Quiet Before the Swarm

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.


Skills: Level 35 Attack, Level 42 Strength

Miscellaneous: Participate in at least one game of Pest Control


Items: Explorer's ring 3

NPCs: Commodore Matthias, Jessika, Knight Ami, Knight Bernard, Knight Diana, Knight Mikhal, Korasi, Mariah, Mrs Gord, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Squire Sam, Terry Gord, Tyr

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Required Items -
Recommended Items Explorer's ring 3

1. Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador park. The Temple Knights have received reports of a strange creature sighted in the area south of Falador, and Sir Tiffy asks you to visit the Void Knights' Outpost to learn if any Pest monsters may have escaped.

2. Travel to the Void Knights' Outpost (via a boat from Port Sarim) and find Commodore Matthias in the north-eastern-most building on the island. He'll tell you that there's no chance of a Pest escaping, but that you should speak to his second-in-command, Captain Tyr, if you insist on investigating.

3. Captain Tyr stands just outside the Commodore's building, so talk to him after finishing your business with Matthias. The Captain will agree that it's unlikely that any Pest escaped, but he'll admit the slight possibility of it happening. He'll then ask for you to question some of the Void Knights and other island inhabitants on the eastern half of the island regarding the matter, and to report back to him with your findings.

Investigation: The Escaped Pest
Required Items -
Recommended Items Explorer's ring 3

4. You must find and speak to the following 9 people:

  • Knight Ami
  • Knight Bernard
  • Knight Diana
  • Knight Mikhal
  • Squire Sam
  • Jessika
  • Mariah
  • Mrs. Gord
  • Terry Gord

As stated, they can be found on the eastern portion of the island. Most of them are near Captain Tyr and none wander farther west than the bank. The order in which you seek out the NPCs is of no consequence, though remember to click through every chat option on each of them.

5. After you've discussed the Pest issue with the 9 specified NPCs, go back to Captain Tyr, and you'll summarise everything you've learned. You're then asked to think about what you heard and figure out who would have had access to the pests and a reason to release one on the mainland.

6. Speak with Jessika, since she is the most suspicious of the lot, and confront her about releasing a Pest. She will weakly deny your allegation, so discuss your suspicions with Captain Tyr, and he'll tell you to forward them to the Commodore.

7. Talk to Commodore Matthias, and doing so will trigger a cutscene. Jessika will still refuse to admit to anything, so the Void Knights will request that you enter Jessika's mind and sort through her memories by means of a potion they've prepared. Accept their proposal as a neutral third-party, and Commander Korasi, a Void Knight officer, will give you the potion (which triggers another cutscene).

8. Within Jessika's memories, you are presented with a 3x3 sliding-panel puzzle (somewhat similar to the Treasure Trails Puzzles, although simplified in this case). Solving the puzzle will unlock the truth hidden in her memories, and the fact that she raised and released a Pest monster into the outside world will come to light.

Sliding-Panel Puzzle

Sliding-Panel Puzzle

Sliding-Panel Puzzle Solution

Sliding-Panel Puzzle Solution

Note: All of the puzzle panels (called "memory blocks") have a border on them, so their location on the puzzle should be fairly obvious; simply line up the borders on each piece along the sides of the puzzle to solve it.

9. Upon learning the truth, you will reappear in the Void Knights' Outpost. Tell the Void Knight officers that Jessika is guilty, and take your leave to report back to Sir Tiffy with news of the threat. Before you go, the Void Knights will tell you to meet them at the Port Sarim dock after you alert the Temple Knights.

10. Travel to Falador park and give Sir Tiffy the warning. Worried, he'll take you to Port Sarim himself, only to find a dazed Commander Korasi with the rest of the Void Knights missing-in-action. Sir Tiffy will have her teleported to the Temple Knights' Headquarters for her safety and to discover what happened. Deposit all of your items and equipment and speak to Sir Tiffy to be teleported there yourself.

