Nomad's Elegy

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Zimberfizz on Soul Wars.


Skills: Level 75 Construction, Level 75 Mining, Level 75 Woodcutting


Items: Weapons, Armour, and food

Monsters: Goblin looter (level 47), Spirit Marauder (level 57), Troll Pillager (level 68), Orc Headhunter (level 72), Ogre Skulltaker (level 75), Bandos Golem (level 81), Guilt (level 98), Shame (level 98), Nomad -Nomad's Elegy- (level 799)

NPCs: Death, Hazelmere, Icthlarin, Korasi, Prince Brand, Princess Astrid, Xenia, Zanik, Zimberfizz

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1. Start
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Speak to Zimberfizz on Soul Wars and he will ask you look at the soul obelisk, it is acting strange. Accept the quest and enter the tent to the north-east.


There are five things to investigate in the room, the throne in the north, crystals north-west of the throne, a strange emission south-west of the throne, sticky goo south-west of the throne, and footprints to the east, after investigating the fourth thing it will explode killing yourself and Zimberfizz (you don't lose any of your items). Zimberfizz will die, however, you will respawn in Death's office. Death and Icthlarin will be discussing Nomad and how he has brought an army to the underworld and seized Icthlarin's fortress. Nomad has also brought the soul obelisk with him and is absorbing all the souls to gain more power.

Death and Icthlarin want to raise their own army and retake the fortress and default Nomad. Death will unlock a door to the underworld behind his desk. Step through it and talk to Icthlarin about what you need to do. On the lower level are two jetty's each going to an afterlife the north-east jetty will bring you to Limbo and the north-east jetty will bring you to the Bandos afterlife.

2. The Afterlives
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Combat gear



Limbo is a replica of Lumbridge. On the steps of the castle you will see either Astrid or Brand, depending on who you married during Blood Runs Deep. Talk to them and they will tell you about Limbo. There are three other people you will need to talk to and help gather their memories.

Nomads-elegy-xenia Xenia is found in the dining room. After speaking to her go to the first floor and try open the chest in the Duke's bedroom. When you try to unlock the chest Guilt will attack you. Kill it and it will drop a key to unlock the chest. Search the chest to find the first half of Xenia's memory. The second half is found on the top of the castle in another chest. Trying to open the chest will cause Shame to attack you. Defeat it and it will drop a key to unlock the chest. Search the chest to get the second half of the memory. Combine the two memories together and talk to Xenia again and she will have her memories again and will agree to help and go and stand beside Astrid/Brand.
Nomads-elegy-hazelmere Hazelmere is found on the first floor of the castle. His memories are found all over the castle grounds, there are 6 more in total to find:
  1. Outside the room to the north-east
  2. Very top of the castle
  3. Top of the gate to Lumbridge
  4. Southern most house
  5. Behind Lumbridge castle
  6. At the steps of the castle.
After finding all 6 memories, Hazelmere will agree to help with your fight against Nomad.
Nomads-elegy-jessica-korasi Jessica/Korasi (depends on who dies during the Void Stares Back quest) is found in the house just south of the gate to Lumbridge. They are depressed and won't talk to you. Enter the grounds of Lumbridge and speak to Wizard Grayzag to the south and eventually you will talk to acceptance and you will be given a memory half. On the first floor of the gatehouse speak to Jessica/Korasi and they will give you the other half of the memory. Combine the two fragments and use the memory on Jessica/Korasi. They will get their memory back and agree to help you.

Speak to Astrid/Brand again, but Nomad will interrupt and kill them. Exit the portal to appear back on the Jetty.



In the Bandos afterlife you will help Zanik protect 10 cave goblins. There are three waves of enemies to defeat, each wave harder than the previous wave. Zanik will help, but don't rely on her too much. If all 10 cave goblins are killed you will have to start that wave again.

Once the three waves have been defeated Zanik will agree to help you and you are teleported back to the Jetty.

3. Questioning Legio Septimus
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

After going to the two afterlives, speak to Death. He will mention that they have captured Legio Septimus and wants you to interrogate him learn about Nomad's plan.


Torture and threaten Legio until his Willpower and Sanity have depleted. You can as Xenia to help question him, Zanik can question him as well but she doesn't provide any helpful answers. The more you let him Legio the more questions he will answer. After getting an answer for all the questions you will have a choice of either freeing or killing him. Asking Legio about how they got into the fortress will provide access to a shortcut later in the quest.

