Within The Light

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya.


Skills: Level 69 Agility, Level 70 Fletching, Level 75 Ranged, Level 75 Woodcutting

Items: Acquire During Quest: Two sets of full Mourner's Clothing, Crystal trinket, Hatchet, Knife, Death talisman


Items: Good food and a Stat restore potion, Teleport crystal (3)

Monsters: Mourner -Arandar Pass- -1- (level 114), Mourner -Mourner HQ- (level 122), Mourner -Arandar Pass- -3- (level 120), Mourner -Arandar Pass- -2- (level 124), Shadow (level 136)

NPCs: Arianwyn, Gnome -Mourner Tunnels-, Head mourner, Thorgel

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Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Food, Stat restore potion, Ardougne teleport runes, set of Mourner Gear (another set(s) will be obtained during quest), Teleport crystal (3)

1. Teleport or walk to Lletya. Talk to Arianwyn about Within The Light, and he'll tell you that Thorgel has sent out a message from the Temple of Light about some recent happenings there. He wants you to help him disguise himself to get in, as well as yourself. You will need to get him a full set of Mourner Gear, create a diversion, and enchant a teleportation crystal to allow his entry.

2. If still you have Mourner's Gear from the last quest, you can use that for yourself, but you will still need to retrieve a set for Arianwyn. If you don't, you'll have to kill two of the Mourners at the Arandar pass. Once you have killed the Mourners pick up all of what they dropped: Gas masks, Mourner cloaks, Mourner boots, Mourner gloves, Mourner trousers, and Mourner tops. If you already have a Mourner's outfit you can kill a level 122 Mourner in the headquarters, beneath the trapdoor in West Ardougne. You don't need to repair and clean the outfit like you did in Mourning's Ends Part One. You can hand the clothes over to Arianwyn any time you like.

3. Wear your Mourner's Gear and go to the Mourner's Headquarters in the north-east of West Ardougne. Climb down the trapdoor in the room to the left of the entrance and grab a tarnished key from the Head Mourner's desk. Grab a new key as well if you need one (you can put it on your key ring if you have one). Talk to the gnome in the next room, agree to free him and he'll create a diversion for you.

Note: If you still have your tarnished key from Mourning's End Part 1, you will have to get it from your bank.

4. Now you must go enchant the Crystal near the Temple of Light. Walk past the Dark Beasts, but before you get to the Shadows, just before the dead Slaves.

Within Light Enchant Spot

Heading to The Temple

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Crystal trinket, Colour wheel
Suggested: Food, Teleport crystal (3), Death talisman (gained during quest)

5. Teleport back to Lletya and give the Mourner clothing to Arianwyn if you haven't already. When you're ready, you'll be teleported to The Temple of Light, followed by Arianwyn. Enter the Temple and head up the stairs in front of you. Turn south, go up the ladder all the way at the south end, then head for the double stairs in the middle and go down. Go down the third set of stairs, and walk through the light door to be near the death altar. You can ask Arianwyn for a Crystal Trinket at any time if you've lost yours. Keep in mind that if you haven't gotten rid of it after the last quest, it might still be in your bank. Beware of the Shadows to avoid taking damage; Arianwyn will kill many of them, but some can still manage to attack you.

6. You'll have to rotate the mirror to enter the room with the death altar - remember to rotate it back before you teleport out or leave! Talk to Thorgal, who will tell you to talk with Arianwyn. Do so, and then investigate the Energised pillar that you just passed. Talk to Arianwyn again, and then use your crystal trinket on the pillar, to be a greeted by a glaring flash of white light.

7. Talk with Arianwyn again. After Thorgel heads to the death altar, head there yourself. Take a death talisman from Arianwyn (or use your own). Once there, ask Thorgel to help you up onto the altar. You will become energized. This effect will only last a short time, so hurry!

8. Return to the ruins by using the portal. Go back to the pillar and rotate the mirror to allow yourself access to the rest of the temple. Go up the stairs, then use the stairs to the north. Run far east, then south to the crystal. Touch it, now run back down to the energized pillar you investigated earlier. If you were quick enough you'll be teleported to a new location.

Light Beams and Crystal Trees

9. Watch the cutscene here for clues. Your mission is to solve the puzzle by shining the correct light on each of the four light receivers on the wall near the door. Search the dead slave on the ground for a colour wheel, notes, a hatchet, and a knife (if you don't have one in your inventory or toolbelt). Chop the crystal tree to the east and carve it so that blue light comes out. There are also red and green light emitters, which are not working yet. There is a black receiver, a yellow receiver, a green receiver, and a red light receiver.

10. Guide the blue light into the yellow receiver by rotating cores to redirect the light. Once you've done this, the red emitter and the green receiver will be functional. Both the red and the blue light (purple) must be directed into the green receiver, which will then activate the green light emitter and the red receiver.

11. The blue and the green light (cyan) must both be directed into the red receiver in accordance with your colour wheel. Doing this will activate the black receiver, which must have all three beams of light directed into it (white). Once you've done this, a ladder will appear on the side of the wall. Climb it.


12. You will find yourself in a maze of platforms. The gaps between them must be jumped, but beware that some platforms have spikes coming out of them every instant, inflicting 300-400 damage each time. If you time your jumps right you can minimize the damage you receive. Reach the platform with the Crystal Ballista, and shoot it at the right time to hit the target that is moving back and forth. This will cause the door in the previous room with the light beams to open. Go back the way you came and climb down the ladder.


13. Go through the now open door and search the dead Elf messenger. Find and read his report, saying that Prifddinas has been reverted into crystal and you are in a collapsed corridor leading to it. Return to the Death Altar through the portal in the room with the light beams and talk with Thorgel, who'll tell you that Arianwyn has returned to Lletya. Leave the Death altar and re-enter the temple. Rotate the mirror back to its original place so that you can re-enter - the red beam should point east when you're finished. Teleport to Lletya, and give Arianwyn the report to finish the quest!


  • 35,000 Agility Experience
  • 20,000 Fletching Experience
  • 20,000 Woodcutting Experience
  • 20,000 Ranged Experience
  • After completing 'Within the Light', see Eluned to enchant your teleportation crystals to allow you to teleport to the spot you made in the Temple of Light.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Be sure to rotate the mirror back to its original place before leaving the Death Ruins to allow yourself re-entry.
  • If you forget to rotate the mirror back, you can get back to the Death Ruins through the Abyss.
  • On the platforms maze, it is possible (albeit incredibly difficult) to get through without taking any damage if you time your movements and jumps correctly; try to minimize damage by doing this.
  • You can secure the Gnome's freedom by talking to the Head Mourner. You must talk to the Head Mourner about releasing the gnome before finishing the quest.
  • If you secure the Gnome's freedom, you mention this while talking to Arianwyn.
  • The hatchet and knife can be used from the toolbelt.


Written by: tryto

Special thanks to: Aurhora, Pokemama, Smellysocks

Thanks to: chiefpnut, Enjay, Game_Freak67, Jaffy1, Monkeyguy789, SportsGuy, SurferRosa, wyvren2000

Last updated: 31-Aug-2013

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