Plague's End

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Very Long

Start location: Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya to start the quest.


Skills: Level 75 Agility, Level 75 Construction, Level 75 Crafting, Level 75 Dungeoneering, Level 75 Herblore, Level 75 Mining, Level 75 Prayer, Level 75 Ranged, Level 75 Summoning, Level 75 Woodcutting

Items: Full set of Mourner gear (mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers), 1 rune bar, 1 plant cure (or the runes to cast the Cure Plant spell), 10 magic logs, 200 spirit shards, a blue charm, a green charm, a crimson charm, a gold charm, a pouch and a super defence (3) potion.

Combat gear, food and potions (though not necessary) are highly recommended to take on the tough monsters during this quest.


Items: A charged teleport crystal for fast teleportation around the Elven lands, teleports to Ardougne, coins for Charter Ships to Port Tyras.

Monsters: Mourner (levels 33, 84), Head Mourner (level 100), Sir Hugo (level 107), Trahaearn automaton -mage- (level 70), Trahaearn automaton -melee- (level 70), Trahaearn automaton -ranged- (level 70), Shadow (level 105), Greater shadow (level 105), Dark Lord (level 107)

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1. Into the City
Items Required: Full set of Mourner gear (mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers)
Items Suggested: None

To start the quest, speak to Arianwyn who is located in Lletya on the bottom floor of the main building. If necessary, you can ask for a recap of all the prior events from past quests in the Elf series.

Arianwyn tells you that the Dwarves have finally dug a way through the underground entrance to Prifddinas, but the Undercity is swarming with Deathguard mourners and so you'll need some gear to disguise yourself. Grab some mourner boots, a mourner cloak, mourner gloves, mourner top and mourner trousers and equip them before speaking to him again (if you have lost your mourner gear, you can retrieve it by killing Mourners on Arandar pass, north of Isafdar.).

Arianwyn will teleport you to the Corridor of light leading to Prifddinas' undercity. Talk to the dwarf here to retrieve a report written by Iestin which the dwarf recovered from the dead elf trapped by the rubble. Run west and enter the door through to the store room, and head north and open the door to be greeted by the Deathguard Captain.

Plagues End Deathguard Captain
Convince the Captain that you are genuine. Say that you thought you saw a mouse in the storeroom, you were concerned that it would eat the supplies and that you thought you'd handle it yourself on account of the Captain's busy schedule. Once convinced, the Captain will ask you to relieve the guards in the next room, and to speak to Iestin.

Talk to the guards first to relieve them, and then speak to Iestin Edern, and tell him the Captain wants him to hurry. Iestin requests that you take his report to the Mayor of Prifddinas so he can speed up his work. He'll hand it to you, then you need to take the stairs to the north (whilst Arianwyn stays behind) up to the Prifddinas camp.

2. Starving Elves
Items Required: Full mourner outfit.
Items Suggested: None

You reach the camp of Prifddinas only to find it ravaged and scattered with Starving Elves. Run northwest through the camp to the Mayor of Prifddinas' headquarters, and speak to her. Tell her you have Iestin's report, and hand it to her. She'll comment briefly about Iestin, then complain about her shipment of Gnomish Delicacies not yet arriving, and will ask you to check on them for her.

Plagues End Starving Elves
Go south to the three starving elves and talk to the Mourner on the bridge there. Tell the mourner that the Mayor wants him to distribute the food to the crowd. Once he agrees, return to the Mayor to tell her about your little lie. The mayor runs off in anger, but asks you to guard the Iorwerth Master Plan on the table beside her.

Plagues End Master Plan Table
Steal the Iorwerth Master Plan and take it immediately to Iestin in the undercity. He will read the document and comment on the 'large-scale conversion of quasi-elf resources into necromantic power' mentioned within. He interprets this as Lord Iorwerth planning to kill every citizen in West Ardougne. Arianwyn will recommend that you leave for West Ardougne immediately to convince the citizens to start a revolution against the Deathguard. He asks you to speak to Bravek the Warder of West Ardougne and Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne, whilst he stays behind and fills in Iestin on your real identities.

3. Viva la Revolution!
Items Required: Iorwerth Master Plan
Items Suggested: A teleport to Ardougne, Combat gear and food to kill levels 33, 85 and 100 Mourners

Teleport to Ardougne (home teleport will suffice) and head to Councillor Halgrive who is located south of the Church of East Ardougne. Show him the master plan, and he will give you the council's support so long as you gain control of West Ardougne first. He'll give you his proclamation for if the King's Army show up.

