level 61 Crafting, Level 40 Defence, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 5 Herblore, Level 65 Magic, Level 60 Mining, Level 55 Woodcutting

Items: 400gp, Tinderbox, Pestle and Mortar, Guam leaf, Marrentill, Dramen Staff, Spade, any Pickaxe, Hammer, any Hatchet


Items: Armour, food, attack Runes, all four elemental talismans/tiaras (or an Elemental talisman) if not able to use the Abyss to access altars, teleport method to Rellekka (house location, Teleport tablet, Enchanted lyre).

Monsters:  Suqah, Me

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1: Starting out

Speak to Lokar Searunner to start the quest. He will tell you to speak to Brundt the Chieftain to get a seal of passage. Brundt is in the longhall just east of the dock. Next return to Lokar to sail to Lunar Island. You will arrive at Pirate's Cove.

2: Meeting people

Climb to the top level of the docks and walk onto the ship. Speak to Captain Bentley and tell him you are ready to sail to Moonclan Island. You will travel in a circle and be right back where you started. You will now need to speak to a gaggle of people before you can get to Moonclan Island.

  1. Speak to the Captain again and he will tell you to speak to 'Birds-Eye' Jack.
  2. Go down one level and speak to Jack.
  3. Speak to the Captain again. Tell him that it was the navigator's fault and he will tell you to speak to Jack again.
  4. Go to Jack and he will tell you the ship is jinxed.
  5. Go back up to the main deck, run north and speak to 'Eagle-eye' Schultz. He will say that it was part of the landing party that got jinxed.
  6. Go down to the bottom floor and speak to the Chef, 'Beefy' Burns.
  7. Go to the top floor and speak to 'Lecherous' Lee. He will tell you to speak to First mate 'Davey-boy'.
  8. Speak to the first mate and he will tell you to speak to the Cabin Boy.
  9. Go and speak to the Cabin Boy. The Cabin Boy will tell you that he wrote symbols on the walls and he will give you a lantern to find them.

3: Five Symbols

Put the lantern together and use the tinderbox with it to light it. Use the lantern on each of the locations to find the symbol, then use the 'Rub away!' option. The locations of the five symbols are:

The cannon just east of the Cabin Boy:

Lunar Diplomacy Symbols Cannons

The wall chart on the north wall, west side of the Captain's room:

Lunar Diplomacy Symbols Wallchart

The large crate in the south-east corner of the lowest level of the ship:

Lunar Diplomacy Symbols Crate

The support closest to the Chef on the lowest level of the ship:

Lunar Diplomacy Symbols Support

The chest far north on the lowest level of the ship:

Lunar Diplomacy Symbols Chest

Once you have erased all five symbols, go speak to the captain again and you can sail to Moonclan Island.

Lunar Isle Suqah (level 73, 74, and 79) Suqah (level 73, 74, and 79) Suqah (Level 73, 74, and 79) Suqah (Level 73, 74, and 79) Suqah (Level 73, 74, and 79) Minigame: Livid Farm Dungeon: Lunar Isle Mines Quest: Lunar Diplomacy Shops: Baba Yaga's Magic Shop Shops: Moon Clan General Store Shops: Moon Clan Fine Clothes Shops: Moon Clan Fine Clothes Runecrafting Altar: Astral

4: Moonclan Island

Run to the south-west section of the city and speak to Meteora. She will tell you to speak to Oneiromancer. Run north to the bank and get your armour and food. You will need to run past aggressive Suqahs, which are mage and melee based monsters. Next, exit via the gate on the east side of the city and run south-east until you reach the Rune Altar and the Oneiromancer. Speak to the Oneiromancer and she will tell you that you need three items to complete a ritual that will help you understand the Moonclan. You will need a potion, a lunar staff, and lunar clothing.

5: Waking Sleep Potion

Go and speak to Baba Yaga in the walking chicken house to the north of the city. She will give you an empty vial and say you need a guam leaf, a marrentill and a ground suqah tooth to make the potion. Kill Suqah until you get the tooth. Don't drop the hides because you will need them later on. If you don't have the herbs, Suqahs also drop those. Fill the vial with water and use the herbs with the vial, then grind the tooth with your pestle and mortar and use it with the unfinished potion. You now have your waking sleep potion. Return and speak to the Oneiromancer. She will take your potion and tell you how to make the staff.

6: Lunar Staff

Take your Dramen Staff and use it with the air, fire, water, and earth altars in that order to make it into a Lunar Staff. It will still be able to teleport you to the Lost City. Take the Lunar Staff back to the Oneiromancer and she will tell you about the Lunar Clothes.

