Rune Memories

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Ariane in the ruins beneath the Wizard's Tower.


Items: 14 Free inventory spaces.

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RuneMemories Intro

Mysterious Vortices

1. Speak to Ariane in the spellcasting chamber of the old Wizards' Tower. The danger towards the current Wizards' Tower seems to have passed, and she wants to investigate the magical vortices and what exactly happened in the old Wizards' Tower. Agree to assist her.

2. As Ariane investigates the source of the power beam, she'll suddenly become trapped inside! Take the prepared air rune and prepared fire rune from her, then use it on the grey and red vortices respectively. This will transform the prepared air rune into a glowing air rune and the prepared fire rune into a glowing fire rune. Show these to Ariane.

3. After showing Ariane the runes, she will inform you that the glowing runes contain the soul fragments of the wizards of the old tower. She has a theory that you can tap into the memories of these souls to recreate the ritual that could free her from the power beam.

RuneMemories RitualPrep

Searching for Memories

4. Go to the library in the eastern part of the chamber, then down the steps to where four chairs surround a table. Place the glowing air rune on the northwest chair and the glowing fire rune on the northeast chair . This will trigger a memory of two wizard apprentices: Mei the Grey and Kelavan the Red. When the memory has finished, head back to Ariane to tell her what you've seen.

5. Ariane will give you some more runes to trigger additional memories that could help with her situation. Use the prepared chaos rune on the red vortex, prepared cosmic rune on the grey vortex, prepared water rune and prepared law rune on the blue vortex, and prepared earth rune and prepared nature rune on the green vortex to receive the glowing versions of each one.

6. Show the runes to Ariane, who will send you up to the Chamber of Shrines (the first room of the old tower) to trigger another memory. Place the glowing law rune on the southeast statue, glowing chaos rune on the southwest statue, glowing cosmic rune on the northwest statue, and glowing nature rune on the northeast statue. This will trigger a memory of the four masters of the wizard orders: Unaia the Blue, Zanmaron the Red, Azris the Green, and Temrin the Grey. Observe the memory, then return to Ariane to tell her what you've learned.

7. Ariane will send you the studies just north of the chamber. Once inside the studies, head into the northeast room, and place the glowing chaos rune on the larger chair behind the desk, and place the glowing fire rune on the chair directly opposite it on the smaller chair. A memory of Zanmaron the Red and Kelavan the Red will be triggered. At the end of the memory, return to Ariane.

8. After telling Ariane what you saw, head down to the library again, this time to trigger a memory between Perien the Blue, Kelavan the Red, Sland the Green, Mei the Grey, and Zanmaron the Red. Place the chaos rune on the table, and the water, fire, earth and air runes on the four chairs. Observe the memory, then return to Ariane.

9. Ariane will send you off to look for clues to determine the position each wizard took in the spell-casting chamber during the ritual. Search different library shelves to retrieve two document fragments there. In the studies, search the crates for another three document fragments, as well as a diary in the Red Master's study. Use the clues given in the fragments to determine the positions of each wizard in the spellcasting chamber circle.

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When you have placed the runes in the proper positions, observe the memory of the ritual.

10. During the memory of the ritual, you and Ariane will witness how the old Wizards' Tower was destroyed. In the process, the instability of the ritual causes a great power to lash out towards you. Ariane will take the hit and fall into a magical coma! Head upstairs and find Wizard Ellaron to get help.


11. When you speak with Wizard Ellaron, you'll find out that all that has come to pass was according to his plan! Ariane will suddenly appear at the centre of the library inside the beam, with the souls of the wizards now possessing her body. You will need to free her to save the tower from being destroyed again. Use the prepared runes in your inventory to draw out the souls from Ariane.

RuneMemories Traitor

12. Speak to Ariane before attempting to draw out each soul to see which soul is ready to go. Observe the colours and pattern of the beam to use the rune associated with the soul on Ariane. Each time you draw out two souls from her, she will ascend to the next floor.

Drawing the Souls from Ariane Hide / Show

Watch the cutscene that follows, then speak to Ariane to complete the quest.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The higher your Runecrafting level, the more pure essence you can retrieve from Archmage Sedridor's personal storage. Each time you gain a Runecrafting level, you may go back to retrieve more essence. The maximum total of pure essence you may receive at level 99 Runecrafting is 24,750.
  • If you have 99 Magic and Runecrafting, speak to Archmage Sedridor to receive the title "Archmage."
  • If you have at least 50 Magic and Prayer, speak to the lesser demon trapped in the Wizards' Tower. If you offer it a drop of blood, it will reward you with 10,000 Magic XP, but if you refuse, you will receive 10,000 Prayer XP instead.


Written by: ForsakenMage, Xena Dragon

Last updated: 10-Mar-2013

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