Void Dance, A

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Commodore Tyr in the Void Knights' Outpost.


Skills: Level 47 Construction, Level 49 Herblore, Level 46 Hunter, Level 47 Mining, Level 48 Summoning, Level 54 Thieving, Level 52 Woodcutting

Items: Pickaxe, 100gp, Spade, Sextant, Watch, Chart, 1 Onion, a good weapon, armour and food to kill a level 110 Knight.


Skills: 5 Agility

Items: Explorer's ring 3

Monsters: Black Knight guardian (level 110)

NPCs: Ali Tist, Bartender -Rusty Anchor-, Captain Tobias, Chemist, Jessika, Korasi, Man -A Void Dance-, Rommik, Savant, Shopkeeper Kofi, Sir Amik Varze, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Tyr

Walkthrough hide »

1. Start
Items Suggested: Explorer's ring 3

Speak to Commodore Tyr on the Void Knight island. He wants you, Jessika and Captain Korasi to head to the mainland and track down the escaped past, so head back to the boat and leave for Port Sarim.

2. The Hunt Begins
Items Required: None

Once you reach the mainland, Korasi will ask you to interrogate the people of Port Sarim about a missing Pest, without alarming anyone. First thing, talk to Captain Tobias. He mentions that Gerrant, the Fish Monger, has had his barrels smashed lately by something. Speak with Gerrant, and you'll notice purple slime trails appear outside. Search the bushes, plants and stones to continue the trail all the way around Port Sarim until you reach a burrow near the Pub. Head back to Captain Korasi and tell her about it. She will suggest asking the Bartender for access into his cellar.

3. Cellar Business
Items Required: Pickaxe
Items Suggested: Explorer's ring 3

Tell the bartender that there may be a threat under the Pub in his cellar. He'll agree to let you in, but has lost the keys and can't remember where they are. Search the junk around the room until you find a "Broken anchor cellar key". Use it to enter the trapdoor in the pub down into the cellars.

Jessika will notice a crack in the wall. Investigate the crack and you'll mine a small hole with your Pickaxe, causing purple goo to pour out. Jessika will ask you to go into the storage room and find a large empty barrel to store all the goo that's pouring out. She will also give you a whistle which has the power to reverse one move of a barrel or reset the puzzle altogether, if necessary.

The idea of this puzzle is to move all the full barrels out of the way to make room for the empty barrel to be pushed out through the beer barrel slot. Below is a shot of the complete puzzle and a user video showing the barrels to move.

Void Dance Barrels

Beer Barrel Puzzle - User Video

Video by DarkDude98 :: Used on Tip.It with permission

Once finished, talk to Captain Korasi and head upstairs. Talk to the bartender, and choose to either tell a lie or the truth about what happened in the Bartender's cellar. After this, head back to the Void Knight boat on Port Sarim and speak to Captain Korasi.

Note: Either story will work however your decision will affect your reward from The Void Stares Back. Lying is considered a "white" decision and telling the truth is considered a "black" decision. See the Tips and Tricks section in The Void Stares Back.

4. Off to Musa Point
Items Required: 60gp, 4 free inventory slots
Items Suggested: Explorer's ring 3

Board the boat to Musa Point (Karamja) and once you land there talk to Korasi about the situation. She'll tell you to go talk to the locals and find out they've seen anything odd. Head over to the general store and talk to Shopkeeper Kofi. He'll explain something did come by, but he has no energy to show you where it went unless you fix his wall. Grab the tools from the table in the corner, ensuring you have 4 free inventory slots, and repair the wall. Use the chisel on the log, then use the carved plank with the carved log to make a Joist. Finally, use the joist on the wall.

Talk to Kofi again and he'll agree to show you where he last saw it. He'll take you around back of his shop where you'll need to search the logs, succulents and shrubs until you find another mound. You'll find wood shards of waxwood in the mound. Jessika will then suggest to see Rommik, the Craftsman in Rimmington.

5. Chemical Spill
Items Required: 30gp, 16 inventory slots
Items Suggested: Explorer's ring 3

Head over to Rimmington to Rommik at the crafting store either by Musa Point boat or Explorers ring 3. Speak to him and ask about waxwood. He says he made a large delivery of waxwood boxes to Falador. Go to the Chemist's house just west of the town and talk to Korasi about the shipment. Her and Jessika ask you to help the Chemist with the analysis of the samples in a experiment.

You'll need to control the heat and power, making sure it doesn't get too high or too low. On top of that you have to try and keep the reaction stable. To do this you'll be told what the current state is and what state you want it to be in on the left side of the screen. If they're the same then you're good to go. If not, you'll have to add materials to the Sample hopper that you're given to complete the experiment. To figure out what you need to add, follow the guide at the top right of the screen. If you need more, open the spare samples next to the Power controls. You need to continuously increase and decrease the power and heat to keep it stable, as well as add the components in to complete the experiment. If you make a mistake, talk to the Chemist to start over.

Void Dance Sample

Increase Heat - Stoke Furnace
Decrease Heat - Open Furnace
Increase Power - Increase Power
Decrease Power - Apply Brake

After discovering substance and the hazard of it, head to Falador to talk to Sir Tiffy. Jessika will offer to teleport all three of you.

6. Threat of Falador
Items Required: 5gp

Talk to Sir Tiffy and update him with the events. He tells you about Ali Tist selling boxes and people nearby getting similar symptoms to what the bartender and shopkeeper have. Go to Ali Tist who is behind the East Falador Bank and speak with him. After much discussion, agree to buy a box from him and try to open it. You will fail.

