One of a Kind

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Mr Mordaut in his office in the basement of the Varrock Museum. Access his office via the door behind the staircase after descending from the ground floor.


Skills: Level 40 Divination, Level 67 Dungeoneering, Level 81 Magic, Level 74 Summoning

Items: emerald, catspeak amulet (e)


Quests: Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Items: Combat gear, food, at least 4 free inventory spaces, and some combination of super antifire potions or antifire potions and/or an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield to protect against dragonfire.

Monsters: Iron dragon (level 98), Celestial dragon (level 127), Dragon-hunter archer (level 93), Dragon-hunter mage (level 92), Dragon-hunter warrior, Echo of Jas (level 133)

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1. Mr Mordaut's Research

Items Required: 1 free inventory space
Mr Mordaut One Of A Kind

Striking up a conversation with Mr Mordaut, he will tell you about his research into the Dragonkin, and how he came to find the final journal of Hannibus, the last of the Dragon Riders. He believes Hannibus to be still alive in statue form, and requests that you venture out and locate him. Choose the "Bob the Cat?" suggestion as a good place to start your investigation, and Mr Mordaut will agree.

2. Locating Robert the Strong's Library

Items Required: Catspeak amulet (e)
Items Suggested: None

To find Bob, open your catspeak amulet (e) in your inventory. The glowing arrow will point you towards him. Bob wanders far and wide; teleporting to cities in his wander area such as Burthorpe, Falador, Edgeville, and Varrock and checking which way the arrow is pointing may be helpful in narrowing down his location if you are having a hard time finding him.

Bob One Of A Kind

Once found, speak to Bob about One of a Kind. Unfortunately he doesn't appear to remember anything about being Robert the Strong, much less where he lived. However, if you prompt him about the human he looks after, he will mention how much Unferth's house feels like home to him. Head over to Unferth's home in north Burthorpe to investigate.

Chatting with Unferth about looking for a secret library, he reveals an unusual secret of his own. Telling him you're not interested in those books, ask him if Bob seemed drawn to any particular part of the house. He mentions Bob preferred to stay on the ground floor. After thoroughly inspecting (and destroying...) the table, fireplace, and bookshelf, you'll have the option to pull back the rug, revealing a trapdoor.

Hidden Trapdoor One Of A Kind

3. Inside the Library

Items Required: Emerald, some free inventory space
Items Suggested: None Library One Of A Kind

Heading down the trapdoor, you find yourself inside Robert the Strong's library. Search the desk in the centre for some of his notes on animating stone. Investigate the weapon rack by the stairs where you came in and scrape some rust off the weapons. Returning to the desk, click on it and you will have the new option of creating an Animate Rock scroll. Investigate the statue in the south end of the room and use your Animate Rock scroll on it to release Hannibus from his prison of stone. Chat with him. The dialogue options eventually lead you to the suggestion that he return to his home world. Hannibus will agree and ask you for your help, starting with searching through the library for useful information.

Lore point: You can now ask Hannibus about himself and the Dragon Rider race for information on their past and their involvement with Zaros and Gielinor. Additionally, a bookcase on the west wall has a book about Robert the Strong, which gives some interesting lore about Robert's home world and how he came to Gielinor.

On the west side of the library, search the central set of bookcases to uncover "Flight of the Dragonkin." Flip through it, then search the bookcases on the east side of the library to receive the Dragonkin Primer, documenting Robert The Strong's work into creating a Dragonkin dictionary.

Dragonkin Primer One Of A Kind

Hannibus is pleased with the information uncovered, and asks for help in completing two tasks:

  1. Uncover the Mysterious Stone Statues outlined in 'Flight of the Dragonkin'
  2. Follow the clues left in the Dragonkin Primer

It does not matter which task you choose to work on first. Before you can start, however, you need to discover more words for the Dragonkin Primer. Investigate the map on the wall behind Hannibus for some additional vocabulary. You can toggle on and off the option of having the Dragonkin words in the primer automatically translated when you have learned them. The primer implies that you should visit the dragons in the Forinthry Dungeon in the Wilderness to continue your search (if you want to work on the second task first). If you wish to start by looking for the mysterious statues, jump down to step 6 in the quest guide.

