Olaf's Quest

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Olaf Hradson south of the entrance to the Fremennik (Polar) Hunting Region (Fairy Ring D K S).


Skills: Level 40 Firemaking, Level 50 Woodcutting

Items: Hatchet, Tinderbox, Spade, at least one food


Skills: High agility (60+), able to beat a level 70 monster

Items: Rellekka teleport (Lyre, lodestone, house, or fairy rings), Agility potion, weapon, armour, food

Monsters: Skeleton Fremennik (Level 23), Skeleton Fremennik (Level 28), Skeleton Fremennik, Ulfric (Level 49)

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1: A Favour
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Speak to Olaf Hradson south of the Fremennik polar hunting area. He asks you for a favour - helping him make his family proud through deceiving them. He needs you to take carvings to his wife and son, with the claim that he is on a distant island. However, his carvings are no good with damp wood; he'll need fresh wood from a windswept tree up on the cliff.

2: Delivery
Items Required: Hatchet
Items Suggested: None

Head to the north part of the cliff east of Olaf. Cut some logs from it, then head back to Olaf. Speak to him and he will carve the wood into two crude carvings. The crude carving - which you should claim is 'something tribal' - is for his wife, Ingrid, while the cruder carving is for Volf, his son. His family is in Rellekka, so head south-west to the city. Take the carvings to each family member:

  • Ingrid Hradson is wandering around near the well east of the long hall. Give her Olaf's 'exotic' gift from the Island of Obscurity. Though she doubts the gift is genuinely tribal, she rewards you with fresh baked bread.
  • Volf Olafson is walking about north of the long hall, near the helmet shop and sand pit. Give him Olaf's carving (once again from the Island of Obscurity), and he will reward you with his lunch, a cooked shark.

3: Fire and Food
Items Required: Tinderbox, one food
Items Suggested: None


Return to Olaf to tell him you have succeeded in delivering the gift. He will be too cold to care and needs a fire to warm up. He'll provide damp planks, so you simply need to light the driftwood embers to get the fire going. Speak to Olaf again; he will ask for some food before he is willing to give you the map. After he has eaten (the first food in your inventory), he will tell you he believes the map to be cursed. With that warning, he will give you the last map Sven the Helmsman ever made, showing the location of his treasure.

4: Well Guarded Treasure
Items Required: Spade
Items Suggested: Agility potion, weapon, armour, food

Look at the map to find the treasure is right up the cliff. Ascend the cliff and dig right next to the windswept tree. You will fall into a dungeon. Head east, then all the way north, and finally west to the picture wall.

Sven\'s cave map

Kill a Skeleton Fremennik and pick up the key it drops. Search the wall to bring up a puzzle. In the top segment of levers, pull each lever one time, then pull the lever in the bottom segment. Search the picture wall again to go past it.

Picture wall puzzle

Head north and grab two rotten barrel and six ropes from their respective spawns. If you did not kill a Skeleton fremennik earlier, kill one now for the key. Walk onto the bridge and go across - at each gap, use a rotten barrel on the walkway. The bridge is very slippery, and you might fall into the water at any time; if you do, you will end up slightly north of Olaf with any weapon or shield unequipped. According to Jagex, every time you fall on the bridge, your character 'learns' how to deal with it, and there is a lower chance of slipping the next time around. Halfway across the bridge, you will find a gate which you should try to open. Note the shape of your key's handle, and use it on the lock of the same shape. Should you fall off after the gate, you will need to kill another Skeleton fremennik for a new key.

Gate locks

Go to the wreck of the old ship and open the chest. A giant skeleton named Ulfric will arise from the nearby grave and attack you. Melee protection prayer will completely defend you. After defeating Ulfric, open the chest again. This time you succeed, and in it is your reward.



Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • To exit the dungeon, head to the entrance, roll away the boulder and an exit will appear.
  • Brine rat in the cave require slayer level 47 to kill and may drop a brine sabre.
  • A parchment received from the chest states that other ships have the greater share of the treasure, and that what you received was a small part. At this time, there is no knowledge of the additional ships.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Adamskii, Ard Choille, Cowman_133, darkblade986, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, pokemama, Raven6666, Ry_007, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 10-Apr-2015

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