Fremennik Trials, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Speak with Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka, north-west of Seer's Village.


Skills: Level 40 Crafting, Level 25 Fletching, Level 40 Woodcutting

Other: Be able to defeat one level 96 enemy.

Items: 1 Raw shark, Hatchet (black doesn't work!), Knife, Tinderbox and 5250gp.


Items: If you want the Fremennik sword, you need at food and potions. Be sure to leave one inventory space open to pick up the sword - you cannot drop items in the dungeon!

Monsters: Draugen (level 96), Koschei (multiple levels)

NPCs: Askeladden, Brundt the Chieftain, Fisherman -Rellekka-, Manni the Reveller, Olaf the Bard, Peer the Seer, Sailor, Sigli the Huntsman, Skulgrimen, Swensen the Navigator, Thora the Barkeep, Thorvald the Warrior, Yrsa

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Start this quest with no items at all, bring 8-10 (or more if you're lower level) prayer potions and a super set if you want to get the barbarian sword, however, you can easily complete it without it.

Below are two maps. The first map displays the locations of the council members, as well as places and people around Rellekka. The second map shows all of the NPCs in Rellekka you're required to talk to during the quest.

Quest The Fremennik Trials
Quest The Fremennik Trials

1: Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka

Ask for a quest, and he will ask you to complete some tasks to become a barbarian (or as they say, Fremennik). You will need to be voted into the clan by the council of elders. You will need to convince at least seven of the twelve council members, or else you cannot join the Fremennik. You will find the council members around the city, and only seven will give you a task to gain their approval while the others refuse point blank.

2: Thorvald the Warrior

In the house north of the long hall. He wants you to prove yourself through fighting Koschei the Deathless in the dungeon under the house. However, you'll have to do this without any armour or weapons. You can do 2 things: Either kill Koschei the Deathless in all four forms, or kill the first three and die to the fourth form. If you choose die to the fourth form, make sure you are NOT wearing a ring of life.

Once you've killed him, you'll get his blade.

Trials Ko

The other way to complete this trial is to just let yourself "die" to the fourth form. You won't get the sword, but you will still get Thorvald's respect. The way to do this is to kill the first 3 forms, and then let the 4th form get you down to 10 life points, you will then surrender, and Thorvald will meet you upstairs in the house.

3: Swensen the Navigator

Swensen the Navigator can be found in house south of the market. He will test your navigation skills. Go down the ladder, and you'll be in a maze. It's quite simple, the combination is the first letters of his name: South - West - East - North - South - East – North. In the first room enter the south portal, in the second room enter the west portal, keep entering the portals that correspond to his name in the last room there will be a ladder, climb it to leave the maze.

4: Peer the Seer

Peer the Seer can be found outside the house south-west of the market. To gain his vote you will have to pass his test of wisdom. To enter the house you cannot have any items in your inventory or equipped, Peer the Seer can teleport them to the bank. To enter the door you need to find the right combination of 4 letters. You'll get a riddle. Each line in the riddle is a letter in the combination, but since the combinations seem to vary people will have different answers. Some possible answers are Wind, Fire, Mind, Mage, Tree, Life, or Time.

Trials Locks

After you've entered the door and gone upstairs, you need to put a 4/5ths full bucket on the chest just south of the ladder. You have two ways of getting the right amount of water.

  • First option: Take one jug and jug it with water from the tap on the west wall. Take a bucket from the cupboard and empty the jug in the bucket. Fill up the jug again and empty it in the bucket. Empty the bucket in the drain. Empty the jug in the bucket. The bucket now contains 1 water. Fill up the jug and empty it in the bucket, it will now contain 4 water.
  • Second option: Search the cupboard to get a bucket. Fill it with water using the nearby tap and then search for another bucket. Use the bucket with water on the drain to empty it, and then search the boxes and chests until you get 2 jugs. You will have to fill one jug with water so you can find the second. Now fill the second jug. Use one jug with one of the buckets, and you'll have a 3/5ths bucket. Now do this with the other jug as well, you should now have 1 full bucket, and 1/3ths jug. Use the 1/3ths jug with the empty bucket, and then with the tap, use the full jug with the 1/5th bucket.

