World Wakes, The

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Medium Length: Very Very Long

Start location: Speak to Orlando Smith to the west of the Legend's Guild.


Skills: Level 100 Combat


Quests: Branches of Darkmeyer, The, Chosen Commander, The, Firemaker's Curse, The, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Void Stares Back, The

Skills: Level 70 Attack, Level 70 Constitution, Level 70 Defence, Level 70 Magic, Level 70 Ranged, Level 70 Strength

Items: Armour, weapons, food, and potions

Monsters: Armoured zombie (level 46), Ghostly wraith (level 46), Skeleton bone thrower (level 46), Automaton Generator (level 84), Automaton Guardian (level 84), Automaton Tracer (level 84), Enakhra (level 98), General Graardor (level 210), K'ril Tsutaroth (level 98), Kree'arra (level 210), & Zemouregal -The World Wakes- (level 98)

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A Discovery for the Ages

A Discovery for the Ages

1. Before starting the quest, stock up on some food, armour, weapons and any necessary ammunition and potions. Head over to the excavation site, just west of the Legend's Guild, and speak to Orlando Smith. He believes that he's found something related to Guthix and wants you to help investigate the site. Agree to help open the door to proceed.

2. Head to the west side of the excavation site and down the stairs to open the large set of stone double doors. A cut scene will follow, showing you and Orlando emerging in a large shrine room.

3. Investigate the various artifacts in the room to hear what Orlando has to say. He wants you to help him find something to take back to the Varrock Museum to showcase his discovery.

4. Examining the shattered blade in the southern part of the room, the dusty parchment in the south-east corner and the stone carvings on the northern wall, at a minimum, will trigger a mechanism that opens a door on the east wall leading to the next room. At the center of the room is a Guthixian butterfly statue. Help Orlando lift the statue from its location. An alarm will sound as another door opens to the east. Head through this door and prepare to defend yourself.

5. In the next room you and Orlando will come across an Automaton Generator (level 120), Automaton Guardian (level 120), and Automaton Tracer (level 120). Mistaking you and Orlando to be Mahjarrat, they will order you to leave. Despite your protests, you will ultimately have to kill them to defend yourself. Be sure to run when they begin their smash attack as it deals large amounts of damage very quickly, especially when more than one of them is smashing the ground at the same time. If you die, your gravestone will appear close to the excavation site on the surface.

6. After defeating the Automatons, a Shadowy figure will appear, the Majarrat Sliske. It would seem the Automatons had mistaken you and poor Orlando to be the Mahjarrat presence. He will then teleport you around Gielinor to explain what is happening now that Guthix's Chambers have been discovered.

We Have Company

7. After Sliske returns you to the chambers, attempt to proceed to the next tunnel. You will be interrupted by Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, and Kree'arra entering the room. Speak to Kree'arra, then prepare to fight.

8. Kree'arra (level 210) will launch several tornadoes around the room. Avoid these as much as possible, especially when Kree'arra draws them towards him to unleash a powerful attack. Unlike in the God Wars Dungeon, you may use melee to attack him, although ranged or magic is recommended for greater mobility.

9. When you have defeated Kree'arra, head to the next room to confront Commander Zilyana and K'ril Tsutaroth. After a short cut scene, go to the eastern side of the room to attempt to activate the control panel for the large boulder path puzzle in the middle of the room. A short cut scene will start, featuring the Guardians of Guthix. Once the cut scene has finished, activate the control panel again.

10. The goal of this puzzle is to get the boulders (located on the corners of the puzzle) to the designated receiving pads. You will need to do this puzzle four times. Click on the pads on the screen to change the orientation of the pads to create a path for the boulders to reach the receiving pads. You will need to complete four (4) paths before you can proceed with the Guardians of Guthix into an elevator into the next chamber.

Inactive Receiver Inactive Receiver: This receiver is not connected to any pads creating a path for the boulder. Active Receiver Active Receiver: This receiver is connected to pads creating a path for the boulder.
Completed Receiver Completed Receiver: This receiver's path is completed. Pressure Pad Pressure Pad: This pad will rotate each time a boulder passes over it.
Timed Pad Timed Pad: This pad will rotate every three seconds. Brake Pad Brake Pad: This pad will stop the boulder from rolling forward until you release the break.
Conveyer Belt Conveyer Belt: This pad will carry the boulder in the direction it indicates. It will change direction every three seconds.
Solution to Boulder Path Puzzles
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Puzzle 1

Worldwakes Puzzle1

Puzzle 2

Worldwakes Puzzle2

Puzzle 3

Worldwakes Puzzle3

Puzzle 4

Worldwakes Puzzle4

The Guardians of Guthix

The Guardians of Guthix

11. As you approach the next room, several Automatons will begin to emerge from the wall. The leader of the group, Cres, will speak with you and your group for a moment, then will ask you to step forward to the wall behind him (the east side of the chamber).

