The Light Within

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Eluned in the Ithell district of Prifddinas.


Skills: Level 80 Agility, Level 80 Crafting, Level 80 Divination, Level 80 Herblore, Level 80 Prayer, Level 80 Slayer, Level 80 Woodcutting

Items: Enchanted key, Grand defence potion (6), 3 Light core, Exoskeleton outfit, Glarial's amulet, Rope, A key


Items: Sixth-Age circuit, Teleport crystal, Games necklace

Monsters: Crystal Shapeshifter (level 122)

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1. Start
Items Required: Enchanted key
Items Suggested: None

The Light Within Conclave

Start the quest by speaking to Eluned, who can be found in the Ithell district of Prifddinas (south-west of the Tower of Voices). When you start talking to Eluned the city will start shaking. Eluned will tell you that there is a conclave in the Tower of Voices about it, agree to help and meet her there.

Go to the first floor (second USA) of the Tower of Voices in the centre of Prifddinas and Eluned will tell the conclave that they need to restore Seren before the shaking tears the city apart. The clan leaders will put it to a vote on whether or not to restore Seren. You will be the first to cast a vote, your vote ultimately does not matter as the outcome will be that Seren is to be restored.

Next they try decide on how to restore Seren, Lady Trahaearn will suggest using the Enchanted key. If you have it with you, you will give it to her, otherwise get the key and return. She will attune the key to a place and time relating to Seren.

2. Guthix
Items Required: Enchanted key
Items Suggested: Sixth-Age circuit

The Light Within Guthix

Keep feeling the key and it will lead you to Guthix's Cave west of the Legends' Guild. If you still have the Sixth-Age circuit, it will teleport you to the shrine. In the cave, the key will bring you to Guthix's body. Rub the key to travel into the past.

Talk to Guthix and he will tell you about the origins of the Enchanted key and how to restore Seren by using Elven magic. Guthix will stop talking when he notices someone else is watching. Explore the cave until you find Haluned, talk to her and she will remember you from the Meeting History quest. She will tell you she is in the cave spying on Guthix, Seren sent her to report back if Guthix ever leaves the cave. She will teleport away because Seren calls her, and Guthix will call you back. Return to Guthix and talk to him, he will tell you that you will have a hard choice later because both Eluned and Haluned were created with Shards of Seren and you have an option to sacrifice Eluned to reform Seren. After saying goodbye to Guthix, return to the Tower of Voices.

3. Collecting Shards
Items Required: 3 light cores, Grand defence potion, Exoskeleton outfit, Glarial's amulet, Rope, A key
Items Suggested: Teleport crystal (3), Games necklace (8)


Return to the Tower of Voices and speak to the conclave. They will ask if Guthix was any help. You will tell them that he said they will need to collect the major shards of Seren and replacement shards for the missing ones. Lady Trahaearn will mention that the major shards were divided up and given to clans of similar culture (Amlodd and Hefin were known as the Spiritualists, Crwys and Meilyr were known as the Naturalists, Cadarn and Iorwerth were known as Military, and Ithell and Trahaearn were known as the Artisans). When the conclave concludes, speak to each of the clan leaders to find out where the major shards are. You can retrieve the shards in any order.

Talk to: Lord Crwys or Lady Meilyr
Where is it? Beneath the earth in the heart of Prifddinas
Items required: Elixir of Revealment, Hrand defence potion, Bloodcap mushroom, Wintercup mushroom
What to do: The shard can only be found by using an Elixir of Revealment on an active crystal tree.
An Elixir of Revealment is created by combining a grand defence potion with a bloodcap mushroom and a wintercup mushroom.
  • Bloodcap mushrooms can be found lodestone in Isafdar by the mushroom patch.
  • A Wintercap mushroom can be reveiced from Coeden after listening to a story (when he is telling his story you will need to click on the different elf clan logos to stay awake, if the screen goes black you will have to start from the start).
Mix the three ingredients together to create the Elixir of Revealment. Use the elixir on an active Crystal tree. A hidden cave will appear, enter it and you will find the Seren shard (harmony).
Talk to: Lord Amlodd or Lady Hefin
Where is it? Initially the Poison Waste, but now moved it to the monastery in the Hefin district.
Items required: 3 Light cores
What to do: The shard needs to be cleansed by the cleansing ritual in the monastery in the Hefin district.
During the ritual, you will need copy the poses and the incantation Lady Hefin does/speaks. This is done a total of three times, each time another pose/incantation is added (first there are three poses/incantations, then there are four, and finally five). After successfully copying the poses and incantations you will receive the Seren shard (wisdom).
Talk to: Lady Trahaearn
Where is it? Hidden deep within the earth.
Items required: Exoskeleton outfit
What to do: Travel to Lletya (using a teleport crystal would be the quickest way). Investigate the well at the centre of Lletya and descend it. You will encounter a Trahaearn automaton mk V, it will not let you enter the room. Equip the Exoskeleton outfit and talk to it again, it will allow you access to the room this time if you answer four questions correctly:
  1. What metal is the exoskeleton made from? Runite
  2. What is the name of Lady Trahaearn's ex-husband? Cynog
  3. How many Seren stones are there in Prifddinas? Five
  4. Our children are our future The future is doomed
After answering all the questions the automaton will step back and allow you to access the room, take the Seren shard (prudence)
Talk to: Lord Iorwerth and Arianwyn
Where is it? Baxtorian Waterfall Dungeon
Items required: Glarial's amulet, Rope, A key
What to do: Enter the Baxtorian Waterfall Dungeon (the fastest way is to use a Games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and run south). In the dungeon enter the west room (A key is required to open the door). Arianwyn will appear, talk to her and then investigate the Statue of King Baxtorian. Arianwyn will say an incantation and turn the statue into Baxtorian. Talk to him and he will give you the first of four pieces of the Song of Restoration and turn the statue of Glarial into the Seren shard (integrity).

