Blood Pact, The

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Xenia in the Graveyard south of the Church in Lumbridge.



Monsters: Kayle (level 1), Caitlin (level 1), Reese (level 1)

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Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Speak to Xenia in the Graveyard south of Lumbridge Church. She'll ask for your assistance in rescuing a young wizard who's been captured by Zamorakian cultists and taken down into the Lumbridge Catacombs. After you agree to help, walk through the nearby Catacombs entrance.

2. Upon entering the Catacombs, you will be in a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll find yourself in a dungeon with Xenia following behind you. Walk north to be ambushed by one of the cultists and sent back to the entrance.

The First Cultist - Ranger
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Lumbridge Catacombs Room 1

3. Xenia will have been injured during the attack. She explains that you'll have to take on the cultists by yourself, although she'll still follow behind you and offer advice on combat. Walk north once again to face the first of the three enemies - the ranger Kayle (level 1).

4. Should you ask Xenia, she'll advise that you defeat Kayle through melee combat, since, as a ranger, he would be weak in such a situation (per the combat triangle). When you're ready, advance through the room - either directly to the enemy or gradually behind the cover of the pillars in the room.

5. Engage and defeat Kayle, who will use his chargebow to attack throughout the fight.

6. After the battle, Kayle will reveal some of the details on the kidnapping, although he himself is not aware of everything. Finish with him and take his ranged equipment (Kayle's chargebow); whether you kill him or simply let him go makes no difference.

The Second Cultist - Mage
Items Required: Kayle's chargebow
Items Suggested: None

7. In the next part of the Catacombs, you'll meet the second Zamorakian cultist - the mage Caitlin (level 1). Xenia will advise you to attack her with a ranged weapon, once again in accordance with the combat triangle. Equip Kayle's ranged equipment and attack Caitlin from across the balcony you're on. She attacks with Air Strike spells.

8. Defeat Caitlin and operate the nearby winch to gain access to the other side of the room.

9. Similarly to Kayle, Caitlin can be spoken to for additional information concerning the kidnapping and the ambitions of the cultists. Choose to either kill or spare her when you're prepared to advance, and collect Caitlin's mage equipment (Caitlin's staff).

10. Before heading off, speak to Xenia about the workings of Magic and the details of the Zamorakians' plot. Descend one of the staircases in the room after you've done so.

The Third Cultist - Warrior
Items Required: Caitlin's staff
Items Suggested: None

REMINDER: Players must use the Standard Spellbook to cast Air Strike spells.

Lumbridge Catacombs Room 2

11. The staircases will send you deeper into the Catacombs. In the chamber you come to, walk to the south and open the tomb door there to confront the third and final cultist - the warrior Reese (level 1). He is the Leader of the Blood Pact, however, he is no more difficult than his followers. Simply attack him with the use of Caitlin's mage equipment (casting the Air Strike spell) and put an end to the cultists' schemes.

12. Once Reese is defeated, kill him and take his sword; even if you try to spare him, he will commit suicide for having failed to realise his plans.

The End of the Blood Pact
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

13. In the same room where you fought Reese, Ilona (the captured wizard apprentice) will be present. Untie her to be transported back to the surface and hear her story.

14. Having successfully rescued Ilona and denied the Zamorakians' ambitions, Xenia will compliment you for your heroics and reward you accordingly. Congratulations, quest complete!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Players with 300+ Quest Points can obtain a Helmet of Trials from Xenia after the quest.
  • Speak to Xenia at any point during or after the quest to retrieve Kayle's bow, Caitlin's staff, and/or Reese's sword should you lose them.
  • Following completion of the quest, another level of the Lumbridge Catacombs (beneath the chamber where Reese was fought) is unlocked. This area is swarming with undead creatures, and the pieces of the Mask of Dragith Nurn can be obtained by killing them.
  • In this same area, several Statuettes can be found guarded by the undead monsters. These can be looted and sold to Xenia for a small amount of coins each.
  • After the quest a shortcut through the Lumbridge Catacombs is unlocked. After entering the Catacombs, go down the stairs on your left. You'll arrive right next to the entrance to the lower level of the Catacombs.


Written by: Rien Adelric

Special thanks to: Ddraiggoch06

Thanks to: Bluehooloovo, essiw, Johndevl, Juhniz, SportsGuy, TehEditor, Zaaps1

Last updated: 12-Aug-2015

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