Mighty Fall, The

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Ur-Tag in Dorgesh-Kaan


Skills: Level 79 Attack, Level 78 Constitution, Level 72 Defence, Level 69 Slayer, Level 79 Strength

Note: You must have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels.

Items: A light source, combat equipment, food, and potions.


Skills: 96 Herblore, 95 Prayer, high melee skills

Items: Overload potions, Rocktail or Rocktail soup, Games necklace, Bandosian token of any kind

Monsters: Human infiltrator (Level 98-112), Yelps(Level 84), Yelps's bodyguard (Level 112), Lol (Level 110), General Graardor -TMF- (Level 210)

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1. Invasion!
Items Required: A light source
Items Suggested: Dorgesh-kaan sphere, Games necklace (8)

Talk to Ur-Tag in Dorgesh-Kaan to start the quest. He tells you that an army of goblins, orks and ogres are gathering in the swamp, and asks you to investigate, concerned that their appearance may have something to do with Bandos's death. After agreeing to investigate, Zanik appears and informs the player that the army has been stopped temporarily by causing a cave-in in the Lumbridge swamp caves. You are asked to talk to the leaders of the army to give the Dorgesh-Kaan council a chance to plan evacuations.

The hole used to access the Lumbridge swamp caves from the Lumbridge cellar has been blocked at this point, so you're forced to take the long route through the tree in the Lumbridge swamps. Upon entry, run to the east (Wall beasts are not active in the caves at this point, so appropriate protection is unnecessary). A Games necklace teleport to Tears of Guthix is a quicker method, running back through the Lumbridge Swamp caves, and over the stepping stone.

Themightyfall 1

You'll come across the army leaders, where the usual arguing from General Bentnoze and General Wartface is quickly cut off by General Graador before you're noticed. Greeted warmly if you fought for Bandos in The Bird and the Beast, and not so warmly otherwise, you're quickly accused of being one of the reasons Bandos was weakened, and a reason for his death. Of course, being Bandosian creatures, they quickly devolve into bickering over who the strongest is. This leads to remembering legends of the Kyzaj Tournament, a way to determine the strongest leader, where you're entered as the 'advocate' (or trained attack dog) of Zanik on behalf of the Dorgeshuun. Only held on Yu'biusk, to which a permanent portal has been opened at the base of Bandos's Tower by the Goblin Village, you're sent back to Dorgesh-Kaan while the tournament preparations are made. Speak to Ur-tag upstairs in Dorgeshuun and although concerned at the consequences if the tournament doesn't go their way, the Dorgeshuun take the opportunity, and you're told to prepare and head to the portal near the Goblin Village to meet Zanik.

2. Yu'biusk
Items Required:Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested:Bandosian token of any level

After meeting Zanik outside the portal, she informs you that due to the death of Bandos, she too is dying. When resurrected during the Death to the Dorgeshuun, it wasn't the power of the Tears that revived her, but Bandos himself. Upon his death, Zanik's borrowed life energy has begun slipping away. After informing you that Grubfoot will be watching out for you on Yu'biusk, she has you enter the portal.

Themightyfall 2

You're quickly greeted by the Goblin Maitre D', who informs you that Zarador is waiting for you upstairs on the middle floor. Go up the ladder and to the north-east, where Zarador will explain the rules of the tournament (most importantly that each fight will have a special limitation). Once finished, you're told to go to your camp, where 'fans' are waiting in the form of Burntmeat, My Arm and Grubfoot. After some catching up, you're informed by a goblin messenger of your first round fight - against the Goblin Champion Yelps. While talking to the messenger, you discover that he's a Human infiltrator, upset that humans are being excluded from the tournament. Looking to prove the strength of Bandosian humans by taking the tournament by force, he attacks you. Weak to water spells, he's extremely easy to dispatch with any weapon. Upon his death, a note is found upon his body, detailing plans to infiltrate the tournament and kill all champions through the use of poison. They are identified by the goblin potion they've used, namely the one with the 'big hat'. Tell Zarador of the threat, and he'll respond that as a human, you're the one to deal with the human infiltrators, and that if the tournament is disrupted, the invasion of Dorgesh-Kaan will resume immediately.

3. Infiltration Assassination
Items Required:Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested: None

Themightyfall 3

Time to hunt the infiltrators! They can be found in the following areas:

  • Top floor, guarding the 'secret weapon'
  • Middle floor, near Bork, pretending to be an Ork
  • Middle floor, in the middle area between Zarador and the portal ladder
  • Bottom floor near your camp, pretending to be a goblin cleaner
  • Bottom floor, near the portal, guarding the trolls

Upon killing all the infiltrators, Zarador observes that you've cleaned up after yourself, and reminds you of your upcoming fight against Yelps.