Find Bravek the Warder in the Civic building in West Ardougne, which is the large building in the town square (he's upstairs, in the east wing). Talk to him and tell him that you need to overthrow the mourners. He can't be seen to collaborate with a resistance, but he'll give you a list of people you should seek out for your cause. Read the list and talk to the following, asking them to join the uprising. You'll need to take your mourner outfit off for this section.

  • Elena - In her house in East Ardougne, just near the Shortcut log across the river
  • Koftik - Just outside the underground pass in West Ardougne
  • Martha and Ted Rehnison - In their house, in the North of West Ardougne. (Just next to Mourner HQ)
  • Nurse Sarah - South east of the Graveyard in West Ardougne, near the church.
  • Jethick - In the town square near the civic building.
  • Carla - Northwest of the Graveyard just outside the houses of West Ardougne (wearing purple).

Plagues End Ardougne Location Map

See the above illustration for their locations. Once you've convinced them all to join you, head to West Ardougne Church. Speak to anyone there and explain to the group about the fake plague, King Lathas and the other goings on before stating "Enough talk - time to strike!".

Meet the group outside Mourner HQ and click on the door to kick it down. Once inside, kill the level 33 mourners. Once they are dispatched, head down the trapdoor and kill the level 85 Mourners. Finally, head into the south-west room to fight the Head Mourner, who is level 100. He can hit fairly hard if you're not protected.

Once he has been defeated, you will be given the option to ask him questions about the Mourners, as well as the choice whether to kill him or send him to Prifddinas to tell Lord Iorwerth that you are coming for him. Make this choice, then speak to Elena who will give you a flag to fly from the top of Mourner HQ. Ascend the ladder back up, and then the staircase to the roof, and click the standard on the south edge of the roof to replace it with the revolutionary flag.

Plagues End Hanging The Flah

Two knights (Sir Hugo and Sir Edward) will appear. You present them with the Councillor's proclamation, and they will argue between themselves before heading to East Ardougne Castle to further discuss the situation. Head to East Ardougne castle and talk to Sir Edward outside, who will inform you of the battle for the castle inside, and ask you to head to the throne room. When you're ready, head inside with Sir Edward and some combat gear. Ignore the battles around you and go up the staircase to the middle of the second floor and talk to King Lathas.

King Lathas will call upon Sir Hugo to protect him, who will then attack you. Sir Hugo is level 107 and uses melee. When he's dead, re-confront King Lathas and you will once more get the chance to ask questions before choosing whether to kill him or send him into exile.

Once you've chosen, King Lathas will disappear and Sir Edmond will appear, telling you he has gained control of the castle. He recommends you rejoin your elven friends in the Undercity to inform them of the revolution's success.

4. The Elven Clans
Items Required:A pickaxe, a runite bar, a plant cure potion (or the Cure Plant spell), 10 magic logs, one of each coloured charm, 200 spirit shards, a pouch, and a super defence (3) potion.
Items Suggested: Lletya Teleport crystals, combat gear and equipment to deal with mid-level mage, range and melee combatants, antipoison and food to deal with Isafdar's harsh environment.

Head back to the Undercity (either teleport to Lletya and get Arianwyn to teleport you, or head to Prifddinas' east gate and use the hole) and talk to Iestin, who now suggests that the city of Prifddinas must be regrown before Lord Iorwerth does. Ask what to do, and Arianwyn says you must find the leaders of the Elven Clans to reunite them. There are 8 in total however you must only find 6, as Arianwyn is revealed to be Lord Cadarn, and Lord Iorwerth will obviously not co-operate. He offers you a teleport to Lletya and asks you to speak to Gwir the scribe.

Plagues End Gwir

Take the teleport to Lletya and speak to Gwir in the northern section of the building, just north of Arianwyn. Say that you need to find the elders of Prifddinas, and he'll point you to the bookcase north. Search the bookcase for "The Lost Elders" (you can also select other books for some lore on the elves and the crystal city). Read it briefly, and ask Gwir to help you with the riddles. She will provide hints as to how to find each elven elder, as well as what you may need to get to them. You can do these in any order.

4a. Lady Trahaearn
Items Required: A pickaxe, a runite bar

The given clue is "Lady Trahaearn journeyed south from the well". Gwir will suggest you look for a well that you've previously encountered, and will tell you that you'll likely need Smithing and Mining to reach her. Head north through the woods to the opening to the Well of Voyage cave (please see our Isafdar and Arandar map for directions) and go inside. South of the well is a mineable tunnel wall.

