Nomad's Requiem

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak with Zimberfizz, located at Soul Wars.


Quests: King's Ransom

Skills: Level 60 Construction, Level 65 Hunter, Level 75 Magic, Level 66 Mining, Level 70 Prayer

Additional Requirements: Completed the Knight Waves Training Ground after the King's Ransom quest.

Items: Any Pickaxe, Runes for Fire Wave: 1 Blood rune, 7 Fire runes, 5 Air runes


Skills: Very high Combat skills (85-90+), 70 Defence (to use Piety), high Herblore (88+ for Extreme potions)

Items: Strong armour and weapons, Prayer potions, Saradomin brews, Super restores, lots of food, a Beast of Burden summoning familiar. Armour that has high magic defence stats, good ranged weapon, Zamorakian spear


Corruption beast (level 90), Spectral attendant (level 100), Spectral tender (level 100), Spectral worshipper (level 100), Spectral cultivator (level 100), Decaying avatar (level 140), Nomad (level 200)

NPCs: Knight, Zimberfizz

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The First Door

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Pickaxe
Suggested: Prayer potions, Prayer-boosting gear

1. Speak to Zimberfizz the imp at Soul Wars, then search Nomad's tent. After discovering a trap door, climb down.

2. You are now inside a large room with streams of power running through the floor to an arcane door, which is currently impassable. There are two doors to the south. There are no monsters in this room. Proceed to the south-western door and enter the room.

Nomad Room 1

Note: Each of the following puzzle rooms will contain either Spectral attendants (level 100) or Spectral tenders (level 100) which attack with melee. If you log off before finishing a puzzle, it will reset and all the attendants will reappear. It is safe to head to a bank to restock if necessary; your progress will still be there when you return.

3. In the new room, climb the ladder to the south, remembering to use the "Protect from Melee" prayer as you run by the Spectral attendants (level 100).

Nomad Room 2

4. On the next floor, there is rubble that can be mined. Clear it with a pickaxe. This will come in handy later.

Nomad Room 3

5. Continue up to the top level, and move both statues so that water is flowing through the room.

Nomad Roomc4

6. Go back down to the middle ("rubble") floor, and pull both the northern and the southern lever once so that water is flowing into the cleared tunnel. Go down the ladder, and exit into the main cavern.

7. Now enter the room on the south-east side. Take some elemental fuel from the fuel hoppers in each corner; 9 should do. This room has two non-aggressive Spectral tenders (level 100).

8. Your Hunter skill enables you to lure the Elementals into the waterfall on the other side of the room. Put down a trail of fuel from the machine until fuel is directly beneath the waterfall. The map shows the most efficient locations to place the bait (place them one at a time, from east to west). After luring three Elementals into the waterfall, the machine will power off.

Nomad Room 5

9. Return to the spot where you mined the rubble, and continue pulling the southern lever until water is flowing into the southern basin.

10. Downstairs, you must now move the pillars so that all three streams of water travel north to the strange machine. This works like a sliding puzzle, and can get difficult. Be sure to pay attention to the markings on top of the pillars. The below picture is one way to solve the sliding puzzle, there are, however, more solutions.

Nomad Water Puzzle

11. Finally, the power will shut off, and the arcane door in the main room will be passable. Take this opportunity to bank at Soul Wars.

The Second Door

Bank Bank Bank
Items Required: Runes for Fire Wave: 1 Blood rune, 7 Fire runes, 5 Air runes, 1-2 empty pack slots
Items Suggested: Armour, a Weapon, Prayer potions, Prayer-boosting gear (such as Proselyte armour)

12. Returning through Nomad's tent trapdoor, pass through the north arcane door. This room contains four Spectral worshippers (level 100). There will be another arcane door north of you that is blocked by more power running through the floor. Go to the eastern room, where a knight will stop you. He explains that you need a burst of fire to stop the machine, and only the most pious may pass. Activate Piety.

Nomad Corruption Room

13. Enter the room with Piety activated, and leave it on the entire time you remain in this room. If Piety is not activated, you will begin taking damage and your stats will drop. The room is guarded by a number of aggressive Corruption beasts (level 90), so be wary. However, note that killing a beast will completely restore your prayer points, so you might desire that advantage.

Nomad Piety Room

14. There are five piles of rubble with stone slabs on them scattered around the room. Collect all the stone slabs from the piles, then proceed to the river. Hop onto the two slabs that are already in place and start placing the slabs into the river by clicking them in your inventory in order to hop across the river.

15. On the other side of the river, cast Fire Wave on the explosive barrels to destroy the machine. Afterward, cross back over the river on the stone slab bridge, and return to the central room.

16. Enter the western room, and destroy the four individual roots that are growing past the machine. There will be a rumbling, and the Decaying Avatar will appear (level 140).

Nomad Avatar Room

17. Use the "Protect from Melee" prayer in close quarters. This will be a long battle, and the Avatar heals itself three times on nearby roots that spring up (when it has 1/4 of its total life points). To prevent this, destroy the roots before the Avatar can reach them. The first root will spring up in the north-west corner of the main room, the second will be in the south-east corner, and the third in the north-east corner. It is recommended to move the avatar to the opposite side of the room from the next root spawn in order to improve your chances of destroying the root first. (Ranging from the safe-spot pictured below is less desirable due to the healing roots. Ruby bolts are optional, but will speed the fight somewhat.)