When ascending the stairs to the Tower of Voices with the final shard. A cutscene will start with Seren calling your name asking for your help and giving you the second piece of the Song of Restoration. Ascend the Tower of Voices again, Lord Iorwerth will mention that there is still one shard that hasn't been retrieved just yet. He will then send you to ask Morvran for access to the Grand Library to see if any of the dark lord remains.

Morvarn can be found south-west of the Tower of Voices. Talk to him about the Grand Library and he will take you to it. In the library, enter the door to the west and go to the south-west corner and either pick up the shard or kick it off the edge. After making your decision return to the Tower of Voices. With the five shards added, there is still too many gaps to fill and they need to find something to fill them, Lady Hefin suggests Tarddiad. Lord Iorwerth knows how to get there via the World Gate, Eluned will meet you at the World Gate and go with you to Tarddid.

4. Tarddiad
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Sixth-Age circuit, Combat gear, Food

The Light Within World Gate

Travel to the World Gate (the quickest way is to teleport with the Sixth-Age circuit or teleport to the Eagles' Peak lodestone and run south). Rotate the dials at the World Gate until the number 1 appears. This is the symbol for Tarddiad. Upon entering the World Gate a cutscene will start with Seren lamenting going to Gielinor. When the cutscene ends you will appear in Tarddiad with the third piece of the Song of Restoration. Eluned, will suggest that you explore the area to collect 50 crystals. When you start exploring a Crystal Shapeshifter will start to attack you. If you don't want to attack, you can leave Tarddiad (via the World Gate or teleporting) and when you return the Crystal Shapeshifter will have disappeared. Exploring the area you will see more crystal shapeshifters (which drop two Tarddian crystal at a time) and some solid crystal rocks, branching crystal tree, and floating crystals, they can be mined, cut or fished to receive crystal fragments. On the centre island you will come across Angof, talk to her and she will offer to give you one Tarddian crystal for three crystal fragments. Collect 50 Tarddian crystals and return to the Tower of Voices.

5. Freneskae
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


With the 50 Tarddian crystals, return to the Tower of Voices and decide if you will sacrifice Eluned or not. After making your choice a cutscene will start with the shards combining to form Seren. She will ask you to take her to Freneskae. If you are ready you will be taken straight to Freneskae and a cutscene will start. In the cutscene, you will walk through Freneskae eventually stopping, but some Muspah will appear and start to attack you. You can't fight back, but all you do is to keep walking around the area avoiding their attacks. Eventually Zaros will appear and banish the Muspah. Talk to him and he will take you to the Elder Halls. In the Elder Halls, you will need to rotate the crystals to transfer Seren's light essence to the fractured shards.

The Light Within Puzzle1

There are three rings of crystals: inner, middle, and outer each can be rotated. To complete a puzzle you will need to rotate the crystals.
There are four puzzles in total.

Puzzle one:
  • Rotate the outside crystal clockwise twice
  • Rotate the middle crystal anticlockwise twice
  • Rotate the inner crystal anticlockwise once
Puzzle two:
  • Rotate the outside crystal clockwise twice
  • Rotate the middle crystal clockwise once
  • Rotate the inner crystal anticlockwise twice
Puzzle three:
  • Do not rotate the outside crystal
  • Rotate the middle crystal anticlockwise twice
  • Rotate the inner crystal anticlockwise three times
Puzzle four:
  • Rotate the outside crystal anticlockwise twice
  • Rotate the middle crystal clockwise twice
  • Rotate the inner crystal anticlockwise twice

When you have completed the four puzzles, Seren will be made whole. She will warn you about Zaros, that he only wants power and will stop at nothing to get it. She will suggest that you meet her at the Tower of Voices to continue the conversation and will offer to teleport you there. At the Tower of Voices, she will appoint the conclave as the leadership of the elven people and you as a champion of Prifddinas. Congratulations quest complete! The-light-within-complete


Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you have completed the Fate of the Gods quest and talking to the Guthixian High Druid in Guthix's cave, he will add the World Gate as a teleport option on the Sixth-Age circuit.
  • If you logout or get disconnected while solving the puzzles, your progress will be saved.
  • After the quest you can talk to Seren and Baxtorian to learn more about them (both of them can be found in the Tower of Voices).


Written by: Howlin1

Special thanks to: Arceus

Last updated: 06-Sep-2015

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