Hero's Welcome

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune at the docks in Rellekka.


Skills: Level 60 Divination, Level 67 Mining, Level 62 Slayer, Level 67 Smithing

Completion of all Barbarian Training is also required in order to start the quest.

Items: Soft clay, Mithril bar


Skills: 50 Agility

Items: Food, combat armour, Antifire, Games necklace

Monsters: Adamant dragon, Tarshak, Abomination

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1. Start
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Start this quest by speaking to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune at the docks in Rellekka. They will be arguing about how to welcome V back to Rellekka and suggest you speak to seven people around Rellekka about V.

  1. Manni the Reveller can be found in the Long hall and will tell you of the huge victory feast that was dedicated V when he was leaving.
  2. Brundt the Chieftain can also be found in the Long hall and will tell you that all the Fremennik people will welcome V back as a hero and a god.
  3. Olaf the Bard can be found a little north-east of the Long hall and will tell you about the Battle of the Giant Basilisk.
  4. Sigmund The Merchant can be found in the marketplace and will tell you how V defended the Fremennik against the bigger Gods and left voluntarily when the Edicts of Guthix were enacted.
  5. Swensen the Navigator can be found in his house south of the marketplace and will tell you a story of V fighting daggermouths, but V's companion died while fighting and V constructed a cairn in his honour and Winter's Eye plants started to grow around it.
  6. Peer the Seer can be found south-west of the marketplace and will explain that V had taught the Fremennik how to use simple magic spells.
  7. Yrsa can be found north-west of the marketplace and will explain that V left of his own accord when the Edicts of Guthix were enacted.
Heros Welcome Npc Map

After talking to the above seven people, speak to Alfrick or Freya again and answer their questions, the answers are below (if you choose a wrong answer they will just keep asking you the questions until they are all correct).


Once you have answered the questions a cut-scene will start.

2. Hero's Welcome
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


The cut-scene will show V returning and the Fremennik people rejoicing. However, V notices that he is losing his strength and he asks to speak to you in private after the celebrations.

You will wake up in the cow pen in Rellekka. Speak to Alfrick or Freya to travel to the trading post island. Once on the island, enter the dungeon to the north-west and speak to V. He will tell you that he feels weak and is losing his strength.

Exit the dungeon, there are five duplicated locations to investigate:

  1. Investigate the rocks to the north-west of the dungeon entrance and V will start to channel the divine energy, there is another rock to the west of this one, investigate it and harvest the wisp that appears.
  2. Investigate the gnarled tree to the north-west of the dungeon entrance and V will start to channel the divine energy, there is another gnarled tree to the south-west of the dungeon entrance, investigate it and harvest the wisp that appears.
  3. Investigate the old dock to the south of the dungeon entrance and V will start to channel the divine energy, there is another old dock to the east of the dungeon entrance, investigate it and harvest the wisp that appears.
  4. Investigate the boat to the east of the dungeon entrance and V will start to channel the divine energy, there is another boat to the east of the dungeon entrance (at the dock), investigate it and harvest the wisp that appears.
  5. Investigate the trapdoor just south of the dungeon entrance and V will start to channel the divine energy, there is another trapdoor south of that trap door, investigate it and harvest the wisp that appears.
Heros Welcome Duplicated Locations Map

When all five locations have been harvested, return to V in the dungeon, but he won't be any better he is still losing his strength. A cut-scene will start and some Dragonkin will appear and want to kill V as he is a False User of the Stone of Jas. The Dragonkin will reveal that they are using the Elder Mirror to drain all the strength from V and giving it Tarshak.

When the cut-scene ends, V will be dead. Enter the room to the north of V and search the room to find V's journal, read the journal to find some map fragments. Inspect the map fragments and solve it, the solution is below.


The map will point you to the ancient cavern below Baxtorian falls.

3. Ancient Cavern
Items Required: Soft clay, Mithril bar
Items Suggested: Antifire

The fastest ways to the ancient cavern are teleporting with a Ferocious ring (and running south), the Fairy Ring B-J-Q (running south, up the steps and running south again), or a Games necklace (teleport to the Barbarian outpost, run south and jump into the whirlpool, descend the steps to the east, run south-east and go up those steps and then run south).

On the west wall there is a door entrance, use some soft clay on it to make a key mould. After getting the key mould run north and descend the steps and run north-east and go up the steps to the mithril dragons. Use the key mould on a mithril dragon to create a Dragon-mithril key (make sure you have a mithril bar in your inventory). Return to the door and use the key on the door to open it.