Head back to Sir Tiffy after an amusing scene of all three trying to open it. You will then have to choose a path on how to open up the box. The options you choose will not change the outcome. Korasi will then smash it with her sword, which will reveal pest goo inside. Sir Tiffy asks you to make Ali Tist tell you where he got it from. Return to Ali Tist and ask him about it. After much arguing, it becomes clear he will not reveal where he got this substance, so go back to Sir Tiffy and inform him of this. He will refer you to Sir Amik Varze in the Falador Castle (second floor (third floor USA) on the west side).

Explain to Sir Amik the possible threat to Falador and he will give you a warrant to search Ali's wares. Return to Ali Tist and will confess he was given a clue scroll by a "Mysterious Benefactor". The scroll led to a cave full of boxes. He will give you the clue scroll. Take it back to Sir Tiffy and discuss the plan of action. You must now go on a clue hunt.

7. Time for a Clue
Items Required: Spade, Sextant, Watch, Chart, 1 Onion
Items Suggested: Explorer's ring 3, level 5 Agility

The first clue will lead you out west of Falador. Make sure you bring your Sextant, Chart, Watch and Spade. Hop over the wall near the West Falador Bank and go north-west of the Dark Wizards' Tower towards the coast. Dig near a Hollow tree as shown on the map below for the next clue.

Void Dance Clue Location

The seconds clue is a set of instructions. If you didn't bring an onion, walk south-east of the crafting guild to an onion farming patch and pick one from the patch. Then find the "Man" located south of the south entrance to the Clan Camp and use the onion on him. You'll be given a prompt to use an emote. Wave to him and he will give you the next clue scroll.

The third clue tells you to go to the house near the Falador Farming allotment and farming shop. Search a crate inside the main room to get the next clue scroll. Next, head to Edgeville Monastary (Prayer guild) and dig in the north-easternmost flower beds attached to the building to get your final clue.

8. Final Confrontation
Items Required: Spade, Sextant, Watch, Chart, Weapon, armour, and food
Items Suggested:1-click teleport

Follow the coordinates to end up just south of Black Knights' Fortress where you'll see a huge hatchway in the ground. It is marked with a small black square on the World Map, just north of Ice Mountain, before the wilderness wall. Try to open it and you'll find you need help. Jessika and Korasi will teleport to you to help open the door, then Jessika and Korasi will enter with you. Korasi will knock out one knight then they'll hide behind boxes.

Speak to Korasi and she'll try and enter the door, but she will be sent away because she does not have the password. Jessika says she can summon a little pest familiar who will be able to hear the password if placed near the door. Sneak past both workers and you'll find some low boxes west of the door. Inspect them to place the familiar there. When someone approaches the door a cutscene will play of them talking at the door. Afterward, grab the pest bug and speak to Jessika who can understand the Void creature to get the password.

She'll try to enter the door with the password, but does not have identification. You will now need to steal some proper identification. Steal it from the worker going away from the guarded door, then go back and speak to Jessika and Korasi before opening the door. Once inside you'll have the option to either tie up or kill the guard inside. Now head through the other door and you'll be in a room with 4 people.

Note: It will not matter whether you choose to tie up or kill the guard, however your decision will affect your reward from The Void Stares Back. Tying him up is considered a "white" decision and killing him is considered a "black" decision. See the Tips and Tricks section in The Void Stares Back

The quickest way to get the key is by killing one of the Indentured workers. If you do not want to get the key by killing someone and want to get it the humane way then you can do the following:

  1. Search the workbenches until you find the one that has a curious tool on it.
  2. Use the curious tool you find with the other benches to obtain a metal strip and a metal hook. Your tool will break after you search each bench, so you must get another one each time.
  3. Use the metal parts on each other to create a gaff.
  4. Use the gaff on the shelf on the north wall of the room that visibly holds a key.

Note: It will not matter whether you choose to kill an Indentured worker or not, however your decision will affect your reward from The Void Stares Back. Getting a key the humane way is considered a "white" decision and killing a worker for a key is considered a "black" decision. See the Tips and Tricks section in The Void Stares Back

Once you have the key, go to the door and prepare to kill a level 110 Black Knight Guardian. It is best to have your prayer completely drained before entering the battle, because he can drain your prayer to heal himself multiple times during the battle.

After the Black knight guardian is killed, you'll come to a scene with a Void Leech being drained of its power inside a cage. After talking to it you have the choice either of setting it free or putting it down.

Note: It will not matter whether you choose to set the Void Leech free or put it down, however your decision will affect your reward from The Void Stares Back. Setting it free is considered a "white" decision and putting it down is considered a "black" decision. See the Tips and Tricks section in The Void Stares Back

Korasi will then head back to the Void Knight Outpost to speak with Commodore Tyr and will offer you a free trip there. Talk to the Commodore and a final cutscene will ensue with all of you talking to Savant. Quest complete!


  • Void knight commendation (give to any Void knight to receive 50 Commendation points)
  • 10,000 Hunter XP
  • 10,000 Herblore XP
  • 8,000 Summoning XP
  • 8,000 Woodcutting XP
  • 5,000 Thieving XP
  • 5,000 Construction XP
  • 5,000 Mining XP
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Explorers ring 3 is highly useful throughout the quest, as a lot of travel is done near the area.
  • For quick travel to the Void Knight Island, the scroll ability of any of the Void summoning familiars can be used to teleport you to the Pest Control landers.


Written by: Dark_Aura

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, DarkDude98

Thanks to: Aurhora, CwazyCasper, Dadieseldude05, Danny4Christ, Darkblade986, Game_Freak67, Gromhell5, Jaffy1, METALLICA, mrdeath8000, rilo kiley, RussetAlpha, Sman25000, Sorator, stirling105, Svaac, Vulxai, Weiyao, Zharyl

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