Fate of the Gods

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Azzanadra, far to the south of the Eagles' Peak lodestone and far to the west of the outpost northwest of Ardougne.


Skills: Level 73 Agility, Level 75 Divination, Level 79 Magic, Level 76 Slayer, Level 67 Summoning

Items: Combat equipment, food, potions


Quests: The Firemaker's Curse, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Temple at Senntisten, The World Wakes

Miniquests: Mahjarrat Memories, Shadow Sword

Skills: Balanced combat skills with a combat level of 160. Ability to survive multiple level 150 and 160 opponents for extended periods of time.

Items: charged engrammeter, face mask or any version of slayer helmet, beast of burden to hold food/potions or healing familiars

Monsters: Blood nihil (level 160), Ice nihil (level 160), Shadow nihil (level 160), Smoke nihil (level 160), Bladed muspah (level 150), Force muspah (level 150), Throwing muspah (level 150)

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Fate of the Gods is a fully voice-acted quest! Turn on your sound for the full experience.

1. Return of the Empty Lord

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None Fotg Shadowrealm

Seek out Azzanadra to the south of Char's Training Cave, standing by some white stone ruins. Ask him why he's there; he reveals to you that the moment of Zaros' return is at hand, and you are to play an important part. You are the only one capable of removing the last obstacle standing in the way of his return. To reach Zaros, you must use the World Gate. To access it, however, you need help from someone slightly unsavory. After some back and forth, you are pulled into the Shadow Realm and the World Gate becomes visible to you. In the privacy of the Shadow Realm, Sliske has a proposal for you. Though it's unclear what he actually wants, he informs you Zaros has made it clear that he specifically requires your help given your status as World Guardian. Given his dependence on you, it is your choice whether you will strengthen or weaken him. Choose any of the options to inform Sliske you have understood his request, then move on to activating the gate. Sliske will tell you to treat it like a combination lock.

Fotg Symbol1 Fotg Symbol2 Fotg Symbol3
Order of symbols to unlock the World Gate.

After Sliske reveals the correct combination, take hold of the controls in front of the World Gate. Tap on the right pillar until you see the first symbol appear on the portal, then tap on the left pillar until you reach the second. Tap on the right pillar again until you reach the third, then go talk to Azzanadra.

Azzanadra will question you about what Sliske said once you arrive back in the material realm. Choose what you want to say to him, finish the conversation, then step through the World Gate to face Zaros. Make sure you stop by the bank if you need anything before stepping through the portal.

2. Through the World Gate

Items Required: Lots of food
Items Suggested: Charged engrammeter, face mask or any version of slayer helmet, beast of burden with more food or a healing familiar, super restores or summoning potions for regaining summoning points

You find yourself on a volcanic landscape of black rock, covered in ash. Welcome to Freneskae. Use your charged engrammeter if you have it; it will change permanently and help protect you against the damage dealt to you by the environment. It will also grant you 25,000 Divination XP. While exploring, do your best to avoid stepping on the geysers to avoid unnecessary damage. Otherwise, damage taken from lava bursts, lightning, and walking past geysers is random and unavoidable. Wearing a face mask or any version of slayer helmet will prevent damage taken from choking on ash. If you die in Freneskae, your gravestone will appear back on Gielinor, in front of the World Gate. Your progress will be saved as you make it to different areas within Freneskae. It is recommended you reference the map below when exploring this area and to understand the landmarks pointed out in the guide.

Freneskae Map Thumbnail
Click on the thumbnail to open the full map of Freneskae.

Your starting location is on the south end of The Approach as indicated on the map. Head north from the portal to pick up memoriam crystal z09. Returning to the portal, head east and jump across the gap onto the opposite ledge. Go southeast and climb the cliffside (spot A on the map) to the middle tier. Continue up the slope to pick up memoriam crystal z02. Continue to the east and climb down the drop at point B. Retrieve memoriam crystal z01 to your south after the drop. There is a healing spot under the circular arch to your northeast; rest there for a moment if you need to.

Fotg Crystal

Continuing north from the healing spot, go west across the stepping stones spanning the lava falls. Climb up the cliffside marked at C, bringing you to the higher tier labeled on the map. Go north and east, then climb down the drop marked at D. Collect memoriam crystal z04, then climb down the drop labeled at E. Cross the stepping stones and climb up the cliffside to your west again.

This time, run north, east, and then all the way north. Wall run over the overhang, then climb down the cliffside to your east. Go north to collect memoriam crystal z05. Run south and west, then slide down the slope marked at G. West from where you drop down, there is another healing spot under the circular arch where it is safe to rest for a moment.

Going west from the healing spot, turn south at your first opportunity. Collect memoriam crystal z06 to your west. Continue east, then turn north at your first opportunity and climb up the cliffside marked at H. Walk north across the rock formation. Follow the path east all the way to its end, doing your best to avoid the lava spurts. At the end of the path, climb down the drop marked at I.

