Carnillean Rising

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Xenia outside the Carnillean mansion, south of Ardougne Castle.


Quest Points: 50

Skills: Level 31 Construction, Level 33 Thieving


Items: Food (after completing the construction of the quest field)

Monsters: Cave Wolf Matriarch (level 130) - evade only

NPCs: Butler Crichton, Ceril Carnillean, Claus the chef, Henryeta Carnillean, Nostrillia, Philipe Carnillean, Sarsaparilla, Slimepits, Xenia

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A Quest for a Quest
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: At least 21 empty inventory spaces. The rest can be filled with food for yourself.

1. Make your way to the Carnillean Mansion, just south of the castle in East Ardougne, and speak with Xenia. Sir Ceril Carnillean wishes for his son, Philipe, to become an adventurer like the two of you, and seeks a tutor for him. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a quest for Philipe to undergo.

2. Enter the mansion and talk to Sir Ceril Carnillean on the ground floor. He presents you with Sir Ceril's list of requirements for Philipe's quest, to be set up within the newly discovered sewers beneath the Carnillean mansion. The butler, Crichton, will supervise your work. Head into the hall and talk to him.

3. Head down the ladder and enter the sewer entrance. Inside, Butler Crichton will give you a summary of how to prepare the quest area.

4. Re-enter the cellar. Pick up the spider wandering around on the floor. Search the barrel of junk near the sewer entrance for thirty rusty spikes. Next, search the cupboard in the cellar for some twine, a pair of shears. Sir Ceril's wine, and nine wooden boards. Lastly, take seven buckets of water from the stash by the sink.

5. Claus the Chef is located in the cellar. Ask him to help with the quest by playing the part of the drunken jailer.

6. Go to the first floor (2nd floor for US) and speak with Sarsaparilla in her room. Ask for her help with the quest and she will tell you she doesn't want to talk about Philipe. Continue to speak with her and choose the following dialogue options, in order:

  1. "Are you just going to stay in here?"
  2. "You were talking about your ambitions."
  3. "I'm directing a drama. Would you like a part?"
  4. Offer her the role of damsel in distress.
  5. Ask her to follow you.

7. Go across the hall and search the wardrobe in the large bedroom to obtain a helmet and breastplate and Sir Ceril's old sword. Take the dragon heads off their mounts near the door. In the north-east corner of the bedroom tear down the curtain for some netting. Lastly, remove Sir Ceril's money pouch from the bed or Lady Henryeta's necklace from the dresser beside the mirror to be used to fulfill the "Return home loaded with riches" requirement on the list.

8. Go across the hall to the small bedroom directly north of Sarsaparilla's. Search Philipe's painting set to find some red paint.

9. Head back down to the cellar. Build on the cobweb hotspot using the netting and the spider.

10. Enter the sewer entrance to go back into the tunnels. Tell Sarsaparilla and Claus to follow you.

Quest Carnillean Rising Sewers

11. Head to the goblin camp and talk to Slimepits and Nostrillia. Ask them to help you by playing the patrolling guards. Offer them Sir Ceril's armour in exchange for their help. They will go to their stations on their own.

12. Head to the jailer hotspot near the bridge over the water and stand on it. Claus will stand there automatically. Use Sir Ceril's money pouch on him if you have it.

13. Bring Sarsaparilla to the damsel hotspot to the north, against the large grating. Stand in it and click through the dialogue to get her in position and tie her up with twine. Give Sarsaparilla Henryeta's necklace if you have it.

14. To the south-east of the large room with the bridge, enter the passage to find two juvenile wolves chasing a cave mouse. Search the spoil pile in the south-west corner to get some bone scraps and animal skulls. Pick up the cave mouse and head back into the main tunnels. The juvenile wolves will follow you. Lead them west and north to the large room. Select the build option on the guardian dragon hotspots. You will get a message saying the wolves are content to remain here and the cave mouse is released automatically. Do NOT release the cave mouse on your own. Use the two dragon heads on the wolves once they are in place.

