Void Stares Back, The

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Captain Korasi in Falador Park.


Skills: Level 78 Attack, Level 70 Construction, Level 70 Crafting, Level 25 Defence, Level 71 Firemaking, Level 80 Magic, Level 70 Smithing, Level 78 Strength, Level 55 Summoning

Items: Hammer, Hard leather, Limestone brick, Logs, Tinderbox (items can be obtained during quest and the hammer and tinderbox on your toolbelt will work)

Other: Complete the Conquest tutorial


Skills: A Combat level of 100 or higher

Items: Magic Defence Armour, Weapon, Potions and food for a long and difficult boss fight, Falador teleport runes

Monsters: Brawler (level 100), Shifter (level 100), Spinner (level 100), Torcher (level 100), Elite defiler (level 130), Pest Queen (level 140)

NPCs: Captain Gilroy, Commander Colby, Jessika, Korasi, Lord Daquarius, Tyr, Wizard Grayzag

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Infiltrating the Base
Items Required: Hammer, Hard leather, Limestone brick, Logs, Tinderbox
Items Suggested: Falador teleport, armour (excluding a helmet, platebody and platelegs/skirt), food, and a weapon

1. Talk with Korasi and she will give you a set of bugged black armour. With it equipped, head up to the black knight's fortress, north of Falador.

2. Enter through the front door, and Commander Colby will speak with you. He informs you that your team has been waiting and teleports you to the storage entrance, which turns out to be the black knight stronghold in Taverly dungeon.

3. Speak with Captain Gilroy, who will take you to a room with a security door. Watch the cutscene of a guy failing to open the door; you're up next. Before you try the door, try to take a block from a nearby crate, and you will find that the labels have been swapped, making the weighted blocks inside have been labelled wrong.

4. After taking a block from the 5 nearby crates (numbered 2-6), there is a small puzzle to solve - determining the order of weights. The easiest way is to start by having Captain Gilroy compare weights, taking the heavier each time and eventually coming up with the heaviest weight. Then move that one aside, and find the second-heaviest.

5. After putting the weights in order, tell Gilroy you've solved it and he have you assign the new weights of each block, which should be in order in your inventory now, to their corresponding weights.

The order of lightest to heaviest is 4,2,6,3,5.

Now you must balance the weights. To just find the solution without worrying about torque, skip the next italicized explanation.

This puzzle is a puzzle of torque, where the balances must have an equal torque on both sides and an overall weight of 15. The torque of each side is the distance from the pivot multiplied by the weight, so on the top, 2 times weight in position 1 + weight in position 2 must equal the weight in position 3 + 2 times the weight in position 4. On the bottom, 2 times the weight in position 1 + the weight in position 2 must equal the weight in position 4. Position 3 is ignored because it is on a pivot, and note the overall weights for the scales must both add up to 15.

After doing a little bit of math and physics, the ending set up is:

Room 1

Security Rooms
Items Required: Hammer, Hard leather, Limestone brick, Logs, Tinderbox
Items Suggested: Falador teleport, armour (excluding a helmet, platebody and platelegs/skirt), food, and a weapon

6. After opening the door, you will be swarmed by some pest monsters. It is advised to use protect from mage prayer and attack the shifter first and then the spinner, as the shifter teleports the spinner around the room and the spinner heals its allied pests. After defeating them, pick up the security blocks they drop and speak to Captain Gilroy.

7. The next security test is to fit the security blocks back in the holes in the wall, which would be easy if one of the security blocks wasn't broken! Speak to Captain Gilroy about repairing the block, and it turns out that you need to repair a forge first. To repair the forge, go north-west, into the main base, and use your hard leather and limestone brick on the forge. Next, use logs with the forge and light it with a tinderbox. All items used to fix the forge can be found in random crates throughout the area. Finally, use the broken block on the forge to repair it.

Room 2 Forge

8. After the block is fixed, finish placing the blocks in the wall, and continue to the next room.

9. Search the nearby panels for magical traps. After disarming the trap, you will find yourself yet another puzzle. The goal is to have a connection between the two red lines.

10. Add the shapes below into the empty rectangles, fitting them all. Be sure to connect the red line from each rectangle.

Room 3

11. In the next room, there will be a cut scene where you speak with Lord Daquarius; he will ask you to take your helmet off, showing that you are actually a white knight. Convince him of the danger ahead and your allies will teleport in; everyone will agree to work together to defeat the mysterious evil. After talking, speak to Korasi to receive her sword and enter the portal.