From I, go north and west to pick up memoriam crystal z07. Head all the way east and go south by traversing the rock bridge. Temporarily ignore the opening in the cliff beside you and run past it. Squeeze through the crevice and retrieve memoriam crystal z08. Return to the opening and enter it.

3. Into The Sanctum

Items Required: memoriam crystal z01 through z09 (you will be missing z03)
Items Suggested: beast of burden with more food or a healing familiar, extra familiar pouches, super restores or summoning potions for regaining summoning points

Fotg Sanctum

Entering the opening, you find yourself in The Sanctum. Take memoriam crystal z11 from the northwest corner of the room. Stand on the grid in the floor in the center and activate the memoriam device, depositing all crystals you have. Look through the memories you have access to and learn more about Mah, the creator of the Mahjarrat, the activity of her creations, and the work of the elder gods.

After reading through the memories, proceed to the door on the north side of the chamber. This is a puzzle door with three stages, getting progressively harder with each stage. The aim of the puzzle is to rotate each dial with symbols on it such that where two dials face each other, they have a matching symbol. When they match, an orange line will connect the two matching symbols. You need to make all the connections between the dials with symbols light up in orange.

Hint: A good place to start is the center dial. For example, if the center dial has a pink teardrop shape pointing towards a dial without a pink teardrop, then you know the center dial is not in the correct orientation and needs to be rotated.

Fotg Puzzledoor1
In this image, the rightmost dial needs to be turned once clockwise to solve the puzzle.

Fotg Puzzledoor2
Fotg Puzzledoor3
Solutions to the three stages of the door puzzle.

Once you have solved all three puzzles, the doors will swing open. This is a great time to go bank and prepare for combat. Put on your best gear and stock up on fresh supplies. Familiars are permitted. After banking, head back to the entrance of the World Gate on the material plane. You will be able to travel directly back to the room with the puzzle door, instead of having to pick your way across the landscape again.

4. The Nihils

Items Required: good combat gear, good food, beast of burden with more food or a healing familiar, extra familiar pouches, super restores and overloads or other potions as appropriate for your combat style
Items Suggested: none

Back in front of the puzzle door, walk through the mist and enter the opening on the far side. You now find yourself in The Pit. Four nihil, each representing a different element of the Ancient Magicks, will charge out of the doorways surrounding the room at random; you must defeat all four of them to move on. Attack them to attract their attention. Do your best to avoid being in their way while they charge across to room in order to avoid heavy damage. They do not have weaknesses to any combat style.

Smoke Nihil: Lowers your stats rapidly and attacks with magic. Super restores/overloads are recommended against it.

Blood Nihil: Attacks with melee and has a special attack that causes all incoming damage to heal it. The special attack is indicated first by a "Hss" and then the Nihil will begin to glow with purple rings coming off its body. Avoid attacking it while the glow lasts to avoid healing it.

Fotg Bloodnihil
Blood Nihil executing its special attack.

Ice Nihil: Attacks with magic and has a special attack that stuns for six seconds. Having Anticipation and Freedom handy are recommended against this Nihil.

Shadow Nihil: Attacks with range, and has an area-of-effect special attack which quickly adds up in damage.

After you have defeated them all, head into the passageway in the north and grab memoriam crystal z10. If you are low on food/combat supplies after fighting the nihil this is a convenient place to teleport out and resupply before returning to The Pit. If not, head through the door at the end of the passage. There is more combat to come, and your progress up to this point will be saved. Additionally, if you have any interest in using curses instead of prayers or Ancient Magicks in the next fight, now is a good time to switch to those curses/spells if you are not already on them. Zaros, if you accept his help, will provide infinite prayer points for curses and waive rune requirements for Ancient Magicks in the next fight. Re-entering the World Gate will give you an option to return to this location immediately rather than walking back.

5. Mah's Nightmare

Items Required: good combat gear, good food, beast of burden with more food or a healing familiar, super restores and overloads or other potions as appropriate for your combat style
Items Suggested: extra familiar pouch

The passage leads you to the top of the volcano, The Cradle, where you see Mah lying comatose in the crater of the volcano. The same purple wisp whose memories you learned earlier is there. He reveals himself to be Zaros, then whisks you away for a conversation, and asks for your help. He offers to answer any questions you have to help you make your decision. Question him to whatever extent you choose, until you are satisfied with how much information you have learned. When you are done, Zaros will indicate it is time to face the nightmares of Mah before you can perform the task to either help or hinder him. He will offer his help to you in the upcoming fight against Mah's nightmares if you choose to let him in. Letting him in gives unlimited prayer points for curses and unlimited free casting for Ancient Magicks spells for the duration of the fight. Make your decision and you will be brought back to the volcano crater.