You will now have a 4/5th bucket, use this on the chest with a balance on it. The 4/5th bucket will be the exact weight to allow you to open the chest and retrieve a vase. You can shake this to find out that there is something inside.

Now study the unicorn's and bull's heads on the wall to obtain two disks. Now search the bookcase to get a red herring, use this on the range, and you should have some sticky red goop. Use the goop on the wooden disk, go down the stairs and use the 2 red disks on the abstract mural. You will now have a vase lid that dropped out. Head back up and fill the vase with water from the tap, and place the lid on it. Go over to the frozen table and use the sealed vase on it. As the water freezes, it will expand and break the vase to reveal the key that was inside, but it's frozen. Use the frozen key on the range and then go downstairs to exit the house with it.

5: Manni the Reveller

Manni the Reveller can be found at one of the tables in the longhall in Rellekka. Talk to him and challenge him to a drinking contest, take a keg of beer from one of the tables, and talk with him again. You will lose the drinking contest so take a beer from the north table (not a keg, just one of the beers), and go to the Seers' Village pub, you'll see a poison salesman, buy a low alcohol keg from him for 250gp.

While you're there, get the raw shark, hatchet (not black though!), knife, tinderbox and 5000gp from your bank. You'll need these items in the next challenges.

Head back towards Rellekka, there is a Council Workman south of the entrance of Rellekka, talk with him, and then use the beer on him. He will give you a strange object. Go back to the hall, and outside on the east wall there is a pipe with the option put-inside. Light the strange object, and put it inside the pipe. Do not light the strange object until you are ready to put it in the pipe, as it will explode in your inventory if left there too long. Go in and pick up another beer keg. Use this with your low alcohol one, and then challenge Manni again. You will beat him this time and win his vote.

6: Olaf the Bard

Olaf the Bard can be found east of the long hall. He wants you to perform for the crowd, but when you try to enter the stage door, you'll be stopped. Head out of the village (south), and follow the east mud path. You should see a troll named Lalli soon, speak with him. He won't tell you much, so head a little north, and you should see a Swaying tree. Cut a branch from it, and use your knife on it to make an unstrung lyre. Now head back to the long hall and talk with Askeladden right outside. He will give you Lalli's new pet, a rock. Pick an onion, a cabbage, and a potato from the small field to the east just inside the town gates.

Head back to Lalli and try to give him the pet rock, however, he doesn't want any more. Time to be creative… How about some stone soup? Talk with Lalli, and then place your stone, potato, cabbage and onion in the stew, and talk with Lalli again. Take your golden fleece and go back to Seers Village, where you can find a spinning wheel upstairs in the building south-west of the bank. Use the fleece on the spinning wheel there, and you should get some golden string. Use it on your lyre. So! You have your instrument, now you just need to learn how to play it.

Follow the mud path westwards just before you enter the village of Rellekka. Just before the path leads to a bridge, you should see an altar to the south. Use your raw shark on this to offer it, and Fossegrimen will give you the ability to play the lyre. Now simply go back, open the door and go up on the stage to play and complete this trial.

Trials Fog

7: Sigmund the Merchant

Sigmund the Merchant is west of the long hall. He wants you to bring him a exotic flower, that someone in the town has picked up in their travels.

  1. The Sailor (north-west of the market) will tell you that he has the flower, but will only trade it with you for a romantic ballad.
  2. Olaf the Bard (east of the long hall, not in a house) will ask you for some boots.
  3. Yrsa (clothing shop west of the market) wants some lower taxes for the business people in Rellekka.
  4. Brundt (long hall) wants to know Sigli's hunting ground secret.
  5. Sigli (little south of the long hall) wants a new bow string for his bow.
  6. Skulgrimen (armour shop north of the long hall) wants one of the fish that the fisherman has caught recently.
  7. The Fisherman (on the docks) wants a map of the best fishing spots from the navigator.
  8. Swensen the Navigator (south of the market) wants a weather forecast.
  9. Peer the Seer (in front of the house to the west) wants a bodyguard for protection.
  10. Thorvald (armour shop again) wants a place at the champions table in the long hall.
  11. Manni (located in the long hall) wants the barkeep's legendary cocktail.
  12. Thora (also in the long hall) wants to get rid of Askeladden, the kid right outside the hall.
  13. Askeladden (right outside the doors to the long hall) wants 5000gp, he will now make you a promissory note.

