Missing, Presumed Death

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Brother Samwell on the road to Paterdomus Temple, East of Varrock.


Items: Up to 12 inventory spaces, food, armour and weapons for combat.

Monsters: Wight (level 10), Wight footsoldier (level 10), Wight ranger (level 10)

NPCs: Blaze Sharpeye, Brother Samwell, Death -Missing, Presumed Death-, Icthlarin, Odd Old Man, Sliske, Statue of Death, Wizard Valina, Zamorak

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1: Discovering the Slaughtered monks
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Begin by talking to Brother Samwell, he will explain that someone murdered his brothers, but it happened so fast it's all a blur to him. He will then explain that for some reason their souls can't pass onto the afterlife. He will ask you to search for evidence to find the killers of his brothers and will hand you a notebook to record your findings in.

2: Finding clues to the murder
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Clues can be found on the Slaughtered monks body just north of Samwell, monks body south-west of Brother Samwell, tree south-west of Samwell (south-east of previous monk) and a lost ring in the plant just east of Brother Samwell. After finding the four clues, return to Brother Samwell and tell him that you think you have found all the clues. He will look at the evidence you have found and will comment how it could have been an elf who killed his brothers and will tell you a bit about Seren, the Elf god who only wanted peace. He will then mention about a strange man who might have witnessed something.

The Odd Old Man can be found to the north-west of Brother Samwell. Talk to him about what he saw, you can either persuade him or threaten him to tell you what he has seen (you will eventually have to threaten him otherwise he won't tell you). After talking with him, return to Brother Samwell and tell him what you found and then who you suspect killed the brothers1. Brother Samwell will suggest heading east to try and find the suspect the odd old man saw heading that direction.

Head east to the Paterdomus Temple, and follow the crystals on the ground to south of the temple. There are five clues to be found here. A lost necklace can be found under the plant west of the bench. An elf's body south of the plant. A piece of blue robe can be found on the bench west of the elf's body. A mysterious letter can be found under the bench south-east of the temple. A witness, Blaze Sharpeye can be found at the beacon south-west of the temple. You will have to threaten him to get any information from him. He will tell you that he saw the killer (of the elf) teleport, but didn't get a look at the killer.

Go back and talk to Brother Samwell about the evidence you've found. He will say that, with that evidence you've found it suggests that it was a Saradominist who killed the elf. He will also suggest talking to Valina at the entrance of the Wizards Tower (south of Draynor village) about how the mysterious killer teleported.

Talk to Valina and tell her Brother Samwell said that she might be able to help them. You will show Valina the notes you have made already and she thinks she might be able to help. Next you can ask her about the elves, the Saradominist wizards, the teleportation and the trapped souls. You only need to ask her about the first three to progress on in the quest, but you can ask all four. Return to Brother Samwell with what you have learned from Valina.

Talk to Brother Samwell and show him your findings and then tell him your opinion on everything that has happened and who you suspect did it. You will start to hear a strange voice who says they will be able to help you2. The voice is Icthlarin and will appear because he has sensed many people in the area. Icthlarin will tell you Death has gone missing and without his scythe, people's souls can't move on and are stuck in limbo.

Icthlarin speaks with the adventurer regarding the strange events.

This worries Icthlarin because he and Death work harmoniously (Death reaps souls and he guides them to the Underworld). Death has fail-safes in place, but they are unable to keep pace with the amount of souls needing reaping. Icthlarin will ask to see what you have found so far. Your findings will confirm his theories. Sliske, a Mahjarrat is the person who killed the monks and is also possible the reason for Death's disappearance.

3: An unexpected invitation...
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Four level 10 Wights will attack you, their lifepoints will scale with your combat level, but they aren't too difficult to kill. Icthlarin will help you defeat the Wights. The last Wight will drop an Invitation box. Talk to Icthlarin and show him the box that was dropped. The box will start to talk and will invite Icthlarin to a most exclusive event hosted by Sliske; his ascension to godhood.

When ready, use the Invitation box to teleport yourself and Icthlarin to the Empyrean Citadel. Once at the Citadel you can talk to the other invitees3,4 to try and learn anything interesting or talk to Icthlarin and continue to the citadel. Icthlarin will head into the Citadel and suggest that you look for death on your own.