Using a pickaxe, mine this and enter the tunnel. You will immediately be attacked by three level 70 Trahaearn automatons, each one using a different combat style (Mage, Melee and Ranged). Dispatch these in any order, though it is recommended to either dispatch them in the order of threat (i.e if you're meleeing, kill the mage first) or the order of speed (i.e if you're meleeing, kill the ranger first).

Plagues End Lady Trahaern

Attempt to wake Lady Trahaearn on the throne north once they are dead. You see that her exoskeleton has been damaged, and she cannot awake until it has been fixed with a runite bar. Fix the exoskeleton, and then wake her. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will be pleased to hear this, and will head to the Undercity of her own accord.

4b. Lord Crwys
Items Required: A plant cure potion (or Cure Plant spell). A hatchet is recommended, as well as Coins for fast travel to Port Tyras.

The clue is "Lord Crwys's brothers call to him when they are wounded". Gwir tells you that this Elven lord's family are from a woodcutting background, and that he considers the trees of Isafdar his brothers. Cut any evergreen in Lletya, and a yellow beam will shoot out of it in a direction. Follow the yellow beam until it leads to an inspectable tree part way through some dense forest. Alternatively, head to Port Tyras via a charter boat, leave the port towards the Catapult and head to the dense forest south-east, where you'll quickly find the tree.

Plagues End Lord Crwys Puzzle

Inspect it, then use a plant cure potion (or a Cure Plant spell) on it, and Lord Crwys will be reawakened. You have the chance to ask him questions, then tell him that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. He will then head to the undercity.

4c. Lady Ithell
Items Required: 10 Magic Logs

The clue is "Lady Ithell put her soul into her greatest work". Gwir tells you that Lady Ithell was the architect of Lletya, but shortly died after finishing her work there. If you look around Lletya, you'll notice blue symbols on the walls which need to be inspected. There are 5 in total to find, and their locations are listed in the map below (one in the bank, one outside the church upstairs, one downstairs in the fletching shop, one upstairs in the clothing shop and one in the southernmost building):

Plagues End Lady Ithell Puzzle

After you have found all 5 symbols, you unlock Lady Ithell's building plans for a statue in the centre of Lletya. Inspect the building plot there, and it will tell you it needs 10 magic logs to build. Fetch them and build the statue, and an elf named Kelyn on the balcony upstairs will recognise it, and realise she has the memories of Lady Ithell. Go up the staircase and talk to her. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will then head to the Undercity.

4d. Lord Amlodd
Items Required: 200 spirit shards, a blue charm, a green charm, a crimson charm, a gold charm and a pouch.

The clue is "Lord Amlodd sleeps the sleep of the uncalled". Gwir will give you a strange charm which she knows is related to Amlodd. Taking it to the Summoning Obelisk north of Lletya (Inside the Underground Pass near the Well of Voyage opening out to Isafdar) reveals that you must combine it with one charm of each colour as well as 200 spirit shards and a pouch. Do so to get the Amlodd pouch.

Summon the Amlodd pouch anywhere and talk to Lord Amlodd. You have the chance to ask him questions, then tell him that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. He will then head to the Undercity.

4e. Lady Hefin
Items Required: None.

The clue is "Lady Hefin walked westward on the water". Gwir suggests that the water was actually the swamps to the very south of Isafdar, and that perhaps Lady Hefin did not have the powers of jesus. Leave Lletya and run south past the Magic Trees to the swamp south. You must jump across the rocks across the islands to the very west of the swamp. The following is a map of the correct path to take, otherwise you will find yourself at a dead end:

Plagues End Hefin Puzzle

Once across, you will find an Elf Hermit. Speak to the hermit and say you wish to find the wisdom of Seren. The Hermit will then ask you three questions, answer as follows:

  • What does a crystal's hardness represent? Seren's Faithfulness to the gods
  • What represents Seren's harmonius nature? The symmetry of crystals
  • What represents Seren's humility? I don't know

The hermit will then reveal herself to be Lady Hefin to you. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will then head to the undercity.

4f. Lady Meilyr
Items Required: A super defence (3) potion.

The clue is "Lady Meilyr brewed a map in the dungeon of the kin". Gwir tells you she doesn't know of any such dungeon in Elven lands, but thinks you may know of one. She does however give you a Meilyr potion recipe, which calls for a Cadantine and White Berries (super defence) potion to be mixed with one blue and one red ground elven mushroom to create the potion.