12. Click on wall to examine it, revealing a strange map interface. Using this interface, you will need to prove you are a true follower of Guthix in order to unlock the door to the centre chamber up ahead. You will be asked a series of four questions chosen randomly from the list below. Your goal is to get the meters Chaos, Order, Good, & Evil to be in balance with each other, as Guthix is the God of Balance. Each answer you pick will contribute to two out of the four meters.

Balancing Nature Puzzle Solutions
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A Balanced World

The key to solving this puzzle is to pick answers representing each attribute exactly twice. For example, you can choose "Chaos + Good," and "Chaos + Evil" for the first two questions, but you cannot pick another "Chaos" answer for the third and fourth questions; you must pick "Order + Good" and "Order + Evil" instead. The easiest way to complete this puzzle is to choose the same type of answer (for example, "Chaos + Good") for the first two questions, and then pick the opposite type of answer for the last two questions (for example, "Order + Evil").

Question Answer Score
Chaos Order Good Evil
1. You find a world without balance. Chaos triumphs and violence is rife. The Naragi, inhabitants of this world, fight over limited resources. What is your first action to bring balance? Give the Naragi rules to follow to live in peace. - × × -
Introduce more resources. × - × -
Impose rues on the Naragi, smiting those who disobey. - × - ×
Give the Naragi knowledge to advance their weapons. × - - ×
2. As time passes, a warlord begins to increase power. If he rules the Naragi, he will enforce strict laws and harsh punishments. What action do you take? Kill the potential ruler. × - - ×
Provide him with weapons to help him rule. - × - ×
Persuade him to give up his cause entirely. × - × -
Persuade him to relax his punishments. - × × -
3. Soon, a young warlord begins to gain power, earning respect through fear. If she were to rule, she would take all the resources for her court. Most Naragi would have to fend for themselves. What do you do? Fully back her. × - - ×
Encourage the Naragi to choose a more peaceful leader. - × × -
Encourage the Naragi to stand against her forcefully. × - × -
Persade the warlord to enforce rules for resources. - × - ×
4. A council of Naragi are gaining popularity to rule. They would bring rules of honour and jusice to the population. What action do you take during the election? Tell the council to use more drastic tactics. - × - ×
Encourage the Naragi to peacefully stand against them. × - × -
Kill the council × - - ×
Back the council fully. - × × -
5. Tensions in the Naragi society are building. Violence is flaring up. A full-blown war is liable to start at any moment. What do you do? Encourage the Naragi warlords to meet diplomatically. - × × -
Threaten the warlords if they break the peace. - × - ×
Seed the violence between Naragi warlords. × - - ×
Introduce a natural disaster to distract the Naragi. × - × -
6. Aside from population tensions, the earth itself is unstable. You sense an earthquake on the horizon. What action do you take? Give the Naragi plenty of warning to get to safety. × - × -
Warn them at the last minute. - × - ×
Stop the disaster and avoid destruction. - × × -
Do nothing; let nature take its course. × - - ×
7. You sense rumbling in the mountains. A volcano is preparing to explode. What action do you take in the wake of this threat? Warn them at the last minute - × - ×
Stop the disaster and avoid destruction. - × × -
Do nothing; let nature take its course. × - - ×
Give the Naragi plenty of warning to get to safety. × - × -
8. Over next few years, a sinister disease becomes evident in some areas. It is threatening to spread widely. What action do you take? Quarantine the areas that contain the disease. - × × -
Destroy the areas that contain the disease. - × - ×
Encourage the Naragi to take care of themselves. × - - ×
Introduce medicines and knowledge to the Naragi. × - × -

Defending Guthix

13. After successfully proving yourself to be a true follower of Guthix, prepare yourself for battle! Give the Followers of Guthix a speech to raise morale then set up the defences. Drag the icons of the Followers of Guthix to the spaces under the symbols representing the incoming enemies. Bear in mind that having certain followers facing against a specific enemy will raise the morale of the group and provide extra damage to your attacks.

Set the Defences

Defence line-up interface. Click below to see which defenders are best against which enemies.

Recommended Defence Line-Up
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The following groups have been lined up according to which Followers of Guthix are most effective against which enemy.