4. Building the ram
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Next use the war table and choose two allies to help you collect resources to build a battering ram. After choosing the allies and what you want them to do, collect wood, collect metal, or keep watch. 25 wood and metal need to be collected. As the materials are collected Nomad will taunt you. Once you have collect all the materials, exit the cave to the south-west.


At the bridge there is a battering ram blueprint, click on it to start building the battering ram. As you build the battering ram Nomad taunt you again.

5. March across the bridge
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

After completing the battering ram interact with the war table to begin the march across the bridge. The ram will stop advancing if you get too far ahead of it. In the top left of the screen there is an interface with the 6 allies, clicking on their picture will allow you to control them, you can also left click on the ally to control them. After selecting an allay left-clicking on the ground will move that ally to that location.

As the ram makes progresses across the bridge various members of the Order of the Ascension will attack. Kill them before they can destroy the ram.

Once across the bridge and inside the fortress there are two options, protect the ram while it breaks down a door to the north and defeat an every increasing amount of the Order of the Ascension or go through the shortcut to the east to by bass the fighting (this option is only available if you asked Legio about how they got into the fortress). Either option will bring you to Nomad.

6. This big bad wolf
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


You will have to defeat Nomad four times. Between each fight you will control an ally and weaken Gielinor, first Xenia, then Death, and finally Icthlarin.

In the first fight when Nomad says "Feel the power of Gielinor", move from your current spot or Gielinor will slam the ground with one of his hands and cause up to 4k damage. Gielinor has a special attack that fires purple magic attack causing up to 800 lifepoints of damage, this can be avoided by moving.

When you have defeated Nomad, you will control Xenia and you have to clear the ascension monsters with one of three abilities.

  • Fire Blast - only damages Rorarii
  • Shield Dome - reflects damage back to Gladii and reduces the damage received
  • Shadow Stalk - creates a copy of yourself behind a Scutarii and damages them

Capsarii will heal Ascension monsters, you can only damage them after the other monsters have been killed. Avoid the fire balls Gielinor fires while clearing the level. Once you have cleared the area, you will control your own character and have to kill Nomad again.

In this second Nomad fight there is a new attack at avoid. When Nomad says "Can you handle my wrath!" hide behind a pillar to block the damage or you will loose 7.5k lifepoints.

After defeating Nomad a second time you will control Death. He has three abilities provoke, scythe, and soul reap, Use the provoke ability directly north, east, south, and west of Gielinor, after using provoke move out of the way or Gielinor will deal you up to 6k damage if his hand hits the area you are standing in. Before his hand rises use the scythe ability to cut it and release a soul left. Use the soul reap ability to release the soul, once you have released the soul, rocks will start falling in that area. Once you have freed all four souls you will fighting Nomad again.

In this fight, Nomad will attack with the three previous attacks and at half health Nomad will split into two, you will have to defeat the original Nomad, if you are lucky and defeat the original the other version of him will disappear, if not you will need to defeat the remain half.

After defeating Nomad you will control Icthlarin. You will need to collect more souls than Gielinor and then deflect his Gielinor's attack back at it. Moving anti-clockwise from where you start, in the middle of a group of souls use the first ability, soul release to start collecting the souls. Gielinor will try collect the souls as well. When you have collected all the souls use the second ability deflection shield to deflect the attack back at it. After deflecting the attack back twice you will fight Nomad for a fourth and last time.

This time it is a straight forward fight with no special attacks. After defeating Nomad, a cut-scene will start and you can choose Death or Icthlarin to kill Gielinor.

7. The Aftermath
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Sliske will appear and allows you to choose to either let Nomad live or die, no matter your choice Sliske will invite Death and yourself to compete for the Stone of Jas. Sliske will take Nomad and everybody else is teleported to the Underworld.

Once you have said your goodbyes and are ready to leave, speak to Death. Icthlarin will interrupt with one last thing to resolve. The soul obelisk at Soul Wars is still active and possesses a danger and someone will need to stand guard of it. He will offer it to Zanik. Zanik will ask you if you think she should comeback or stay dead. After making your choice you will have completed the quest! Congratulations!



Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • In the Bandos afterlife your progress is saved after each wave, so if you die or logout you continue from where you left.
  • The shortcut avoiding the second fight with the Ascension monsters is only available if you have asked Legio about how they got into the fortress.
  • If you die during any combat, your gravestone will appear to the north-east of the entrance to Death's hourglass.
  • When controlling Icthlarin and gathering souls, it's quicker to stay on perimeter than moving in the centre or along the wall.


Written by: Howlin0001

Special thanks to: Arceus

Thanks to: Miss Lioness

Last updated: 13-Jul-2016

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