4. The Duel of Fortune
Items Required: Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested: None

Themightyfall 4

The special rule of the Yelps fight is that you're allowed to bring as many goblin minions as you want. Obviously, you have none, but Yelps does. Yelps starts with two bodyguards, which should be killed off normally. Yelps will start spinning after a vocal prompt of the infamous 'Extra spin for the win!'. This does rapid damage between 100-700 lifepoints in a small area around Yelps, who will teleport around the small arena. Avoid it if possible (an animation of exploding coins will appear in the area that Yelps will teleport shortly before he does it, so if spotted, it should be avoided), and focus on the bodyguards. Once they've been defeated, Yelps can be attacked normally, and will be extremely susceptible to damage. At random times, he will spawn another bodyguard, making attacks against Yelps extremely ineffective until the bodyguard has been defeated. Continue to kill the bodyguards and attack Yelps, eating as required, until you defeat him. You are then given the choice to kill or spare Yelps. Neither has any impact on the quest. Before the second round can begin you need to check in on Zanik.

5. Who's Laughing Now?
Items Required: Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested: None

Themightyfall 5

After a quick chat to Zanik, she reminds you to go for the next round of the tournament. Head back and speak to Zarador, who informs you that your second fight will be against the troll champion, Lol. The special ruling for this round is that you can not wear any armour (including auras and pocket items). You are only allowed your weapons in this fight. This fight is fairly simple once again. Lol will attack with range attacks, occasionally throwing a huge rock in your direction. This can do up to half your lifepoints in damage in a single hit, so avoiding it is a must. Lol also prays protect from Ranged and Magic, so use Melee attacks in this fight if you don't want your damage to be heavily decreased. Keep attacking Lol, and avoiding the rocks when possible, until you're given the prompt that 'It's time for a big bang!'. The rocks will explode with deadly force, but they're easily avoidable. Continue attacking Lol until he's defeated, where you once again have the choice to kill or spare him.

6. Just A Tribute
Items Required: Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested: None

Zarador is impressed and inspired by your actions in the tournament thus far, and congratulates you on reaching the finale. However, your opponent is now General Graador himself, who must be fought using the Kyzaj, a ceremonial Bandos weapon reserved only for the final round of the tournament. You're given the weapon for training, where you decide to speak to Zanik about it. She taps into Bandos's memories to teach you how to use the weapon, created by the Ourgs as tribute to Bandos. After teaching you how to use it correctly, Zanik sends you back to finish the tournament.

7. Smashing Time!
Items Required: Combat equipment, food, and potions
Items Suggested: None

Themightyfall 6

The fight against Graardor seems more difficult than previous fights, but the right strategy will make for a significantly less painful fight. Prayers have been disabled for the final round of the tournament. His main attacks are to smash the centre of the arena causing damage the closer you are, and a massive sweep of his Kyzaj blade dealing high damage. It is recommended to tank the centre smashing damage as 1k damage is not as bad as the Kyzaj sweep, which you may not notice being prepared if you're running away from the centre smash. The Kyzaj sweep attack be easily avoided with the right tactic. As Graardor sweeps the blade back slowly for the slash, stepping underneath him or to the side will prevent the damage. Using this method, Graardor can be easily defeated.

8. The End
Items Required: A light source
Items Suggested: Dorgesh-kaan sphere

After defeating Graardor, Zarador throws Zanik into the arena with you. Zarador informs you that the loser of the finale lives to serve as the lieutenant of the victor, but then orders you to kill Zanik. If Zanik dies, you are disqualified from the tournament as you only fight as her advocate and Graardor wins, but he vows not to destroy Dorgesh-Kaan if Zanik is already dead. If Zanik lives, she becomes the leader of the Bandosians, but Graardor will refuse to serve her, and take his loyalists back to the God Wars Dungeon. Zanik doesn't want to die, but says that she understands if you do kill her as it will calm the blood lust of the Bandosian followers. The choice is left up to the player, to spare Zanik, or to kill her. Whatever your choice, talk to General Graardor, who tells you to inform the Dorgeshuun of the result of the tournament. Go back to Dorgesh-Kaan and inform Ur-Tag of the tournament to finish the quest.


  • 80,000 Attack XP
  • 80,000 Strength XP
  • 75,000 Combat XP Lamp
  • 50,000 Combat XP Lamp
  • A Kyzaj and the ability to upgrade it with a Bandos hilt
  • A Kyzaj override for mauls
  • 'the Champion' title
  • Bandos's memories book
  • Option to have My Arm change the Trollheim teleport destination to the God Wars Dungeon entrance
  • Improved drops from Bork
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you kept any Bandosian token obtained fighting for Bandos in the Bird and the Beast event, it provides an easy and free teleport to the Yu'biusk portal.
  • Dying in Yu'biusk will put your gravestone down in Bandos's Tower. An easy way to get back is via the Falador lodestone and running.
  • While killing the human infiltrators, you don't have to worry if you falsely accuse a goblin. If the goblin screams "Whyyyyyyy?", you can click away to break the interaction without killing them. However, falsely accusing a goblin has no penalty, so this is optional.
  • Your Kyzaj will be either Bloodied or Honorable depending on if you killed or spared Zanik. This can be changed between the two by speaking to Zarador with no cost.
  • After defeating Yelps, you can claim a coin pouch with around 73,105 coins, and an Expired Spin ticket which currently has no use. If you spare him, you will immediately receive both, and if you kill him, they will be in his chest on the bottom floor.


Written by: Dragonkng198

Special thanks to: Dark Marquis

Thanks to: Blood Angel, Octarine, Omnitec

Last updated: 29-Dec-2014

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