Leave Lletya, and you will immediately find red mushrooms. Pick one and grind it, then run south to the magic trees. Here you will find blue mushrooms, pick and grind one. Combine the two with a super defence (3) potion to create the Meilyr potion.

Plagues End Meilyr Puzzle

Take the potion to Daemonheim and drink it in the lobby, and a portal as above will appear. Step inside the portal and you will enter Lady Meilyr's personal dungeon room. Find her in the north-eastern chamber and talk to her. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will then head to the Undercity.

5. The Grand Library
Items Required: Good armour, weapons (preferably Mage style with fire/blood spells) and food. Coins are recommended for fast travel to Port Tyras.

Once every clan elder has been found, return to Arianwyn in Lletya to teleport to the undercity. Talk to Arianwyn, who will praise your efforts. Iestin says if he performs the ritual, then the seal over the room hiding the Elders will break, and Lord Iorwerth's army will bust in. Arianwyn wants you to distract the army, so he sends you to start a war.

Head to General Hining in the centre of Port Tyras. It may be fastest to take a charter boat. Talk to him and tell him the time to face darkness has come, and he will agree to go to battle with Lord Iorwerth's forces. Head back to Arianwyn in the Undercity, and he will inform you of the plan's success. You can now access Grand Library. Head through the large library door west.

Grand Library Plagues End

Ask Arianwyn what to do, and he'll tell you about the light puzzle you're about to face. You must insert mirrors into the paths of each crystal's light beam to redirect it into the Seren Seal in the middle of the library. As you're completing the puzzle, the Dark Lord will try and stop you by summoning Shadows, Greater Shadows and eventually appearing himself. They attack with Melee if in range, and mage out of range, except for the Dark Lord Himself.

The Dark Lord Plagues End Guide

The Dark Lord appears on phase 4, and is level 107. He is weak to fire spells. Using mage here is STRONGLY recommended, as his special attack will require you to be moving around the room. The Dark Lord will very often summon dark clouds in locations near the player, which will hit you for 10 percent of your maximum lifepoints rapidly, so in order to survive you must run away whilst attacking the Dark Lord. On each phase you weaken the Dark Lord by getting him to 0 lifepoints, and initiate the next round by shining the lights through him. Though you don't need to kill the greater shadows, it is highly recommended to kill them and weaken the Dark Lord on every phase in order to concentrate on the puzzle afterwards.

You can safely leave at any time by the large doors to the east if you need to stock up on supplies. When you return, you will resume from the beginning of the phase you left at. Any progress you made during that phase before leaving will be lost. If you die during a phase, you can simply return to Arianwyn in Lletya, where your grave will be located and go back to the start of that phase. There are 8 phases in total with varying levels of monsters appearing in each phase:

  • Phase 1: Cadarn No monsters.
  • Phase 2: Trahaearn 2 shadows.
  • Phase 3: Iorwerth 2 shadows and 1 Greater Shadow.
  • Phase 4: Ithell The Dark Lord and 1 Greater Shadow.
  • Phase 5: Amlodd The Dark Lord and 2 Greater Shadows.
  • Phase 6: Hefin The Dark Lord and 3 Greater Shadows.
  • Phase 7: Meilyr The Dark Lord (with Lord Iorwerth's power) and 3 Greater Shadows.
  • Phase 8: Crwys The Dark Lord (with Lord Iorwerth's power) and 4 Greater Shadows.

The full solution to each phase is shown as below, where a yellow line represents a mirror that you must place:

Plagues End Final Boss Puzzle

Once you defeat the Dark Lord and activate the seal of Seren, you'll end up starting the regrowth of Prifddinas itself. Speak to Arianwyn for your rewards, and to complete the quest.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards Plagues End Guide


  • 50,000 XP lamps in Agility, Crafting, Construction, Dungeoneering, Herblore, Mining, Prayer, Ranged, Summoning and Woodcutting.
  • 'of the Elves' title
  • Trahaearn exoskeleton
  • Access to Prifddinas
  • Two treasure hunter keys and two hearts of ice

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Exoskeleton reward provides a +25% chance to avoid stunning and damage from pickpocketing, and to avoid being bitten by a snake in Pyramid Plunder when thieving urns. The gloves provide a +5% success chance when pickpocketing, and the entire set will adopt any Black Ibis Outfit bonuses you've unlocked, as well as each piece reducing total weight by -2kg.


Written by: Omnitec

Special thanks to: Dragonkng198

Thanks to: Cowman_133, Howlin, Sorator, Stev, WMX

Last updated: 19-Feb-2016

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