Follower of Guthix Enemy of Guthix
Name Description Name Description
Worldwakes Cheldarthaerisk
Chaeldar & Thaerisk
Chaeldar's size means she can move very quickly, and would be well-suited to a large, slow enemy. Thaerisk, although not as experienced as the other fighters, has a wealth of knowledge and can use this to outsmart any less intelligent opponents. Worldwakes Gengraardor
General Graardor
Whoever is coming through this wing is very big, and slow. It sounds like they are using their immense strength to brute-force their way through the rock; perhaps they don't have the intelligence to try any other way.
Worldwakes Cres
Cres himself is no fighter; he is slow and fragile. He will use his creations to fight for him, so he would be a good match for multiple smaller enemies. He wouldn't be a match for anyone too physically strong. Worldwakes Zemouregal
It sounds like there are a lot of enemies breaking through here, and the foul stench of the undead can be smelled. Whoever is leading these troops must have an immense talent to undermine death itself.
Worldwakes Death
Death is a fast and skilled lone fighter; he would run circles around a larger enemy. He primarily uses his own discipline of magic, but is a capable melee combatant. Worldwakes Kril Tsutsaroth
K'ril Tsutsaroth
This enemy sounds large, slow and heavy, but they are using more than their strength to break through. The impact of magic can be heard alongside demonic chanting, so they must have some intelligence.
Worldwakes Vallutafiara
Valluta & Fiara
Valluta and Fiara are both large creatures; they are slow-moving fighters. They also both have a high magic resistance, so would be well-suited against an opponent who specialises in it. Worldwakes Enakhra
Whoever is coming through here sounds small and nimble. THey seem to be using only magic, so it could be assumed they'll have a high resistance to magic used against them. Their attacks sound extremely aggressive, as if they're beyond determined.

Speak to Juna when you have finished organising the defence. Before each battle, you may access your bank by speaking to the Druidess or recharge your health and prayer points by drinking from the cauldrons surrounding the central part of the chamber. Drinking once from the cauldron providing power is enough to make you more powerful against the oncoming enemies.

14. General Graardor is your first opponent in the north-west wing. Make sure Chaeldar and Thaerisk are with you there before going in - otherwise talk to Juna to reassign defenders. Praying against melee is recommended - although he attacks from all sides of the combat triangle, he will do the most damage with melee. He has three special attacks and will shout each of their names before performing them. They are as follows:

"Graardor protect!" - In your chatbox, you are informed that Graardor has taken on a defensive stance and is reflecting back half of the damage done to him. If you are light on food, it is recommended to wait until he drops this stance before attacking him again.

"Graardor smash!" - Graardor uses both fists to smash the ground. Move away as soon as you see him shout this or else you will not be able to avoid taking a large amount of damage. There will be debris falling from the ceiling also - watch the shadows on the ground to avoid getting hit.

"Graardor mad!" - When you see this do not stand directly in front of him. Stay at a range if using ranged or magic, or stand behind him if using melee. He will deal large amounts of damage if you are in front of him and in range of his attacks.

General Graardor will retreat after you have defeated him. You will be called back into the central chamber for the next fight - be sure to drink from the cauldrons if you need to and restock on supplies from your bank.

15. Zemouregal is your second opponent in the northernmost wing. Make sure Cres is with you there before going in - otherwise talk to Juna to reassign defenders. At the beginning of the fight, he will spawn two blue portals on either side of the room. You must destroy these portals before you can begin to damage Zemouregal directly. If you attack him while the portals are up your attacks will not have any effect. Kill off some of his undead minions if you can't handle the amount of damage they deal - otherwise focus on the portals.

Once the two portals are down he will begin attacking you. Praying against magic is recommended. Red decaying portals will appear - don't stand near them as they will do damage over time. Otherwise they can be ignored. Once you get Zemouregal's health down to 50% he will spawn four more blue portals around the room and once again be immune to taking damage. Do your best to take the portals out quickly as they will spawn more undead. Once the portals are destroyed you can focus on Zemouregal again.

Zemouregal will retreat after you have defeated him. You will be called back into the central chamber for the next fight - be sure to drink from the cauldrons if you need to and restock on supplies from your bank. You will sustain heavy amounts of damage in the next fight - you may want to fill up your inventory with food if you have empty space. Also consider bringing antipoison (at least super antipoison or above) to deal with minor poison in the next battle.

16. K'ril Tsutaroth is your third opponent in the south-west wing. Make sure Death is with you there before going in - otherwise talk to Juna to reassign defenders. Praying against melee is recommended. In addition to three special attacks he can poison you. The poison is minor but can become a drain on resources if the battle is dragged out. Like Graardor, K'ril will has a unique phrase he shouts before each special attack. His special attacks are as follows:

"You cannot stand against Zamorakian might!" - K'ril smashes one of his blades into the ground in front of him which bursts into spikes from the impact. Move away from the area in front of him once you see this happen; they will cause heavy damage over time. You can get him to take damage from the spikes if you can maneuver him such that he stands in that spot. This can be difficult to do, however. You are better off continuing to attack him as normal while avoiding the spikes.