Avatar Safe-Spot

18. After finally destroying the avatar the power will shut off, and the second arcane door will open. Head back to Soul Wars to gear up for an extremely difficult battle.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour that has high magic defence stats, Zamorakian spear or other weaponry, Saradomin brews, Super restores (STRONGLY recommended), high level food, and a Beast of Burden summoning familiar loaded with more supplies

Disclaimer: This is one of the most difficult quest battles in RuneScape, and you will likely die multiple times. Upon death, you will respawn at Soul Wars with a gravestone nearby. Certain items have reportedly not respawned with the gravestone such as God Books and Ava's Accumulator/Attractor.

Before battle, summon a beast of burden, and store Rocktails or Saradomin brews and Super restores inside. A typical inventory for battle should contain either Saradomin brews and Super restores (at a 3:1 Brew:Restore ratio) or Rocktails and Prayer potions (3 potions should do.)

Once you are completely prepared for the battle with Nomad, go back through the tent and go through the second arcane door (the northern of the two, in which you haven't been through yet).


His ordinary attacks, using any of the three combat types (mage, melee, or range), hit in the 200-300s (LP). However, he alternates with 3 different special moves that make this fight very challenging. He will rotate through these special attacks in order and use ordinary attacks in between:

  • His first special attack will drop red, bomb-like objects all around, and Nomad will start charging up to shoot a very powerful attack at you. Nomadbombs
    • Wait until the bombs have finished dropping then run south, outside the circle of bombs. Be sure not to step on any bombs, as each will deal 1,000 damage.
    • Run to either side and stand in the gap between two pillars. There are a few seconds between when the bombs finish dropping and when Nomad begins charging up his special attack. Once he screams "You cannot hide from my wrath!" he begins charging up his special attack. You have about five seconds to quickly run behind a pillar to avoid taking 3000 damage from the charged ball he shoots in your direction.
    • After Nomad shoots he will run up to you to attack and the bombs will slowly blow up. Only after they explode is it safe to go near that area again.
  • His second special, while not as dangerous, can still be a threat. He will scream "Let's see how well your senses serve you" and split into four clones of himself, and only one of them is the real one. They will all be attacking you for 90-450 damage. To end this attack you must find the real Nomad, which can be easily discovered as the clone that attacks last among the four. If you cannot tell which one attacks last, another method is to attack each Nomad until you hit the real Nomad. When you hit the clones, they will disappear. A fast weapon is recommended for this. Either way, when you attack the real Nomad, all the clones will disappear.
  • His third special will teleport the two of you in front of his throne, freeze you with ice barrage, then start to charge up. You can eat and attack with range while you are frozen. Take advantage of this and make sure you are healed to maximum health before he attacks! His next attack, while it looks like the first charge attack, will inflict 4200 maximum life points damage. This makes Saradomin brews almost imperative. After his attack, he will give you a few seconds to heal before he starts attacking again.
  • Once you get Nomad down to about 1/4 of his life points, he will heal to 1/2 of his LP, and continue the fight. This will only happen once throughout the battle.
  • After you get him down to 1/4 of his life points again, he will shout "This ends now!" and begin rapidly attacking you with melee (throwing knife speed, hits 200s-300s). This is much more dangerous than his normal magic attack! Pay close attention to your life points. Praying against Melee can help lessen the damage he deals, but he will still be able to hit through the prayer.
  • One strategy is to run behind a pillar and employ a "hit and run" strategy, preventing Nomad from striking as often. Be careful, however, as staying behind a pillar for too long will result in Nomad screaming "Coward!" and restoring all of his life points. If you are having difficulties keeping up with the amounts of damage he is dealing, this can be very helpful. Make sure you step into striking range once every two or three seconds and then step back out of reach. While you are out of his reach, heal or attack as necessary, remembering not to stay out of reach for too long.

20. After you have defeated him go back and talk to Zimberfizz at Soul Wars. There will be a short cut scene and the quest will end. Congratulations!


Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Bring prayer potions and some food for the majority of the quest before the fight with Nomad.
  • If you die, you will respawn at Soul Wars, with your grave nearby.
  • If you log off before finishing a puzzle, that puzzle will reset and any attendants you've killed will reappear. You will be at Soul Wars when you next log in.
  • If you stay too long behind a pillar, Nomad teleports away and FULLY restores his life points, no matter what stage of the battle you are in. You also cannot use the door or teleports to escape.
  • You can leave Nomad by hiding behind a pillar and then logging out. At your next login you will be at Soul Wars.
  • If bringing a Beast of Burden to your fight with Nomad, remember to withdraw supplies often. If you die, you will lose the entire contents of whatever your familiar is carrying. Other options for familiars are bringing a Spirit Kyatt and a stack of special attack scrolls, or bringing a bunyip or unicorn for healing. However, given the unpredictability of when you will and won't need healing, having the control of extra supplies in a Beast of Burden may be the most beneficial option.
  • If you have a high enough prayer level to use Soul Split, using ancient curses instead of the normal set of prayers may be beneficial. Otherwise, using protection prayers, steel skin and eagle eye prayers for the bulk of the fight may serve you better.


Written by: Lalala7324 and Metoo1000

Special Thanks to: Georgelemmons, Warriormonkx, Wyvren2000

Thanks to: Aurhora, bowron86, Codguy, CountTJ, DaDieselDude05, Darkdude98, Jaffy1, Juhniz, Lady_Shahdie, Laikrob, Master_Smither, mik0082, misterdeathbringer, pokemama, quantumkik, Rien_Adelric, Seer, Tanisthe, TheLeonardo

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