Making History

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Outpost North-west of West Ardougne


Items: Ghostspeak amulet, Sapphire amulet, Spade; if you haven't done the Ghost Ahoy quest, you will also need two Bones, two Buckets and two Empty pots for Ecto-tokens, or charter a ship for a fee so that you can enter Port Phasmatys.


Items: Ring of Duelling, Enchanted lyre Ectophial (if you have completed the Ghost Ahoy quest)

NPCs: Blanin, Droalak, Dron, Jorral, King Lathas, Melina, Silver merchant

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Starting out

1. Go to the shed a long way west from the northern wall of West Ardougne (south-south-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold entrance). Talk to Jorral and agree to help him. He tells you that three people may help you unlock the history of the building: Erin the silver trader in Ardougne, Droalak (a ghost) in Port Phasmatys, and Dron (a warrior) in Rellekka.

outpost pic


2. Go to Ardougne market silver stall, and talk to the silver trader there. He will give you a key.

3. Now go to the Castle Wars area (not into the minigame itself). Head outside the castle, then north across two bridges. Dig at the pictured position.

Mhist Digspot1

4. Use your key with the casket to get a journal. Take it to Jorral or keep it in your inventory to give it to him later.


5. Get your ghostspeak amulet from your bank. If you have done the Ghosts Ahoy quest, just use your ectophial to get to Port Phasmatys and walk into the city. If you haven't, however, you need to walk there or charter a ship. Bring your ghostspeak amulet, two sets of bones, two pots and two buckets with you. For detailed instructions on earning ecto-tokens to enter the city, check the first section of the Ghosts Ahoy quest. When you have the tokens, enter Port Phasmatys. (You can start the Ghosts Ahoy quest while you are in town, if you wish.)

Note: You'll only need ecto-tokens to enter the city if you walk there; chartering a ship will simply require a nominal GP fee.

6. Go to the general store in Port Phasmatys and talk to Droalak. Go a little north-east to a building and give Melina the sapphire amulet; she will disappear. Now go back to Droalak and he will give you a scroll. Take it to Jorral or keep it in your inventory until you have all of the items.


7. Go to Rellekka. Locate Blanin wandering around east of the main hall and talk to him. He will tell you a few things about Dron:

  • You have to be firm.
  • Don't tell that someone sent you.
  • He wields an iron mace in battle.
  • He eats rats for breakfast, kittens for lunch and bunnies for tea.
  • His favourite drink is red spider blood.
  • He's 36 years, 8 months and 21 days old.
  • He studies famous battles of the fourth and fifth ages.
  • He lives in the North East side of the town.
  • His pet cat is called Fluffy.

8. Go north-west of the main hall and talk to Dron standing there. Talk to him and choose these alternatives:

  • "I'm after important answers."
  • "Why, you're the famous warrior Dron!"
  • "An iron mace"
  • "Breakfast"
  • "Lunch"
  • "Bunnies"
  • "Red"
  • "36"
  • "8"
  • "Fifth and fourth"
  • "North East side of the town"
  • "Blanin"
  • "Fluffy"
  • "12"

9. Dron will tell you about the history of the outpost. Now you have all the information needed. Go talk to Jorral.

Finishing the quest

10. Jorral will tell you everything he knows about the history of the outpost and give you a letter.

11. Now go to the Castle in Ardougne. Go upstairs and talk to King Lathas. He will give you a letter.

12. Take the letter back to Jorral. He reads it and says that your quest is done.


Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • After finishing the quest you can check the room next to Jorral to find lots of interesting information about the outpost and some other historic items.
  • The enchanted key you receive as part of the reward will lead you on a treasure hunt. Visit the Mjolnirs guide to learn more.
  • After the quest, return to Droalak and speak with him. You'll tell him the information he supplied was of use, and he will be freed from this world, to move on. There is no reward.
  • The enchanted key can be stored on the steel key ring from the One Small Favour quest.


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: dragonie, Govant, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, misterdeathbringer, Raelyn, Rostam 101, SideWinder, skyks_lord, the1general, Valdreg, Vulxai, Warriormonkx, Zeh Pink Pirate

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