4. A first encounter

Items Required: Dragonkin primer. Bank all other items as you will be travelling through the Wilderness.
Items Suggested: None Green Dragon One Of A Kind

Travelling through the Wilderness in this quest, unlike some others, is not safe. Bank everything except the Dragonkin primer. When ready, head to the Forinthry Dungeon entrance in level 22 of the Wilderness. Home-Teleporting to the Wilderness Volcano lodestone and running west is the fastest way to get there. Once in the dungeon, make your way east to the green dragon area and you will be given the option to continue One of a Kind. Click to continue and you will be joined in an instance by Hannibus. Hannibus will connect with a green dragon and ask him questions. The dragon will point you in the direction of another piece of Dragonkin writing on a rock to its south east. Study the rock to learn more Dragonkin language and obtain another clue in your primer. Dragonkin Text One Of A Kind

5. Following the clues

Items Required: quest items received so far, food, combat gear (magic recommended against iron dragons), and your choice of protection against dragonfire
Items Suggested: Karamja gloves 4 for access to agility shortcuts

This time, the primer indicates that your next location is Brimhaven Dungeon. Head to the dungeon and make your way to the iron dragon area, where another instance will occur (select the option to continue the quest). Hannibus will attempt to communicate with a steel dragon; protect him from the spawning iron dragons and offer words of encouragement when he struggles. while he does so. Defeat three waves of one iron dragon each. The steel dragon will reveal another piece of writing located near the entrance of the resource dungeon nearby. Study it to gain more language and another clue, this time leading you to the Queen Black Dragon's lair.

Dragonkin Text Two One Of A Kind

Head to the Grotworm Lair west of Port Sarim and make your way to the summoning portal on the lowest level where the Mature Grotworms are. Investigate the summoning portal, selecting the "One of a Kind" option. Fortunately, you and Hannibus arrive while the Queen Black Dragon is sleeping. The Queen Black Dragon will briefly take control of Hannibus and communicate through him. Ask her questions about the Dragonkin, and she will tell her story of the Dragonkin taking away her children to Dragontooth Isle.

You must now travel to Dragontooth Isle by speaking to the Ghost Captain (ghostspeak amulet not required) at the Port Phasmatys Docks. Once on the island, head to the southern half of the island and enter the mysterious dungeon. Hannibus will ask you to remain in combat with a celestial dragon (level 182) and avoid killing it so that he can connect with it. This is most easily accomplishing by attacking a dragon unarmed. Pick any of the dragons in the dungeon and start attacking. If you kill a dragon, simply attack another until the progress bar fills up.

Celestial Dragons One Of A Kind

Hannibus conversation with the celestial dragon is unfruitful. He identifies this as a dead end (unless you've already found all the mysterious statues), and suggests you investigate the mysterious statues. If you have already found them, skip to step 7.

6. The Mysterious Statues

Items Required: Animate Rock spell scroll, enough bank space to deposit all Entrana banned items
Items Suggested: None

The mysterious statues Hannibus refers to are the large mysterious stone heads dotted around Gielinor, previously encountered in the Holy Grail quest. There are four in total, one between the bank and Camelot Castle in Seers' village, one South of the Fishing Guild near Ardougne, one North of the Tower of Life south of Ardougne and finally one west of the player owned house portal in Brimhaven. At each of these statues, use the Animate Rock spell to talk with the head. All four of them will want to be rotated to face the "Sleeper," the statue who bears the information you seek. You need only visit and turn two of the statues heads to see that the Sleeper is in Entrana, however turning all four heads will reward you with 10,000 bonus XP in any one skill of your choosing.

Lore point: You can speak with the heads to learn more about their origins from the TokHaar and the Elder Gods.

After turning at least two of the statues, bank any Entrana banned items you still have and head for Entrana. Make your way to the northwestern point of the island, where you'll see a submerged head statue. Use your Animate Rock scroll to awaken him.

The Sleeper One Of A Kind

Talk to the Sleeper to gain information on how to travel between worlds, and it will inform you that the King Black Dragon knows more about the Dragonkin's special world flying abilities. (If you haven't followed the clues in the Dragonkin primer yet, go back up to step 4.)

7. Learning to Fly

Items Required: Good combat equipment and supplies (magic/range recommended), food, emergency teleport
Items Suggested: None

Note: After the initial release of this quest, this last section of the quest was changed such you will not need to walk through the Wilderness if you die, and will not be placed in the Wilderness after your conversation with the King Black Dragon.

Armed with new information, home teleport to Edgeville and use the artefact at the base of the Wilderness wall north of the Edgeville Monastery, and select the option to continue "One of a Kind" to head into a safe instance with the King Black Dragon. Hannibus greets the King Black Dragon as an old friend. The King Black Dragon will tell you about the last remaining white dragon, Therragorn, who can fly between worlds. He takes you to her hiding place, and unlocks it for you. Enter the cave.

Therragorn is extremely distrustful and concerned about being found. Convince her to listen to Hannibus. Eventually, she will agree to answer your questions.

