Meeting History

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Outpost North-west of West Ardougne


Items: Enchanted key (can be re-obtained if you don't have it); carry no other items in your pack, or else the key will not work


Quests: As a First Resort... (for run energy boost only)

NPCs: Jack, Jorral, Laura, Roger, Sarah

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Note: you may want to use Energy pots (or visit Oo'glog salt water springs if you have access) before starting this quest, as there is a little bit of running involved, but you *cannot* carry items with you in your pack or have any item equipped.

Time Travel

1. Talk to Jorral at the Outpost north-west of West Ardougne and ask him if there is anything else you can help him with.

He will tell you of a key, which turns hot and cold. (This is of course the enchanted key that was the reward from the Making History quest.) Your character will know if it is in your bank or not. If not, Jorral will give you a new one.

2. Jorral also gives you the Enchanted key notes.

3. Jorral will ask if you would like him to take your items to your bank, let him do so, or else the key's new powers will not work.

Meeting History Teleport

4. Go to the exact spot shown in the picture above (it is to the north of Ardougne near the gate for the Sheep Herder quest) as described by the note Jorral gave you.

5. Rub the Enchanted key and you will be teleported to a small family home. (The notes will disappear.) Speak to Laura and you will eventually figure out what the key's new power is.

6. Rub the key again and return to Jorral's outpost. Speak with him to tell him what happened. Jorral will tell you that he has discovered rubbing different parts of the key will take you to different periods in time.

7. Return the spot where you time travel before and rub the 'Past - A' section of the key interface (see picture below). You will be returned to the same period of time you were before.

Enchanted Key

8. Speak to Jack, you will find that he is a promising Druid with a vivid imagination. He will tell you about himself.

9. Rub the key again and go to 'Past - B'. Speak to Jack again and tell him you are going to read his mind.

You wanted to be known as... Super Jack the Fantasmic
You started with... Cosmic, Mind, Body and Fire Runes
You got the runes from... Misalionar
You started learning magic when you were.. Seven
You started to learn by... Trying to create fire
You hoped to... Create chocolate cakes
You wanted to use your new powers for... Good
And your favourite flavour of milk is... Strawberry

Jack will be impressed and ask you to find out why his mother's tree never grew. He suspects she planted them in the wrong patches.

10. Return to 'Past - A' and collect some pots from the pile behind the house. Pick up the spade there and dig up all the seedlings by using the spade with them.

11. Replant the seedlings alphabetically clockwise starting from the south-east patch (shown in the picture below).

Meeting History Garden

12. Return to 'Past - B' and speak to Jack. He will know nothing of the tree problem, because you have changed history. He will tell you of the discovery of Runes and of Guthix.

13. Return to 'Past - A' and enter the house. Speak to Roger, who will tell you that Sarah will not stop crying.

14. Return to 'Past - B' and speak to Sarah out in the back garden. She will tell you of the medicine her father created to aid her illness: it is made from milk, honey and guam. Then speak to Laura, she will tell you she regrets not travelling the world.

15. Return to 'Past - A'. Enter the house then search the side table and take all the items from there. Then search the central south shelves and take the bowl.

16. Use the bowl on the beehive to obtain a Bowl of honey and grind the Guam with the Pestle and Mortar. Combine the Bucket of milk and the Bowl of honey and add the Ground guam to create Sarah's medicine.

17. Use the medicine with Sarah to stop her crying and Roger will tell you how humans first arrived on RuneScape.

18. Search the shelves in the south east corner of the building and take the Papyrus and Charcoal. Use the charcoal with the papyrus and you will draw a map of RuneScape. Use the map with Laura to aid her travels.

19. Rub the key to travel to 'Past - B'. Speak with Laura again and ask her about her travels, she will tell you she has no regrets, except that she lost her brooch, an old family heirloom.

20. Return to 'Past - A' and search the Bedside table, take the Brooch you find and use it with the soil patch near Laura. Rub the key again to go to Past - B, take the spade from the shed and use it with the soil patch to find Laura's Brooch. Use the brooch with Laura and she will tell you her story.

21. Rub the key to return to present and speak to Jorral to complete the quest!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The tome of experience gives 1000, 1000 and 500 experience in any skill over level 25. All three rewards can be used on the same skill.
  • Head to Varrock Museum and speak to Historian Minas to earn more Museum kudos.
  • If you have access to the pool at Oo'glog, you can use the salt water to obtain unlimited run energy, this speeds up the necessary walking in this quest.
  • Beware of Player-killers in Wilderness locations!  
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Written by: Eyehawk78

Thanks to: chiefpnut, Cowman_133, essiw, guitar_god_2007, Jaffy1, kingmickez25, lonew0lf1974, oddfaery2, ooglebrain, pokemama, Rebmar, roeckie1, StGerolf, tryto, Vox1st

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