4: Finding Death
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food and armour for a fight

Head west of the other invitees up the ramp. In the north-east corner of the room is a viewing window. Look through it to see what is going on in the Citadel. Once that cut-scene has finished, head west then south and step out onto a platform outside the room. Jump onto the rock to the west then run across the planks. Run west then drop down the rock face. Climb the next rock face, then climb through the obstacle, when you are in the room again head north and go through the doors to exit that room. Run up the ramp to the next room.

In the next room there will be a total of seven Wights (five footsoldiers and two rangers) to fight (again their lifepoints scale with your combat level). They can only be damaged when they are on a spotlight. There are three different levers to turn on three different spotlights. The first is on the wall just to the west of the door entrance, the second is on the middle of the west wall and the third is on the middle of the east wall. Once all the Wights have been killed, there is another viewing window. Look through it to see what is going on in the Citadel. Once the cut-scene is finished, proceed to the next room.

The next room is light chamber. Click on the display in front of the entrance to the chamber. After talking with Light and Shadow, you will be presented with a shadow on the floor. Rotate the Shadow Caster until Light tells you that you have done it.

Shadow Mpd Quest

Proceed to the next room and talk to the Statue of Death. It wants to play a game with you and if you win, it will give you Death. In each chest are some riddle tokens, which are placed on the answer plinth beside the Statue of Death.
Riddle 1:
I can build castles,
That melt in the rain.
But I trickle down,
As the seconds drain.
What am I?
Answer: Sand

Riddle 2:
I can fall from the sky.
But I cannot climb higher.
I spring with no legs.
I run but don't tire.
What am I?
Answer: Water

Riddle 3:
Glass can't create me, but stone and steel do,
I'm made by the sun, but out if its view.
I can be tiny, and also be vast.
In the shape of my maker, like a spell I am cast.
What am I?
Answer: Shadow

While you did answer the Statues riddles correctly, it won't give you Death. You will instead get an invitation into the Citadel. There is another viewing window in that room, look through it to see another cut-scene. Once the cut-scene has finished, go south out of that room and climb down off the ledge, then run west and talk to any of the Barrows Brothers and enter the Citadel.

4: Sliske's announcement
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food and armour for a fight

In the Citadel, Icthlarin is demanding for Death to be released. Sliske will reveal that he has both the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas and he has kidnapped a dragonkin. The gods in the Citadel are angry about this and want him to hand them the items. Sliske only gives the Gods a challenge. When Zanaris - Gielinor's moon - passes the sun, resulting in a total eclipse and everything engulfed in shadow. The challenge is then over and the winner is the person who has killed the most gods. The prize for winning the challenge is the Stone of Jas.

The assembly of gods listens to Sliske's announcement.

The gods will be outraged by this at all the death and destruction that this will cause. Sliske will ask you for your opinion, Icthlarin will warn you to be careful of what you say because the gods do not forget. After the gods argue a bit more, you will have the option to side with someone, make your choice. After picking, Sliske gets tired of the arguing and will kick things off himself by throwing you the key to Deaths cage and releasing the dragonkin from his cage.

When the cut-scene ends you will be behind Icthlarin who has cast a shield to protect you against the dragonkins attack. To get to Deaths cage you will have to avoid the dragonkins attack or you will be knocked out and have to start again. To get to Deaths cage, you will need to stamp out some of the smaller fires (there are two in total).

FireStamp Mpd Quest

Once Death has been freed, he will teleport you and Icthlarin out of the Citadel and back to Brother Samwell. Icthlarin and Death will thank you for the help you have given and warn you to be cautious because gods will fall in the coming days. Icthlarin and Death will teleport away and Brother Samwell will thank you for all your help and give you your rewards. Quest complete! Congratulations.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • *The lamps and barrows amulet can be claimed after the quest, by using the invitation box to teleport to the Empyrean Citadel and talking to the Statue of Death.
  • 1 If you have completed the Legacy of Seergaze, Zamorakian monks can be a suspect.
  • 2 If you have completed the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest you can identify the voice as Icthlarin.
  • 3 If you have completed the Chosen Commander quest, General Gaardor will know you because you defeated Bandos' avatar.
  • 4 If you have completed the Temple at Senntisten quest you can ask Azzanadra about Senntisten.


Written by: Howlin0001

Special thanks to: Kimberly, Warriormonkx

Thanks to: Xena Dragon

Last updated: 01-Mar-2015

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