Go back to Thora with the note. Now it's just time to trade all the stuff back. Go to Manni, then Thorvald, then the Seer, then off to the Navigator, then the Fisherman, then Skulgrimen, and Sigli the Huntsman, then Brundt, then Yrsa in the clothing shop, then Olaf, and FINALLY! Back to the Sailor, who will give you the flower. Return this to the merchant, and you'll have his vote as well. That was fun, wasn't it?

8: Sigli the Huntsman

He wants you to hunt down the Draugen. Sigli will give you your very own Hunters' talisman . If you click this, you'll be able to see which direction the Draugen is in, sort of like a runecrafting talisman. Follow the directions the talisman gives you, when you think you're in the right area, just run around like crazy, clicking your talisman all the time, and the Draugen will appear some time. It will attack you, and the essence of it will be sucked into the talisman. If you have a halberd weapon, you can use the nearby fence as cover to attack it without taking damage. Go back to the hunter with it. That's it! Go back to Brundt, and become a true Fremennik.

Trials Draugen


  • 2,812.4 exp in all of the following skills: Agility XP lamp, Attack XP lamp, Constitution XP lamp, Crafting XP lamp, Defence XP lamp, Fishing XP lamp, Fletching XP lamp, Strength XP lampThieving XP lamp, and Woodcutting XP lamp.
  • If you go back to Olaf the Bard he will tell you if you make another sacrifice to Fossegrimen, she will give you a special song that can teleport you to Rellekka (1 Raw Shark gets 2 teleport charges, raw Sea turtle gets 4, and raw Manta ray gets 3). If you have the Ring of Charos(a) you can offer a raw bass to Fossegrimmen in place of a shark.
  • You can now make purchases at each of the shops and market stalls. You can change your character's basic boot colour by paying Yrsa a fee.
  • You can now buy and wear (with a requirement of 45 defence) the four Fremennik helmets: Berserker, Warrior, Archer and Farseer for 78,000 gp each at Skulgrimen's Helmet Shop (also sells warhammers), north of the Fremennik Longhall.
  • You can now use any of Rellekka's assets (the mining area, the sandpit, the furnace, the anvils, the spinning wheels, the pottery ovens, and the fishing spots).
  • You can now thieve from the market stalls (watch out for the guards, stall owners, and the occasional watchman!)
  • You can ride the boats to Miscellania and Etceteria, Lunar Isle, and the Fremennik Isles (the boat to Waterbirth island is available to all, including non-Fremenniks).
  • You can pay certain Fremenniks to make Waterbirth Island armour from Dagannoth hides and specific dropped pieces. Skulgrimen at the helm shop makes rock-shell (melee) armour, Peer the Seer makes skeletal (maging) armour, and Sigli the Hunter makes spined (ranging) armour.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can skip making the lyre by killing the Fremennik citizens (Lensa etc.) to get the lyre as a drop.
  • The Fremennik Blade and shield can also be acquired by killing Fremennik citizens and guards.


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: Baffler, Cowman_133, Diabolico, Eeeeediot, eviljedi2004, Gin_and_tonic, ginger warrior, Howlin1, Jimmyw3000, SilverFox, wounder of z

Thanks to: Alpha Blader, amid, Brickelway, Cry Midnight, darkelfpoet, davi2188, demon18121, dragon3326, GoogleWasHere, Hera Angel, Hikensasameyuki, im blue7, jacobk91, Jaymzanator, Jenna Hart, jonin white, kai_robert, Minuit666, mlopes70, Mutantq, reveh, Thassilian, wise owl1010, Kwimbob, Scorpious, sirulrich03, wulf69, sirlonewolf, Vox1st

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