"Run, coward!" - K'ril will charge in whatever direction he currently faces. Move out of his way to avoid taking damage. If you dodge successfully he will continue running until he hits the wall, resulting in him taking damage.

"Guthix will die in the name of Zamorak!" - Be prepared to run and keep running when you see K'ril shout this. He will smash both of his blades into the ground, resulting in spikes bursting from the ground. On top of that he will run around the room after you, swinging wildly. His swings are inaccurate but also rapid and deal high damage. It's not recommended to stop running until this special attack ends.

17. Enakhra is your last opponent. This can be a very long and resource draining battle, and you will not be able to bank afterwards. The next phase can be deadly without food, so filling your inventory with supplies before this battle is highly recommended. Not only can Enakhra heal herself, she does so by leeching health from you. Using ranged or magic against her can make dealing damage easier, as you will spend a good amount of time running around obstacles in this fight. If you are comfortable stunning Enakhra from the action bar, melee may be an option to speed up her defeat. Praying against magic is recommended. Putting the Freedom ability on your action bar is also recommended.

When Enakhra begins to leech your health you have two options to stop it. First, you can run behind any obstacle in the room such that it's between you and her. There are many pillars and rocks in the room that can serve this purpose. Two, you can attempt to stun her; while the stun won't actually work on her, it will break the leeching effect. Fighting her under half health can be a method of slowing down the drain on your food supply - she leeches a percentage of your health each time rather than a set amount. This, of course, is risky; keep that in mind if you choose to attempt it.

When Enakhra is under half health she will occasionally pin you to the ground and leech your health. The easiest way to escape this is to use the Freedom ability. Keeping on the move also helps reduce the number of times she will try to pin you down.

Once you defeat Enakhra, you will be called back to the main chamber.

Defending Juna

Immediately after your fight with Enakhra, you return to the main chamber to find it enveloped in fighting. Speak with Cres in the center of the room; he asks you to help defend the tablet with Juna on the eastern end of the room.

Defending Juna involves protecting her from dying at the hands of spiritual warriors, mages and rangers. They will spawn from the portals outside of the barricade. While they are not difficult to kill at level 70, there are a lot of them. To prevent them from attacking Juna or the barricade, you can hit them each once to focus their attention on you instead then pick them off at your leisure. You can repair the barricades they damage or destroy. If any of them manage to get through the barricades to Juna, you need to jump over the barricade to reach her. She will not defend herself at all. You will have to defend her in this way for a few minutes until Zilyana interrupts the entire battle.

After the cutscene you will need to decide whom to ally with. You can ally with the Zarosians and wake Guthix, ally with the Guthixians to protect him, or ally with the Saradominists to destroy him. After choosing whom to ally with, you will have to race down the path through the shattered wall to Guthix.

If you chose to ally with the Zarosians or the Saradominists, you will face falling rocks and purple spheres along the path that do very large amounts of damage. Avoid them by running towards the end of the path as quickly as you can and eating often. If you chose to ally with the Guthixians, you will face falling comets, flaming spheres from Char and occasional ice prisons from Nex. Try to time your race to the end right after a wave of the flaming spheres has gone in front of you. They deal quite a bit of damage very quickly.

The path leads you into a cutscene, where you find you were not the first to reach Guthix after all. The outcome is the same regardless of whom you decided to ally with. Join Guthix in visiting the memories of his past before a final good-bye. Upon your return, you see the effects of Guthix's passing immediately as a god comes to speak with you in person. Finish your chat with him and speak with Juna to complete the quest.


Main Rewards: If you have completed the recommended quests, you will also receive:
  • Sixth-Age circuit
  • "The World Guardian" title
  • Automatons as slayer tasks and access to the Automaton Cave

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Your progress through Guthix's Chambers will be saved should you choose to leave to restock on supplies.
  • Your gravestone, should you die during the quest, will appear nearby the excavation site.
  • You may exchange the gift you receive at the end of the quest for a different kind by speaking to the Guthixian High Druid at Guthix's Chambers.
  • Return to Guthix's Chambers and pray on the monument to receive 100k prayer xp (requires 90 prayer)
  • Return to Guthix's Chambers and light the five torches surrounding it to receive 10k firemaking xp each (requires 74 firemaking)
  • Fancy a new pet? Slay some Automatons to see if you can get a Cresbot of your very own!


Written by: Aurhora & ForsakenMage

Thanks to: Faymous

Last updated: 02-Aug-2015

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