4. Dragonkin Lair
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Antifire, armour, food

When you go though the doorway you will fight an Adamant dragon. After defeating the dragon a cut-scene will start with Kalibath, Tarshak, Sakirth, and Sakirth arguing and fighting amongst themselves. Once the cut-scene ends you can talk to Sakirth to learn about the Elder Mirror. Once you are finished talking to Sakirth go into the room to the west and use the Stepping stones to reach the chest. Use the image below to reach the chest.


Open the chest to find the Dragonkin key. Next, go back onto the stepping stones and jump on the two stones to the north-east to reach the north ledge.


This area has pressure pads, which will alert Kalibath if stepped on (you will be teleported back to the start). Walk around the pressure pads.

  • Push the first crate north twice.
  • Walk west 4 steps, north 2 steps, and east 2 steps.
  • Push the second crate north twice.
  • Push the third crate east once.
  • Walk north 2 steps and west 2 steps.
  • Push the fourth crate west once.
  • Push the third crate south once.
  • Walk west 2 steps and north 2 steps.

Enter the door to the east and open the chest at the south wall to find the Dragonkin protection charm and some Notes.

Read the notes and head to the Grotworm Lair.

5. Next Step
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: 50 Agility, Antifire, armour, food

Use the short-cut to reach the bottom level of the Grotworm Lair (level 50 Agility required) and run west over the bridge and descend down the stairs, or traverse the lair until you reach the 3rd level and run east until you can see stairs and go down them.

A cut-scene will show Phalaks having an argument with Tarshak. Tarshak will attack Phalaks and throw him on the ground. Tarshak will then attack you. It is a relatively easy fight. Every couple of seconds he will use a special attack which if hit will stun you and deal a lot of damage.

Once defeat you Tarshak, he will teleport to his hideout in the Brimhaven Dungeon. You can speak to Phalaks to learn more about him and his master. When you are ready, head to the Brimhaven dungeon.

6. Tarshak's hideout
Items Required: Dragonkin protection charm
Items Suggested:Armour, food

The entrance to Tarshak's hideout can be found on the south-west wall of the Steel/Iron dragon room in the Brimhaven Dungeon. Tarshak will have mutated into an abomination and you will have to fight it.

There are two parts to this fight:
Part one:
The abomination has four different attacks:

  1. A wall of fire which will damage the player until they run into one of the water pools
  2. Hits the ground twice that sends a shock wave covering a quarter of the room (for each hit)
  3. Charges into one of the two quarters of the ground he didn't hit dealing damage to the player (this can be avoided by running into one of the areas that it hit in the previous attack)
  4. A fireball that will follow the player

There are four pillars which need to be destroyed to collapse the ceiling on the abomination. Each pillar needs to be mined twice while avoiding the abomination attacks. After mining a pillar twice, stand in-front of it when the abomination sends out the fireball and the pillar will be destroyed. Repeat the above with all the pillars. Once all four pillars have been destroyed the roof will fall in and crush the abomination.


Part two:
The abomination will crawl out from under the rubble, in this part of the fight you will have to kill it. You can fight it head-on (it does have a special attack that will damage and stun you), or you can keep running away from it and let the rocks falling from the ceiling and the fireballs on the ground damage it (while trying to avoid the rocks and fireballs yourself).

7. The End
Items Required: none
Items Suggested: none

Once the abomination has been killed Kalibath, Kerapac, Phalaks, Sakirth, Silkath, and Strisath will appear and start a fight with each other. Once the cut-scene ends, travel to Rellekka and speak to Alfrick or Freya Lune and on the trading post island to complete the quest. Congratulations!



  • 10,000 Divination experience
  • 10,000 Mining experience
  • 10,000 Slayer experience
  • 10,000 Smithing experience
  • Access to Dragonkin Lair Adamant dragons
  • Access to Abomination cave Bane ore rocks
  • The ability to produce 5% more runes when Runecrafting
  • Replayable Abomination Boss fight
  • Access to Hannu, Emissary of V
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Adamant dragons can be fought in the Dragonkin lair in the Ancient cavern after the quest.
  • After the quest the Abomination can be fought again and again, with possible rewards such as the Abomination cape.


Written by: Howlin0001

Special thanks to: Arceus, Omnitec

Thanks to: MRTF, Sirenix

Last updated: 04-Oct-2015

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