15. Build decorations at the three decoration hotspots in the tunnels. Build one of each decoration at each spot. It does not matter which decoration goes with which hotspot.

16. Build the tripwire traps on the trap hotspots east and west of the goblin campsite.

17. Build either a pool of water or a spike pit on the obstacle hotspot in the ditch near the sewer exit to serve as the 'death-defying stunt' agility challenge.

A Tiny Adventure
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food for the end battle. Highly recommended for lower levels.

18. Exit the tunnels and return to the ground floor. You can exit the tunnels quickly by right clicking on Butler Crichton and asking to exit. Head back to Sarsaparilla's room to obtain one of her spare dresses, then head back down to the ground floor and speak with Philipe. After Philipe refuses to do the quest, right-click on him to pickpocket his bag of sweets.

19. Offer Philipe a bag of sweets as a reward for doing the quest. Make sure you have all the items that Butler Crichton mentions, then tell Philipe to follow you. Head down into the cellar and then into the tunnels.

Note: After each encounter you go through with Philipe, you will have to talk to him so that he will continue following you.

20. Lead Philipe to the agility challenge. When he refuses to cross, tell him to do it for the sweets.

21. Philipe will see your decoration after the agility challenge (should you have chosen to build one here) and be impressed. Talk to him again to get him to continue following you.

22. When he asks to kill the guards, say they'd still have time to yell. When he fails to make it past, speak to and distract Slimepits . Philipe will run past as Slimepits is distracted.

23. At the tripwire, tell him "it's a fiendish trap" in response to his question.

24. When approaching the spot where Claus the Chef is stationed, either answer to Philipe's dialogue will work. After handing him the fortified wine and the dress, walk towards Claus the Chef to trigger the cutscene.

25. Take Philipe over to the wolf pups. In the cutscene he'll begin fighting them. From the wolf cave, the Cave Wolf Matriarch will emerge and come to face Philipe.

26. Talk to Philipe and offer to help him fight the Cave Wolf Matriarch. Your role is to distract the wolf while Philipe kills it. Running around the wolf in wide circles will be enough to dodge the majority of its attacks. There are two attacks. The first is a purple glowing ball that does magic damage. It can be avoided by running away just as the attack is being cast. The second is a shower of stalagmites that fall from the ceiling, caused when the wolf howls. This can be avoided by running six or seven paces away from the wolf.

27. Talk to Philipe again once the wolf is dead. After he rescues Sarsaparilla, you will be returned upstairs. Talk to Philipe again and go talk to Sir Ceril about what happened in the tunnels.

28. Chat with Xenia outside the mansion after the cutscene with Philipe and Sir Ceril. When she teleports away, go back inside to claim your reward from Sir Ceril.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you need to quickly get out of the tunnels and return to the cellar, you can right-click Butler Crichton.
  • Construction and crafting rocks can be obtained by building the requirements for the quest.
  • Speak to Sir Ceril to find out where Philipe is gone. When you find him at each location, Philipe will hand you an experience lamp that can be used on any skill before leaving to his next adventure. Continue to speak with Sir Ceril to find Philipe as he travels around Gielenor! Detailed information about Philipe's location and rewards can be found in the Philipe's lamp entry.
  • Talk to Claus the Chef in the cellar after the quest. He will offer you a business proposal, asking you to bring him the skull of the Cave Wolf Matriach who has respawned (level 140) in her cave with her pups. Her attacks are significantly stronger post-quest, using magic, melee and a typeless attack in the form of rocks falling from the ceiling. Praying against melee or magic will cause her to attack with the other. The typeless attack can be avoided with great difficulty by running to the edges of the cave. She is a significantly larger threat than her pups; focus on killing her. You can pick up the skull after killing her and leave without dealing with the pups. Good food, potions, armour and weapons are strongly recommended for the fight.


Written by: Aurhora and ForsakenMage

Special thanks to: Grasle, Xena Dragon

Thanks to: Baffler, Clexa

Last updated: 13-Aug-2013

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