11. Talk to Korasi in the HQ, and ask her about the events which led to the Void Knights' disappearance (although she'll be unable to recall, having lost her memories somehow). Fortunately, she'll still have some of the potion you used earlier to access Jessika's memories, so you'll need to drink some to enter Korasi's mind and recover her lost memories.

Inside Korasi's Memories
Required Items -
Recommended Items Explorer's ring 3

12. Inside Korasi's mind, her memories will take the form of a strange land filled with Pest monsters. A bridge spanning across an abyss will be present, and 3 ethereal Void Knights (Ami, Bernard, and Diana) will be standing nearby. Speak to the figure in the bridge's tollbooth for information on what you must do here.

The Memory Bridge

Your objective is to help the ethereal Void Knights (fragments of Korasi's memories) cross over the bridge. The bridge can only support two of the Knights (or yourself and one other) at once, and those crossing must protect themselves from the Pest monsters by wielding a special Sword. Additionally, each Void Knight has a different "weight" based on the number of memories Korasi has of them, and the heaviest of the Knights is counted towards the "toll" paid to cross the bridge. Diana weighs 8, Ami weighs 5, Bernard weighs 2, and you weigh only 1. Note that if the "toll" exceeds 15, the bridge will collapse, and you'll be forced to restart.

13. To successfully transport yourself and all 3 of the Void Knights across the bridge, follow these instructions:

  1. Cross the bridge along with Bernard
  2. Return to the other side by yourself
  3. Tell Ami to cross the bridge with Diana
  4. Have Bernard return to the other side by himself
  5. Cross the bridge along with Bernard once more

14. Upon completion of the puzzle, you'll be faced with another. This time, you will find yourself in Korasi's memory of leaving for Port Sarim with the other Void Knight officers, although it will still be fragmented. Etheral copies of herself and the 4 other officers (Matthias, Diana, Bernard, and Ami) will stand before you in front of the ship they left on, and you will have to listen to each of the figure's memories and piece them back together. They will discuss the officers' positions on the ship, what they were thinking about at the time, and what they saw around them. To recover the full memory of the event, you must tell each figure what happened to them.

Puzzle Solutions

Person Position Thinking Saw
Matthias Helm Jessika Clouds
Korasi Hold Promotion Pest
Diana Main Deck Fighting Seagull
Bernard Crow's Nest Lunch Seaweed
Ami Rigging Sister Shark

The answers you must give to the ethereal figures are shown above. For example, you would tell Commodore Matthias that he was stationed at the helm of the ship, was thinking about Jessika at the time, and saw clouds from where he stood.

15. After you recover the memory of the event, you'll find yourself in control of Commander Korasi as she relives her experience aboard the ship. You'll be in the hold (where Korasi was located), and suddenly be attacked by a Pest monster which descends from the deck. After killing the creature, ascend the ladder; you'll find the ship overrun with pests and the other Void Knights fighting for their lives! Another Pest will attack you as the rest of the Knights are overwhelmed, and you'll be unable to save them. Kill the Pest to trigger a cutscene, in which Matthias fights a Mysterious Figure and teleports you (Korasi) away as he dies.

The Void Knight Ship Battle

16. With the truth of the matter finally revealed, the cutscene (memory) will end, and you'll reappear in the Temple Knights' Headquarters. Sir Tiffy and Commander Korasi will be greatly troubled, and ask you to inform Captain Tyr of the other Void Knights' deaths. Return to the Void Knight Outpost and do so. Congratulations, quest complete!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The "Cabbage Teleport" ability of an Explorer's ring 3 is very useful during the quest. It teleports players to the cabbage patch south-east of Falador and north of Port Sarim, so can be used to travel back and forth between Sir Tiffy in Falador and the Void Knights' Outpost (accessible by boat from Port Sarim).
  • For quick travel to the Void Knight Island, the scroll ability of any of the Void summoning familiars can be used to teleport you to the Pest Control landers.


Written by: DarkDude98

Special thanks to: Rien Adelric

Thanks to: Howlin1, Jaffy1, mrdeath8000, rilo kiley, Tiberyus, vox1st

Last updated: 09-Dec-2013

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