Heart of Stone

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Ariane outside the Wizards' Tower near south of Draynor.


Skills: Level 35 Magic, Level 25 Runecrafting

Items: 20 Inventory spaces, combat equipment and food.


Items: Amulet of glory (4), law altar teleport or wicked hood, and a water source (e.g.waterskin (4) or enchanted water tiara)

Monsters: BikKra's attendant (level 35), FulKra's attendant (level 44), Prehistoric abyssal (level 56)

NPCs: Ariane, Kipple, Xenia

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Arguments Over Magic


1. Ariane and Xenia appear to be involved in some sort of quarrel in from the Wizard's Tower. Speak to one of them to start a cutscene. You'll learn that Xenia stole some research and killed a man in the process. Xenia will attack Ariane, and you will be presented with the option to side with either Ariane or Xenia, or break them up. Whatever you choose, Xenia will ultimately teleport away from the scene. Note: if clicking accept on the quest popup does not work, you may have to log out and back in.

2. Ariane will explain to you that Xenia stole the teleportation research and is concerned about what she may do with it. However she has an idea on how to track Xenia down. Head to outside of the old tower (northwest area outside of the Wizard's Tower) to meet with Ariane and someone she would like to introduce.

3. Next to Ariane is the Kinaesthetic Investigation Programmable Personality Lifeform Emula, also known as Kipple for short. Kipple is a golem that is specially designed to adapt to the challenges presented to it. Ariane believes that Kipple could help track down the magical trace left by the teleporation spell that you could follow and find Xenia.


The Chase Begins

Bank BANK Bank
Wizard's Tower:
Top Floor
Required: None
Suggested: Law altar teleport or wicked hood, food

4. Kipple will need to be retuned before it is able to find the magical trace left by Xenia's teleportation spell. Speak to Kipple to begin tracking Xenia. He will provide you an interface that you will need to use to begin looking for signal left by the magical trace.

Heartofstone Runicfrequencymodulator

5. To tune the modulator to the right frequency, you will need to turn the three rune dials on the interface to match the current signal. If you are close, a red line will appear showing the correct frequency of each rune on the chart located on the top right corner of the interface. Notice that there is an outer region, middle region, and inner region. These are 1, 2, and 3 points, respectively. By aligning a certain rune to point into one of these regions, one can change the contribution from different runes until the requisite totals are achieved. It may be helpful to start with a rune that is only on one dial and proceed by the process of elimination. There are four locations you will eventually need to visit: one on Entrana, one on White Wolf Mountain, one by the TzHaar volcano entrance on Karamja, and one in the desert east of Sophanem.


6. Tuning to the correct frequency will have Kipple direct you to one of these locations. Detailed instructions are written out below for each. The order may vary by player.

Entrana - "Bik" Trouble

7. Use a law altar teleport or the wicked hood's law altar teleport to reach Entrana directly. After arriving, Kipple will appear andask retune him again, with the same interface as before. Successfully retuning Kipple will lead you to a portal on the island. Enter the portal.


8. Entering the portal will take you to a large and empty cave. Approach the large mask-like feature on the north side of the cave. The entity will become angry and launch an attack. Kipple will provide you some weapons to defend yourself against BikKra's attendants.


9. Once you have defeated BikKra's attendants, speak to the mouthpiece of Bik to try to learn what was Xenia doing and some information on the Elder Gods that lay asleep in Gielinor. Kipple will suggest that it's time to track Xenia again. Tune for the correct frequency.

White Wolf Mountain - "Wen" the Mind Goes

10. Another tuning will guide you to White Wolf Mountain. Tune Kipple again to find the exact location of the portal. You'll be taken in an icy cavern. The way to the back of the cavern is blocked by a series of nodes. You will need to solve 4 puzzles before you may proceed. With each puzzle requiring a specific amount of energy.


11. Click on the single node that connects to the three nodes at the northern part of the cave. You will need to activate nodes until the current power is the same as the required power. Kipple will shout out how many units you have and the amount needed for the current puzzle. This is instanced per player and may require some trial and error to make it work.


12. Once the gate is open, speak to WenKra and she will tell you that Xenia took some magic. After speaking to WenKra, talk to Kipple once again to try track Xenia again.

TzHaar volcano - "Fulkra" the Mind Goes

13. The next tuning will guide you to Karamja. Quick access can be gained via running northeast from the Karamja lodestone or by teleporting to the main plaza from a charged Tokkul-Zo. Either way, go to the south slope of the Karamja volcano. Kipple will appear again and you will need to tune him again.


14. You'll be taken to a fiery cavern. Upon entering the cavern, Kipple will attempt to reason with Fulkra, while Fulkra sends FulKra's attendants to attack you. While the attendants are attacking you, sections of the floor may ignite with fire. Avoid those areas or you will rapidly take damage equal to 10% of your health.


15. Once Kipple has finished debating with Fulkra her attendants will stop appearing. Speak to Fulkra to find out that Xenia has chipped a piece of him away. After speaking to Fulkra, talk to Kipple once again to try track Xenia again.

Desert - "JasKra" the Mind Goes

16. The next tuning will guide you to east of Sophanem in the desert. It may be wise to bring along your water source, i.e. Waterskin (4), though in practice the damage is small enough that it can be mitigated with food. Note that you will need 20 free inventory spaces for this part. Once you are east of Sophanem, Kipple will appear again and you will need to tune him once more.


17. Enter the portal and JasKra will be suspicious of you and challenges you to prove that you are not working with Xenia. Search the shelves in the cavern to find 20 Observations. Some can be combined and used on the mouthpiece to convenience JasKra that you can be trusted, while others have no use. It will eventually believe that you are telling the truth and are not working with Xenia. The list of combined observations that work are as follows:


18. Finally, you'll need to combine Golem and I and Golem and I to obtain United we stand and present it to JasKra.

19. Speak to Kipple again and he will offer to auto tune himself to find Xenia. He will point to Lumbridge graveyard. When you arrive at the graveyard a portal will appear, enter it and a cutscene will start. Xenia will explain about the Elder gods that are sleeping beneath the surface of Gielinor and she has seen the fate that awaits Gielinor when they wake and she wants to stop it from happening! Xenia will demand that Xenia pays for her crimes.

20. Xenia will explain her full plan, that she made a deal with an old Abyssal creature to take away the Anima Mundi from the Elder Gods so they cannot destroy Gielinor, however, in removing the Anima Mundi magic will also disappear from Gielinor. Ariane won't let Xenia continue and will attack and kill Xenia, but not before Xenia summons the Prehistoric abyssal creature.

21. Ariane will try find a weakness in the monster while you distract it by attacking it. Don't attack the creature just yet because it is immune to all attacks. Keep running and avoiding it's attacks, it has a special attack a fireball that can cause up to 1,500 damage. Kipple will eventually find three Abyssal anchors, click on each of them to destroy it.

22. Once the three anchors have been destroyed a cutscene will start and the creature will knock Ariane out and kill Kipple. When the cutscene ends you can attack the creature and damage it this time. It has a special attack that pushes you again the wall, once that happens run away or you will be hit with a ball of fire.


Once the creature has been defeated, speak to Ariane finish the quest. Congratulations!



  • 1,500 Magic XP
  • 1,500 Runecrafting XP
  • 2 500 XP Combat lamps
  • Kipple Nano pet
  • 2 Treasure hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • To claim the Kipple Nano pet, talk to Ariane by the ruins in which you found her to begin Rune Memories. You can then access the pet via the Customization interface as any other pet.


Written by: ForsakenMage & Howlin1

Thanks to: Arceus, BloodAngel

Last updated: 24-Mar-2016

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