Approach Mah to begin the fight. Through her nightmare, she will spawn many muspah who will attack you all at once. There will be a bar at the top of your screen indicating how much longer until the nightmare is over. You are not required to kill any of the muspah though you certainly should feel free to. Make sure you have easy access to Freedom and Anticipation in order to break free from stuns. Use of prayer is highly recommended.

Fotg Nightmare

6. A Divine Body

Items Required: none
Items Suggested: none

Once Mah has calmed down, you will be free to climb down through the volcano into Freneskae's core, into the Elder Halls to seek out wisps of her divine energy for completing the task Zaros has given you. You can choose to accept or reject his company. The entrance to the core is by Mah's left hand. Once into the crater, pick up The Measure. You can place The Measure by any faint Mah wisps to invigorate them, enabling you to gather memories. Convert the memories to energy in the rift nearby as you normally would during Divination. You need a total of 250 Mah energy to weave the simulacrum for Zaros. Make sure you take a short break from gathering to run into the southeast passage of the Elder Halls and collect memoriam crystal z12.

Fotg Themeasure

If you choose to aid Zaros in his plans, weave a dark simulacrum. Otherwise, weave a light simulacrum (light) to hinder him. Once woven, climb back up the rock face on the west side of the chamber to return to Zaros. After talking to him, you will be prompted to ensure that this is the decision you meant to make before placing the simulacrum on the ground before him. Either way, he will have a new corporeal form, though whether it is strong and whole or corrupted instead is up to you. Mah wakes soon after his body is formed, and Zaros teleports the two of you to safety. Converse with him some more, then head through the World Gate back to Gielinor.

Talk to Azzanadra once you are there. Ask him any questions you have, then tell him when you're ready to see Zaros address the gathering of his loyal followers. Watch the cutscene that follows, and see what continues to be revealed.

Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 125,000 Magic XP
  • 100,000 Divination XP
  • 100,000 Slayer XP
  • 75,000 Agility XP
  • 50,000 Summoning XP
  • Shard of Zaros
  • The Measure
  • Two Treasure Hunter keys

Additional rewards
  • Access to the Survivor's lamp from Azzanadra in Senntisten with the completion of The Temple at Senntisten. Grants 3x 75k combat XP
  • Access to a large prismatic lamp from Wahisietel in Nardah with the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat
  • Two cosmetic overrides after returning to Freneskae to find all memoriam crystals and turning them in at The Sanctum. Zaros' one remaining memoriam crystal is found on The Cradle where Mah is. Seren's memoriam crystals are only available after the quest is complete. You will need to tag a total of 80 consecutive pillars to unlock all four of her memoriam crystals. Good food is recommended, with extra food in a beast of burden as necessary. If you leave the pillar area, you will need to begin the tagging process again from zero.
  • If you did not already earn the "Annihilator" title during the quest, you can return to Freneskae and fight the nihils again to attempt to earn it. To do so, engage all four of them in combat without killing any of them, then proceed to kill them one by one. You can whittle down their health before engaging all four of them, but make sure you don't kill one before all four of them are attacking you. Engaging the Ice Nihil last and killing it first is recommended to avoid dealing with its stunning ability for longer than you need to.
  • Visit the Empyrean Citadel throne room after the quest then leave. Sliske will appear and grant you the ability to see into the Shadow Realm without a ring of visibility. You must complete the Shadow Sword miniquest before he will give you this gift.
  • Access to four elder chronicles, each of which grant 50,000 Divination XP. Bring The Measure to the following locations and place it to reveal an elder chronicle.
    1. The chronicle for Jas is found by the archaeologists' camp on the cliffs north of the desert swamp.
    2. The chronicle for Ful is found outside the entrance to the TzHaar city on the volcano.
    3. The chronicle for Wen is found on Ice Mountain near the Oracle.
    4. The chronicle for Bik is found near The Sleeper (the submerged statue off the northwestern coast of Entrana).
  • If you did not do so during the quest, using the charged engrammeter while on Freneskae will grant you 25,000 Divination XP and also reduce the damage you take from environmental effects.
  • Use the sixth-age circuit to teleport to Guthix's shrine. Talk to the Guthixian High Druid and he will add a teleport to the World Gate to the sixth-age circuit. Requires completion of The World Wakes.

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Completing the suggested quests listed at the top of the guide is recommended to have the fullest understanding of the lore and story revealed during the quest. Completing them will also earn you additional rewards. If you have not finished these quests before completing Fate of the Gods, these additional rewards can still be claimed afterwards.
  • You can return to Freneskae to fight Bladed, Force, and Throwing muspah at The Cradle after the quest if you wish. Bringing the Shard of Zaros can be helpful, as it removes their aggression.


Written by: Aurhora

Special thanks to: Omnitec, Warriormonkx

Thanks to: BloodAngel, cowmaster187, Howlin, Sy_Accursed

Last updated: 03-Aug-2015

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