Therragorn One Of A Kind

Lore point: You can speak with Therragorn to learn about the history of the White dragons and what caused her to go into hiding.

Once you've spoken to Therragorn about everything you want to hear, ask her if she can help Hannibus get to his home realm. She agrees to help, however, three Dragon-Hunters interrupt the proceedings, looking to kill Therragorn for her hide.

Warning: If you choose to leave Therragorn's cave through the door where you entered, you will be placed into the normal Wilderness and will be vulnerable to PKers. If you need to leave for any reason, or die, you can use the artefact in Edgeville to return quickly rather than walking through the Wilderness.

You must defeat the trio, consisting of a Dragon-hunter archer (level 93), Dragon-hunter mage (level 92), and a Dragon-hunter warrior (level 94). They all have the use of abilities. Having Freedom handy is recommended to break free from their stuns. Kill one at a time, using your preferred combat style to take them all down. Magic is advised, as the warrior can be frozen to the spot so you won't be bothered too much by him. It is also possible to trap the warrior on the other side of Hannibus while you deal with the other two.

Dragon-Hunters One Of A KInd

Once you've dispatched the hunters, Therragorn will panic, feeling her safety has been compromised. She asks you and Hannibus to hop on her back and she flies the three of you out of the cave to safety. As the three of you flee, a fireball knocks you out of the sky over Daemonheim, and you fade out of consciousness.

8. Helping the Dragonkin

Items Required: Good combat equipment and supplies (magic/range recommended), food to survive a level 133 boss
Items Suggested: None

You wake up in Kerapac's Dragonkin stronghold laboratory below Daemonheim. Speak to Kerapac, who will agree to help an injured Hannibus to recovery if you agree to do Kerapac a favor.

Follow Kerapac through the laboratory until you reached the caged Strisath. Kerapac will explain the curse the Stone of Jas has on his fellow Dragonkin, and that he wants to borrow your world guardian powers to try and calm Strisath's madness. Collect 25 Dragonkin memories from the protoplasmic wisps that he summons, then channel them into Strisath's cage. Speak to Kerapac again and get ready for a fight. Strisath One Of A Kind

Note: Higher leveled players using abilities will be able to defeat this boss with ease. For lower leveled players this fight may be slightly challenging, as the boss uses abilities and has higher than average life points. Use of abilities is highly recommended.

Once you have entered Strisath's mind, the Echo of Jas (level 133) will address you briefly and then begin to attack. It uses all magic abilities, has no weaknesses, and is capable of using ultimate abilities.

During the fight, the Echo of Jas can summon in false users of the Stone of Jas. When Saradomin appears, he will heal the Echo of Jas until you hit him. Zamorak will cast a damage over time area spell at you, and Lucien do a large amount of damage to you. Hit the false users as soon as they appear to avoid these attacks, but concentrate your attacks on the Echo of Jas.

Once you defeat the Echo of Jas, talk to it. After it finishes speaking, you will return to find Hannibus and Kerapac waiting for you. Ask Kerapac what to do now that you have helped him, and he will suggest using Hannibus to find the cure for his people's affliction. This will involve keeping Hannibus in stasis again. Hannibus asks you to walk outside with him to think about it.

9. Finale

Outside, Hannibus and the player are greeted by Therragorn carrying the dragon rider Sharrigan (Hannibus' great (great great...) granddaughter) with her. Therragorn explains how she flew to his home world and found Sharrigan. Sharrigan explains how the Ilujanka population is in the final stages of decline, and they are all preparing to move on. She asks Hannibus to join her and their people in the last of their days.

Lore point: You can speak with Sharrigan to learn about the dragon-rider homeworld and their plight.

You must decide Hannibus' fate, whether to keep him with Kerapac and hopefully find a cure to save the Ilujanka, or to send him home with Sharrigan to rest among his people for the remnant of their days. You can talk to Sharrigan, Kerapac, and Therragorn to hear their points of view. Once you have chosen an option, the group parts ways.

Congratulations, quest complete!



  • Dragon Rider amulet
  • 90,000 Magic XP lamp
  • 80,000 Summoning XP lamp
  • 45,000 Dungeoneering XP lamp
  • 5,000 Divination XP lamp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you have completed the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest, you can speak to submerged statue on the Entrana coast to receive 25,000 Bonus XP in a skill of your choice.
  • After discovering the Celestial dragons in the quest, you will be able to return to the dungeon to slay them as you please.
  • Turning all four Mysterious Statue heads during or after the quest will give you 10,000 bonus experience for a skill of your choice.


Written by: Omnitec

Special thanks to: Aurhora
Thanks to: Wessan

Last updated: 13-Feb-2016

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