7: Lunar Clothes

Once you have given the Lunar Staff to the Oneiromancer you need to get the 8 pieces of the Lunar Clothes. They are:

  • Helmet: Go to the north-east corner of the island and enter the dungeon. Walk to the west part of the dungeon and mine the stalagmites. Get one lunar ore and then smelt and smith it into a helmet. The closest location is the Rellekka furnace and anvil. For those with access to the super heating spell, you can also bring some runes to superheat the ore into a bar.
  • Torso: Go to Rimae Sirsalis in the clothing shop just south-east of the bank. Speak to her twice about ceremonial clothes. She will tan your hides. You need a total of 4 tanned hides (one for each part). Once the hides are tanned you can buy a needle and thread from her and then make the torso.
  • Legs: Use one of the leftover tanned hides from the torso section to make the trousers.
  • Gloves: Use one of the leftover tanned hides from the torso section to make the gloves.
  • Boots: Use one of the leftover tanned hides from the torso section to make the boots.
  • Cape: Talk to Pauline Polaris, who is just west of the bank. First guess "Pauline?" and then after she gives you a clue, Jane Blud-Hagic-Maid. She will then give you the cape.
  • Amulet: Talk to Meteora. She will say a Suqah stole her tiara. Kill Suqahs to get a tiara and trade with Meteora for the amulet.
  • Ring: Speak to Selene in the north centre part of the city. She will give you a riddle. Go to the south-western most point of all the islands and find the blue flower. Stand on the blue flower and dig with your spade.

8: Ceremonial Brazier

Once you have the full set of lunar clothing head back to the Oneiromancer and speak to her. She will give everything back to you. Stop by the bank and pick up a tinderbox, food and your best hatchet. Go to the Ceremonial Brazier, which is in the large building on the west side of town. Re-equip everything, use the potion with the kindling, use a tinderbox with the Brazier to light it and then use the soaked kindling with the Brazier. You will appear in the dream world.

9: The Dream World

Once you get to the dream world you will see 6 platforms; on each is a game and an Ethereal Man or Woman (depends on your character's gender). Speak to the Ethereal Man/Woman and then do the game. After each game, you must speak to the Ethereal Man/Woman again. Each portal is a game:

  • The closest one, the cream one in the east, is a race. Speak to the Ethereal Expert and he will challenge you to a race. You must jump the 4 barriers before he walks the straight line. Failing to jump a barrier will inflict 80 damage.
  • The purple-blue portal north-west of the cream portal is a woodcutting challenge. Speak to the Ethereal Perceptive and then use your axe to chop down 20 dream trees. Then deposit them in a pile in the centre faster than he does to win.
  • The gray portal west of the purple-blue portal is a grid challenge. Speak to the Ethereal Guide and then jump across the dream puffs to get to the other side. It's helpful to draw yourself a grid of circles 4 wide by 8 long. Put Xs over the circles that fall from below you. Eventually you will make it across.
  • The yellow portal south of the gray portal is a dice game. Speak to the Ethereal Fluke. Each die will show two different numbers: The west die shows 2 or 5, the centre die shows 1 or 6, the east die shows 3 or 4. The sum of all the dice has to be the number that the Fluke says.
  • The green portal east of the yellow portal is a mime game. Speak to the Ethereal Mimic. Click on him and then use the same emote he does.
  • The purple portal just east of the yellow portal is a math challenge. Speak to the Ethereal Numerator. Just complete the sequences using mathematics. If you answer incorrectly, talk to him again and he will give you another one.

Once you have completed all of the games and spoken to the Ethereal Man again, he will make you fight Me. Me is a duplicate of yourself with the exception of the level. You can use magic to kill Me. Just kill him and then you will be teleported back to the Ethereal Man. Speak to him, leave the dream world, and go back to the Oneiromancer. Talk to her and she will reward you for completing the quest.


  • 5000 Magic XP
  • 5000 Runecrafting XP
  • Ability to Cast Lunar Spells
  • Unlocked the Lunar Island Lodestone
  • 50 Astral Runes
  • Astral Rune Crafting
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Lunar Island loadstone is automatically activated upon completing this quest.
  • The dungeon with the Lunar Ore also has a Rune Essence rock to mine.
  • After completing the quest, the Seal of Passage grants a once a day teleport to the entrance of the Moonclan village.
  • If you log out or die while in the Dream Land you will return to the Moonclan village and can get the kindling and potion back by speaking to the Oneiromancer. If you're not sure you can complete the Dream World the first time, more kindling can be gained from the Oneiromancer by dropping yours and asking her for more.
  • You can buy back your Lunar Armour and Lunar Staff from the Oneiromancer if you lose yours (cost is similar to Mystic robes).
  • Remember to keep the Seal of Passage on you at all times during the quest. If you speak to someone on the island without it you will be teleported back to Rellekka.
  • See Tip.It's Lunar Magicks Guide for information about the new spells and armour.
  • You can convert all your dramen staves to Lunar staves during the Quest; once you have given the Oneiromancer your Lunar clothing and one single staff, you will be able to wield any others you have.
  • Runecrafting altar teletabs from the Great Orb Project Minigame would be of great use during this quest. However, you cannot use an Astral teletab until you complete this quest.


Written by: abomb67

Thanks to: AllBogs, Bambino, cleoppa, Cowman_133, darkelfpoet, Dogfever, Flippi273, Game_Freak67, Headnazgul, Idunedain, Infernofella, iouone, Jaffy1, khil01, Lady_Shahdie, Magilacuddy, Ra, SaidinWoT, SportsGuy, SirHemen, wizzkid785

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