12. Once inside, you'll see who has been behind all the mayhem, Wizard Grayzag. He will tell you his plans and summon a pest army; you and your team will hide in a cave which the entrance collapses. Using the Commorb, Sir Tiffy will ask for assistance and you will be called forth to fight the pest army with void knights in a game on Conquest, via the Commorb.

13. The Conquest can be easily defeated by keeping your units safe and attacking the stronger pests first.

  • Ravagers - Top priority
  • Shifter - High priority
  • Defiler - High priority
  • Spinners - Medium priority
  • Torchers - Low priority
  • Splatter - Explode when killed or attacked - No priority

Pest Queen
Items Required: Korasi's sword
Items Suggested: Falador teleport, magic-defence armour, best food possible, Prayer potions or Super restores, summoning familiar pouch

13. After winning the conquest game, you'll see another portal. Go through the portal to find Wizard Grayzag with both Korasi and Jessika facing extreme danger. You will have to choose who you want to save, which does not directly change the outcome of the quest. After choosing who you want to save, the Pest Queen will appear.

14. Once the Pest Queen has arrived, teleport out and bank your items (including your black armour). Bring prayer potions or super restores, food, and a Beast of Burden or Healing familiar. After preparing for the battle ahead go talk to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park who will teleport you back to the Queen.

15. The Pest Queen attacks with both melee and magic. Upon attacking the queen, pray protect melee. When a Defiler appears, pray protect magic and kill the Defiler. The Defilers automatically target your void ranger allies. The void ranger allies attack the void drones healing the queen so it's vital they stay alive. Although you start out with only two void rangers you will accumulate eight of the void rangers in total, two in each corner of the room.

When your screen shakes and the queen stops attacking (as if charging), use the Backhand ability on her; this will stop her from using her special attack to kill all allies and damage her.

Overall, your first priority should be keeping the Defilers from attacking the void rangers and using the backhand ability to prevent the Pest Queen's special attack. Attack the Queen directly when you are not focused on either of these tasks. This battle can be a long one as it is all about slowly whittling down her health. Preventing the Queen from using her special and keeping the drones from healing her (by keeping the void rangers alive) is the best way to do this.


16. After many attacks the Queen will die. Your allies have captured Wizard Grayzag and it's up to you what happens to him. Your decision won't affect the outcome of the quest, but it will affect what colour of elite torso you obtain (imprisoning him is a "white" decision, torturing him to death is a "black" decision and handing him to the Void or Temple knights is a "grey" decision). Talk to Commander Tyr after you decide Grayzags' fate to finish the quest.


  • Elite void knight torso
  • Korasi's sword
  • 2 Books of equilibrium, granting 50,000 XP to any combat stats (excluding Constitution) over 75
  • 20,000 XP in Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Magic, Smithing, and Summoning
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you die while battling the monsters in the security room, you will have to reclaim the bugged armour back from Captain Korasi and make your own way back to the Black Knights hideout in Taverly dungeon
  • A Spirit Kyatt summoning familiar can be an effective alternative to a Beast of Burden or a Healing familiar. By using the Spirit Kyatt's Ambush scroll ability, it is possible to hit the Pest Queen for large amounts of damage quite quickly. If you choose to use this method, bringing Summoning potions to restore the Spirit Kyatt's special move bar is recommended.
  • If you die while battling the queen, Sir Tiffy in Falador Park will teleport you back to the portal, where your gravestone is.
  • After the quest, the Elite void knight torso and legs can be upgraded from your current Void knight armour for 100 Commendations each. They have the same stats except for a +4 prayer boost for each part.
  • The colour of your Elite void knight armour is based on decisions made during this quest as well as A Void Dance. Generally, the more lives needlessly taken, the darker the armour. If you choose a mixture of "black" and "white" decisions over the course of the two quests the armour you receive will be grey. The three different types are Void guardian (White), Void Justiciar (Grey), and Void Executioner (Black).
  • If you decide you would like to change the colour of your Elite void knight armour you can talk to Commodore Tyr on the Void Knight's Island and have it changed for 100,000 gp.


Written by: Lalala7324 & Shelby Polo

Special thanks to: Aurhora, DaDieselDude05, DarkDude98, Falcon, Game_Freak67, Gandorf61, Glockslinger, Jaffy1, Kimberly, Nyosuht, OXDiosXO, sunbladedrgn, Sy_Accursed

Thanks to: Glockslinger, PhoenixX30

Last updated: 06-Nov-2013

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